What May Happen When Someone Runs Out Of Pot

7 May

I have heard of being babysat & having to be led to the loo, speaking from the perspective of someone who has ‘bin’ there & done that, fellas, and I felt the urge to jump to a good friend’s rescue today, a Mensch whom I respect to the point where I began one of my new profiles where I am a 5-star dingbat (supposedly) on his birthday, and since he is also named after a certain someone who I spent the longest time together with as a kinda puppy-love bitten lapdog, so to speak, I am showing you a fine example, Sir Paul, of what OUT OF THE POT & INTO THE FRYING PAN is really all about, especially when you really do not have Mary Jane or even the right handle that fits into the palm of your hand like a glove… & you can take that any way you wanna, chaps & girleez!

This is a copy of a magazine I still hold dear to me & keep good care of since the year of 1992, when I purchased this on a whim during my lunchbreak while visiting Farah’s Food Mart, which was then located beside the Hamilton-Burlington & District Real Estate Board where I worked as a data entry operator.



As you can plainly see, your last hubby claimed to be COMPLETELY devoted to you, my dearest Blue bird of the flock, but only a dove will be able to see clearly without the aid of a dovetail joint, or so you Beatles’ members used to put it, that you will only be left out in the cold, in the long-run, just like that Black bird singing in the dead of night, and you’d better believe it, boy!

Other than that, I congratulate you, Sir Paul McCartney, and wish you the very best of luck, and that is why I have been faithfully listening to this album of yours where you so faithfully claim to believe in it, my main man! Either way, go for the gusto, BABYcakes! You only have 1 life to live.

FOOTnote: Li’l ë felt a rush of passionate fire & quickly rushed in to prepare this in 15 minutes (her numero-uno number, by the way), after studiously labouring today, in order to help her fellow man 😀


PSST! Before this bird flies the coop she would just like to mention, if you don’t already know, that she can kill several different types of birds, and all with 1 stone (a)*

*IN FULL view, for the public to see, while I was writing the very 1st blog ever, with my windows wide open for the world to see.


26 Apr


Robert Smith of The Cure had it down-pat when he sang in the song, How Beautiful You Are, about the reason why a person might hate another “in a flash”, and how he understood that no one ever knows or loves another, as portrayed in his lyrical poetry by a simple walk in the park by a couple who are “in love” up until the point when the one partner proclaims, in a very despicable & ignorant fashion, their partner should keep the beggar-family away, rather than admiring & appreciating (or even seeing) the beauty in them, while they stand there before them on the path, holding hands, and  this is what I gather most common-folk would do, along with feeling an sudden onrush of  pity & a sense of sorrow for these poor people whose “togetherness” should be held in awe, for their bond should be showing to us how a team operates, whether they are poor or rich, and in essence, we should be regarding them as equal in our eyes to any other family we might be bumping into at any given moment in the path of our lives.

Another song of The Cure’s, in which Robert is the lead-singer & also the writer of the lyrics to it (I believe), which in my opinion, are much, much more than just lyrics to a song that might be sung, and are really the epitomy of poetry that describes both the evil & good that is found in human nature.

I believe this sudden shock therapy to be the#2 warning signal of Non-Love & the most poisonous, in my opinion, next to a partner not making any effort to place a picture of their sidekick anywhere within their midst where anyone can see, admire & comment on it, which I see is the trend of most loving couples I have noticed over the course of my life so far, whether it be on their desks at work, or simply in a collection of family pictures arranged on a wall at any time throughout the term of a relationship they spend the majority of their time together in. The lack of love speaks a strong message in itself, no doubt about that, in little signals, often subliminal, just like the kinds you might come across at an intersection or a crosswalk while waiting to proceed.

If you ever find yourself in the position in which I’ve been describing to you, when one might hear the sound of a whistle shrieking into their ear, think to yourself, right off the bat, usually this type of sound ringing loud & clear in one’s noggin is probably associated with the start of a race we should be jumping right into, n’est pas/isn’t that right? So, the bottom line of what I’m getting at here is that one had better make a run for it, straight off the bat, at the onslaught of that sudden flash of thought-lightning that sets off “angels’ warning-sirens” , BEFORE you end up like the person Robert Smith took for THE WALK.

Take this all with a grain of salt, from the pro at going for a stroll with her dog in the park.

Fisher Königin
Fisher Königin


18 Jan

I have taken quite an interest in playing around with different colours lately, simply because it brightens up my day, just like children will do when filling in the black outlined colouring book pages with what they might think works best for them in the way a combination of colours mixed nicely together on a palette an artist might utilize to create upon a whim a work of great interest in itself when it can often be both admired & studied at length for many a long year as many people will do when frequenting a museum or library of any type that is available to any & all.

