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Please help me get rid of DEBORAH THOMAS (the thorn in my side)

31 Dec
Deborah ThomasDecember 31, 2010 at 12:36am
Re: merry christmas
I just saw your message now Hope you are doing good and had a good dinner take care Have a Happy Day tommorrow hope everything starts to go well for you
Honestly, Deborah, I did just see that message of yours from the other day on Facebook when I replied to you then,
but frankly,
I don’t think you "just saw my message" at 12:36 am when you sent me the above.
Reason being, since I’ve come to know you, just about EVERY SINGLE TIME I COME BACK TO MY COMPUTER after a long absence of several hours,
&/or I turn on a light in my house, NOW THIS IS JUST IN THE PAST 2 YEARS…
whether it’s when I used to awake in the morning in my bedroom & go into the kitchen where I used to have my computer…
or whether I turn on my bathroom light…
it doesn’t matter – you know what the hell I’m saying.
Either way, I cannot be fooled. You did this to me again this evening, right after I turned on my bathroom light after being completely stagnant for around 4 hrs or so…
and then went to download things from my computer and I wasn’t even signed into Messenger or anywhere.
I am getting extremely upset with you, as I’ve already told you before many times, because you are creeping me out
the way you are pouncing on me.
If you do not STOP stalking me – like completely CEASE & DESIST, I will have no alternative but to get my computer expert friend over here
when he wakes up in a few hours, and if need-be, I will get the legal authorities & a private detective involved,
Do you not understand how I’m feeling? You are making me feel like I’m trapped inside of a locked up cell where only YOU
can sit & watch my movements and when you feel like it, you can poke & prod me.
This is making me very ill, indeed. I know you are not who you say that you are or else you wouldn’t be hiding from everyone I know
because the rest of my friends are genuine – you are nothing but a fake & a phony. I feel like vomiting right now because I think you are trying to intimidate me in some way.
Everyone I know I have told about you, including your email address, and phone numbers you’ve given me.
I have also saved all of the notes & messages between us plus info on your couple of friends.
After I finish my work here today – what I originally set out to do before you JUMPED on me again,
I will not stop until you are exposed for who you really are.
By the way, you spelled TOMORROW wrong – and again, TOMORROW is the day when it’s all gonna blow up in your face, chickie-poo! KEEP IT UP.




31 Dec
I think this gal is such a wonderful writer that I’m posting another one of her blogs here, like I did in my other space the other day, plus the comments & opinions I have about it.

Perception Shift: Planted

When I look in the mirror or in the eyes of another, I will remind myself to see that creation as a plant, a unique seed with different needs that requires discovery in growth through environment, nourishment and hydration.   This mental perception shift will inspire one to take better care of one self by conscious awareness of where we are exposed to too much light or  drowned by our own tears.  If we see ourselves as plants; we may begin to understand what loving one’s self really means.

If we saw ourselves and others as plants; we would not overwhelm each other with too much darkness or light.  If we nourished ourselves and others as plants, we would hold each other lightly and allow each other to breath realizing that our oxygen flow dances when space is given.  If we treated ourselves as plants, we would be more selective on the nutrients that propel and stunt our mental, emotional, physical and spiritual growth.

About Liza Writes

I am the author of my life, each day is a page turner where new chapters get to fill up w/adventures and clarities. I stopped looking to "arrive" to one destination. I get bored when I am not challenged. I count on different activities for balance. The investments in my life have changed because I now value my time, my mind, my soul and my body. Every age is a stage and I am evolving; willing to grow and depend on my guts instead of sitting on my butt waiting for life to fall on me. Writing is my favored form of expression because its practice gives me the chance to treasure the divinity of life. Writing has strengthened me; the practice allows me to develop wisdom by releasing all the thoughts that weaken me using creativity and exaggeration. Writing has been a safe place for me to live out my fantasy, be more dramatic and open my imagination without the emotional messiness. The blank page is an open invitation to see the words of my heart come alive; writing is the time I focus, lose myself and find myself while not being confined to any definition. View all posts by Liza Writes
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  • E. Carolyn Kuechen Your comment is awaiting moderation.
    December 31st, 2010 at 1:15 am

    I broached upon this subject & that same type of comparison quite some time ago in my other space but I should have mentioned that not all plants require as much care as others. Some plants require more watering or special attention than others do. On the flipside of this, I think I can pretty well figure out someone who would rather let a plant that requires special treatment wither & die instead of accepting it into the rest of the group of plants that don’t seem to require much attention. This, to me, shows that the person just can’t be bothered, if you understand my meaning. People like this I have no use for. Actually, when push comes to shove, I’m the one who would be more interested in giving them all a great deal of attention, regardless of requirement, plus I’d give a little more time & care to the plants that aren’t considered to be normal. I guess that’s just the way I am. Maybe if we compared things like plant & animal patterns with people we know, our lives would be easier to understand & accept why we fit in with certain people but not others.

    This was a great blog, as usual, Liza.

Ode to Chrissy-Boy Arnold

30 Dec
Like I say, this is the time of year to commemorate, so here goes!
Chris Arnold, Oct 1/09

You really do have a way of painting the most weird’n’wonderful mental images with your wordplay E…….your head must be an amazing place to spend a week or two…….tell me, do you offer guided tours haha?!?!??!