During the past decade alone, I have been noticing an ever growing number of people who seem to be experiencing what many call the Winter Blues, and mainly because they are struggling to hold down jobs at this tricky time of year in which many work outdoors as a chosen career and they often feel out of sorts when trying to find a way to make ends meets for their needy families.

I have been experimenting with a lots of pastel shades lately, even though they are normally used by most during the Spring, which I have been noticing has been taking a heck of a long time in coming about for us where I live in our part of the world, as opposed to the way in which I used to be able to sit outside in the grass playing around in the dirt looking for bugs and picking a flower or two, or even go swimming upon a whim in a natural quarry, in the middle of March, believe it or not, but those days are now long gone.

The Windows Live Messen assortment of hues works great for me with respect to me being able to utilize them in creating new shades for not only the added appeal to my own eye but also for incorporating into my own business schemes I have on the go. I really like the Twilight default shade for it is a softer hue of what I would name Periwinkle which is a combo of blue & purple, but that be only my own opinion alone (haha).

Button Pushing Winter Array

Button Pushing Winter Array

When I was a little kid, my fave Crayola was the vermillion and I especially love to experiment with the oil pastels they offer which are manufactured in Korea and are very cheap in Canada (approx $5.00 for a package of around a dozen or so), and I really love the brilliance of the blood orange hue in itself for Mel & Anthony themselves tagteamed in an effort to butt in the way of mentoring me in this regard alone, along with the terracotta earthy warm shades I have been toning down with the feature that is offered as a leading cutting edge in Messen.

I suggest a lighter & softened in the way it does not glare back at you kinda pastel palette if you ever feel down & out on any given day and think about giving Winter the Jon and allow them to take their course simply by doing what you will with them at your own whim to brighten your gloomy day for this be the real Bounty with regard to button pushing, after all that be said & done, no doubt.


17 Jan

I awoke at around 7:30 a.m. yesterday, after sleeping quite soundly, as I most normally would do, enjoying the silence prior to that after the installation of the new intersection’s lights kitty corner to the North of me just recently, for the very 1st time since I have lived here since the early 70’s and have been visiting this home since the day that I was born to my parents,  who both lived here at the time in the home my grandmother was operating as a homeowner of this humble abode that was not new to it, meaning that other people owned it before her, dating back to only God knows when, for I sIMPlie have not bothered to delve into that aspect ALONE meaning I really don’t give a damn because it is only 4 walls as far as I’m concerned, in all REALITY.

But getting to what I really want to express a liking to today is how I was suddenly startled awake this morning after the dead stillness out there in during a somewhat busy time of the morning in general for most people who are up and about carrying on activities like getting their children ready for school along with their own selves in getting ready for work or preparing lunches and outfits for their dearly loved family members. I was very disturbed by the idea alone that I heard some idiots aka morons aka cretins (same thingyMAjigPIG) actually jumpin’ the gunny at full steam ahead, guns a’blazing and I am quite tickarOOed by this in itself for not only have they been taking out their frustrations after the weekend out on innocent bystanders ALONE but they are also cutting in & out along the edges of the lanes and often so closely that any pedestrian a little too close to the edge of the walks & even where the newest edges jutting out that stoop down for wheelchair access that were put there for the reason to assist us all have actually become A DEATH TRAP. How I have assumed this merely upon only a few second or two glimpses from taking a quick walk outside &/or perking an ear or two around is “only YOUR GUESS” ALONE.

LOVE will grow & multiply when you give it your ALL

LOVE will grow & multiply when you give it your ALL

Now, on a brighter note, but along the same lines of cutting into a day unnecessarily in an angst or through SHELL SHOCK ALONE in order to make due on following through as a team effort to eliminate simple every day frustrations every-day kinds of people often feel yet are unable to pinpoint and remedy by themselves until someone else as an outsider can actually voice it for them would be a great concept in itself, for example, how I noticed upon arrival at my stoop that very same day the see-thru pink bagged local newspaper The Hamilton Spectator with its great new layout & topic spread that really caught my eye indeed before finally falling asleep like a little baby while coddling li’l wee Christopher Lee, the baBE in my womb belonging to both Blair Ashbaugh and I after reading the outside of the PINK PACKAGE “alone” of The Sign of Four where it shows the guy in the white-squared leggings looKING @ THE BEHIND OF THE LADY GIVING IT TO THE FELLOW ON THE RIGHT be a dead give-away indeed with regards to being envied when the local hardworking sluggers carrying the mitten for the papier rollies are not so burdened down altogether ALONE in their every-day drudgery dragging their butts around having to deliver so much confusion packaged into one that not even a person like me who is a zippity doodidah writer & reader could not even finish alone in one day in a wonderful step in the right direction in an effort to eliminate these go-getters from tromping on anyone else’s toes at the end of their shift after lugging baggage & old news behind.

Patted Down Sonic Hedgehogs

Patted Down Sonic Hedgehogs


21 Aug

Most people do not even an inkling what they are, or just have a vague overview of them while choosing to ignore their meaning altogether.

I myself coveted Item 3 of this blog yesterday, and actually for the very 1st time in a very long time when I stated in a regular tone & intonation JESUS CHRIST to myself while I was in my house working all day, reason being that I am fed up with having my buttons pushed by pissants day in & day out for absolutely no reason whatsoever other than them doing this out of evil nature alone and out of greed & envy for what does not belong to them, while beating on me for their own mistakes they have made in life.

As I often find myself having stuff planted right at my feet & right when I need it the most, I found this sheet of paper that appeared to be fresh off the press (so to speak) about a week ago when I made my way back with some office chattels & resource materials I purchased at the used store that the kind Blackfoot in origin saleslady who was operating the cash register sold me for my office & media centre I run from my home for work-at-home business endeavours, just as I was about to visit the nice Korean lady at the corner convenience store, right where I found it laying in front of, and I would like you to read this excerpt from the page I found over each & every single day until you get the info it is trying to relay to you right & it sets you straight some (and by that I do not mean in sexuality) with an effort to help you to do right (and NOT as you see fit).

THE TEN COMMANDMENTS (Incomplete Version)

(and they are not necessarily in any order)











NOTE: the complete and total focus in the ten commandments is LOVE; unconditional love. LOVE is the development of Godly character. GOD IS LOVE. Focus on developing Godly love. God wants us to develop Godly character.





THEY LEAD ME TO BELIEVE THAT GOD WANTS US TO DEVELOP A GODLY CHARACTER OF LOVE. GOD CREATED MANKIND PHYSICALLY I NHIS IMAGE. GOD NOW WANTS US TO DEVELOP HIS LOVING GODLY CHARACTER; WHICH IS TO SAY THAT WE ARE TO BECOME MENTALLY, EMOTIONALLY, AND SPIRITALLY LIKE HIM, IN TERMS OF LOVE. LET US; prove all things (THESSALONIANS 5:21) BY THOROUGHLY EXAMINING THE WORD OF GOD. First let us examine THE TEN COMMANDMENTS – these commandments are the laws of the love of God which will help us to develop a Godly character of LOVE. (Referance: see TEN COMMANDMENTS). Note: the first four commandments are things that we should do as acts or expressions of LOVE towards God. For example, if you LOVE God, you will not

(1) Worship other Gods (ex, idols);

(2) Make graven images;

(3) Take the name of God in vain.

(4) NOTE: you will honour his Sabbath Day which is Saturday*




POW… to The Moon

15 Aug

Of course! Now I finally get it, now that I see all the photos I have selected from my numerous photo albums and have stuck to the wall before me like a detective might do when they feel compelled to solve a mystery or a riddle of some sort.

It all began during a vacation in Haliburton, I believe, when I took a canoe ride on a lake where I believe the film aka movie Meatballs was once filmed, and you can clearly see a rounded white pyramid shape on the tip of my canoe made by the point of its stern at the bottom of the photograph I am looking at. This particular photo was taken the day before (Aug 31, 1985) the shot I took of the full moon the following evening there on September 1, 1985, when my world was neVer to be the same for me again…

On September 7th, 1985, I visited my friend Robin Jewell at his 36th floor apartment in the 2nd highest building in Hamilton named the Olympia, and he asked me to stand with my back against his balcony so he could take a picture of me with my camera & I obliged, even though I was deathly afraid of heights (my one & only fear I have now mostly mastered & overcome by willpower alone). I posed for him by making a PEACE sign with my right index finger and middle finger spread apart to show a V and immediately thereafter the photo he took with my camera shows opaque white windows that appeared on my photo and it is very weird how Mr. Blair Howard Ashbaugh more or less picked me up out of the muck exactly 18 years later on September 1st, 2003, to wine and dine me with homemade elephant ears he made out of pizza dough and thick juicy porkchops from the Dutch butcher in Vanessa, after which we consumated our 40 year friendship with each other by having sex for the very 1st time on September 7th, 2003, exactly 18 years after I made that PEACE sign… after which we both woke up giggling like no tomorrow, almost as if we had been doing this sort of thing for ages and like it was OLD HAT & SECOND NATURE, LIKE SECOND TO NONE, seriously!

PEACE... there is not other description for it

PEACE... there is no other description for it

Note: There is also the one photo I took of the ceiling of a cathedral or a church in Spain that clearly portrays opposing triangles on its ceiling that contain pictures that appear to be saints in them and it a very awesome picture indeed for it almost seems to glow in its alabaster hued brilliance and what strikes my eye the most about this photo is how at the bottom right corner where the date & time of the photo should be showing in red digital letters, there is only a 11 33 which I find to be an oddity in itself, then when I glance back at the photo I see there is a lady that resembles a Madonna with her head bowing down to the left encased in an ochre hued frame that stands right out & shines above the rest of the framed people on the ceiling, and directly below her there is what appears to be a cute little cherub of a boy.


12 Aug


There is only one type of relationship that suits my fancy, and fits me like a glove or a second skin, and that is a give & take partnership.

I am very proud to have formed equally compatible and mutually satisfying relationships or partnerships with people I have met both online & in person, simply because we see eye to eye with each other, practice the same beliefs, and uphold the same morals and values.

When one first meets another, regardless of where they are, it is very important to practise etiquette and diplomacy, by initially acknowledging them & welcoming them, and also, to take the time out to get to know them either by chatting together or reading about what they have posted as well as finding out about their interests and hobbies. After doing so, it is very wise to give them feedback about their accomplishments, for this induces emotional support for them in order so they can feel like they are doing something worthwhile and people are noticing them for it. When one acknowledges another person in this respect, by listening to them and paying attention to them, this alone in my opinion shows the colours of a true genuine person who is caring and compassionate while respecting others and not only themselves.

Also, when one is in a relationship with another, they must stop to consider that perhaps their friend might not be in a good way on any given day, meaning they might be having complications affecting their mood or their health, and we must always stop to think before feeling angry emotions and letting them out on each other that it is just okay to say, Hey! I am not feeling well today or I am quite busy at the moment but thanks for saying hello & I will try to speak with you later, rather than getting upset with the other if they cannot be there for you when you expect them to be.

Mutually compatible relationships are more or less like a see-saw, because one person in the partnership could be in a very happy & energetic mood while the other might be feeling listless and low, and that is the time when the person with the upper hand (so to speak) helps to cheer them up and bring them out of their sad mindset. More often than not, you will find that very same person who was down the day before will be up & chipper (or back to life) the following day, after which you might just be the one who is not in the frame of mind to deal with very much, and that is the time when the other half steps in to help to bring you out of the bad frame of mind that has set in.

It is just like a magnet or a battery, in essence, a truly compatible & mutually satisfying realtionship, for there is always a PLUS and a NEGATIVE. This is just a simple basic rule of life that works in all areas of it, not only in human relationships. The sooner people realize this & begin to practise being HUMAN this world will become a much better place, for this is THE EPITOMY OF MATURITY, spelled out in so many words.

Acme Lovers - created by none other than me/moi, ëCK

Acme Lovers - created by none other than me/moi, ëCK

NOTE: I am very proud to boast about several friendships I have formed with people I have met for the first time both online & in person In Only Seven Days, and in exactly like the same fashion as the Queen song portrays.

When One Is Worth Their Salt

24 Jul

Here is almost the last part of the conversations in the famous American movie – Once upon a time in America

Noodles (Robert De Niro) goes to see his first lover, Deborah(Elizabeth Mc Govern) in order to ask who invited himself at the secretary Bailey’s party. When Noodles’s about to leave her, Deborah says to him, “There’s an exit back this way. Noodles, go through it. Keep walking. Don’t turn around. Please, Noodles. I’m begging you, please.” Then Noodles says, “Are you afraid I’ll turn into a pillar of salt?” and he goes out through the other door in front of them. After seeing her son out there, Noodles finally realizes that the person who invited himself at the party is his old friend, Max(James Woods), and now he is Deborah’s husband.

Here are two of my guestions:

First, I don’t know what the words “turn into a pillar of salt” exactly means. Is it something kind of “disappointed” or “driven to despair”?


Second, is the word “a pillar of salt” an idiom? If it’s so, is there any other expression using “a pillar of salt”? Help me please.

In the bible, God came to Abraham and told him that he was going to destroy Sodom and Gomorrah because the cities were evil. Abraham asked God if he would save the cities if there were 50 good men there. God said he would save the cities for the sake of 50 good men. Abraham then “haggled” with God with what if’s. ie: what if there were only 40 etc down to 10. God told Abraham that if he found 10 good men, he wouldn’t destroy the cities.

God sent two angels (who looked like regular men) into Sodom and Gomorrah where they met Lot, Abrahams nephew. Lot asked the Angels to come to his house where his wife would cook for them and they could sleep there. The Angels wanted to stay in the city square, but Lot convinced them to come to his house where his wife cooked for them.

Late in the evening, the people of Sodom and Gomorrah surrounded Lot’s house calling for him to send his guests out so they could meet them. Lot knew that they were just wanting to do terrible things to his guests.

The crowd started to break into the house, but the Angels held the doors fast and struck those who were trying to get in with blindness. Then they told Lot that he had to leave– that God was preparing to destroy Sodom and Gomorrah. They told him to gather his wife and daughters and the men who would be marrying the daughters and to leave the city. The daughter’s fiancees didn’t believe Lot and he didn’t want to leave without them. In the morning, the Angels led Lot, his wife, and daughters out of Sodom and Gomorrah just before God was to destroy the cities. They left them at the edge of the city with the admonition to not look back towards the sinful cities and to run away as quickly as they could. As they were running, Lot’s wife looked back and was turned into a pillar of salt.

The moral is that Christians shouldn’t look back at their sinful ways as that is the path to death.




Note: I did not compose this blog but rather copied the excerpts from v.bulletin.com.



”What” about Bob?

10 Jul


Zahoor A Sajid. says (10:54 PM):


Hi babe



Ramjet Pitala says (10:54 PM):

Hi nice guy


how r u?



Zahoor A Sajid. says (10:54 PM):


I am ok nd u ?



Ramjet Pitala says (10:54 PM):

me too dear




Ramjet Pitala

says (10:55 PM):



wut u up to?


Zahoor A Sajid. says (10:56 PM):


Just was sleeping and saw u with me in dream , been mising so came on to get u in my arms



Ramjet Pitala says (10:57 PM):

wow; is that so because I just felt you in those spots on me around the back of my head yeah so I must have mastered what this so-called astral projection is about as they used to refer to it as back in the 70s




Ramjet Pitala

says (10:58 PM):



it itches


like a rash so to speak


that is why Italians’ chins get itchy underneath and they like to flick it underneath


Zahoor A Sajid. says (10:58 PM):





Ramjet Pitala says (10:58 PM):

at people they are pissed off at; I just figured that out too




Ramjet Pitala

says (10:59 PM):



it is like salivating dog theory if you have heard of that theory created by German psychiatrists


that is when people sneeze too right after each other


it is almost like marketing tecquniques of subliminal suggestion, as I am sure you are aware of as well



Ramjet Pitala

says (11:00 PM):



now I know why my test from my guidance counsellor in the principal’s office


shortly before I was graduating yet experiencing problems in a few areas except for music, languages & typing of course haha


to see where my interests would lead me for university



Ramjet Pitala

says (11:01 PM):



and it said forestry engineer


I could never figure that out either how it came up with that answer when I excelled at completely different things perfectly in the 90% – 100%




Zahoor A Sajid. says (11:02 PM):





Ramjet Pitala says (11:02 PM):

Because I am in essence like the “log lady” in David Lynch’s Twin Peaks series about the serial killer/evil entity Bob




Ramjet Pitala

says (11:03 PM):



I just figured her out too after being a big fan of David Lynch since I was a teen & Eraserhead came out that I saw at the Broadway cinema where they used to let us sit and smoke weed and hash haha and they had all night movies, lottsa horror & euro films


Zahoor A Sajid. says (11:03 PM):





Ramjet Pitala says (11:03 PM):

what david lynch was getting at there in that series in which David Bowie also starred in and was banned from our TV station from Global in the last couple of episodes for it being way too graphic




Ramjet Pitala

said (11:05 PM):



is that this woman was able to communicate with objects or get feelings from the objects like the piece of wood which can also be a symbol for a pillar such as you said to me the other day… the PILLAR a symbol for a phallus


and the Twin Peaks town in British Columbia is a name that is a symbol for mounds which can also be considered as tits



Ramjet Pitala

said (11:06 PM):



so the cock fucks the tits, understand, and the woman was receiving messages from the wood, the “woody” so to speak about the evil demon that was inside of the father of Laura, the poor girl that he murdered



Ramjet Pitala

said (11:07 PM):



because the demon of Bob got inside of the man that was her father and he began to prey on all her young girlfriends too


the film was made instead with David Bowie in it



Ramjet Pitala

said (11:08 PM):



in place of the last couple of episodes that were supposed to have aired on television


it was also very graphic but will clearly explain how the mind of the man and the demon inside of him works, clear cut