My reply to this somewhat aged comment is:
On a somewhat condensed musical  Sir Arnold, all you kuda sed wuz
I WANNA TRIP INSIDE YOUR HEAD… spend the day there
Hmm… now where have I heard that one before?

Being A Perfect F*ck-Up

29 Dec

This blog that I’m posting & the comments that follow are so important to me, that I’m stressing to all of you, young & old alike, to read it over carefully & take great heed to the words that are being said as well as their meaning.


Fake Perfection

A couple of contacts in various social networks have raised the awareness of “fake people, lives and relationships.”  I can relate to this feeling because sometimes I catch myself evaluating others as being “fake” as well.  What does it mean to be fake?  Is being fake striving to appear perfect, like nothing is ever wrong?  Does being fake mean to be a liar or omitting truths?  Is being fake exaggerating situations using imagination?  One of the definitions of fake is “to conceal the defects of or make appear more attractive, interesting, valuable, etc., usually in order to deceive: The story was faked a bit to make it more sensational.”

I catch myself striving towards perfection but does that mean I am being deceptive or just want to practice getting better?  The amount of concentration it takes to not make mistakes or discover the truth is mentally draining.  If I allow my existence to become somewhat robotic and mechanical by following every external rule of what my life “should be”, I won’t know how to recognize my own thoughts. 

I may say the right things and behave the appropriate social way but eventually and hopefully I arrive to the realization that following a cookie cutter existence is not authentic to my thought process.  If we get caught up in living up to false images, we shred our unique core value just to project illusions of perfection.  Who decides what perfection is?  When did we start to condemn ourselves for showing what we are really like without the suit, without the make-up and without the title to hide behind?  If we all behave like the crowd, the world around us starts to appear predictable and somewhat fake, yet reality will still unfold through our perceptive eyes as we decide to behave predictable or authentic.   I despise having to sometimes resort to a superficial and safe response and it is exhausting trying to be perfect.  If we are all acting on a superficial layer; it is only natural to have the slight inkling behind our minds that everyone else is lying or acting fake.  A person near and dear to me once said; “you can’t think everyone is lying to you, if you do you’ll be miserable.”

About Liza Writes

I am the author of my life, each day is a page turner where new chapters get to fill up w/adventures and clarities. I stopped looking to “arrive” to one destination. I get bored when I am not challenged. I count on different activities for balance. The investments in my life have changed because I now value my time, my mind, my soul and my body. Every age is a stage and I am evolving; willing to grow and depend on my guts instead of sitting on my butt waiting for life to fall on me. Writing is my favored form of expression because its practice gives me the chance to treasure the divinity of life. Writing has strengthened me; the practice allows me to develop wisdom by releasing all the thoughts that weaken me using creativity and exaggeration. Writing has been a safe place for me to live out my fantasy, be more dramatic and open my imagination without the emotional messiness. The blank page is an open invitation to see the words of my heart come alive; writing is the time I focus, lose myself and find myself while not being confined to any definition. View all posts by Liza Writes
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  • E. Carolyn Kuechen Your comment is awaiting moderation.
    December 29th, 2010 at 12:22 am

    Wow, Liza! You have addressed several subjects all at once & have opened up a big can of worms with regards to the different types of being a human fake, both in your own eyes & those of others. In my opinion, there is nothing wrong with wanting to create a perfect space around you, for instance, keeping nooks & crannies free of build-up, closets neat & organized, and things clean & tidy. When we have order around us & follow healthy patterns of living, like working first before play, or as a German once put it, Arbeit macht Essen (meaning work makes sustenance in all respects, including being free)& putting daily & weekly routines into effect that will promote a healthy & serene environment around you, then all the more power to you all out there. Think to yourselves a moment, how would you feel if you had chaos around you? Messy homelives not including disorganization but also people with lack of manners & diplomatic social behaviour. We are all in charge of building our atmosphere the way we want it to be. It appears as if the expression “cleanliness is next to Godliness” has become somewhat outdated in this newer generation.

    Now, in getting to the points you made about fake people, in my eyes, from what I’ve seen & experienced, there are fake people performing motions without emotions, meaning that they are pretending to like what they do, what they talk about & the people they associate with. This type of fakeness in human beings is considered to me to be a mimicry of the wanna-be’s in society who are envious of those who actually take great joy in everything that life offers as well as truly appreciate & value those things. As for couples being fake, well girl, I don’t need to go there, for as you probably already know by now, I have addressed this already just recently in another website.

    Before I move on to your other blogs, Liza, I’d just like to compliment you in all sincerity, on what an excellent writer you are. What I also like most especially about you is your style, for I have learned quite a thing or two from you in the short time since we were brought together in the net. One of the most significant things I’ve learned is how to approach a scenario & try to describe exactly what I see (as well as smell, & you can take that any way you want to, haha) in the things people say, in the gestures of their bodily actions, in the expressions of their faces, oh… and before I forget, last but not leastly, exactly the way I’m being made to feel when I witness the scene, from the point of view of the way in which one would be describing something to an officer of the law when they are being questioned by them, for example.

    Anyway, I’m moving on now to read some more of the finer stuff from one of the ‘cream of the crop’.

  • E. Carolyn Kuechen Your comment is awaiting moderation.
    December 29th, 2010 at 12:47 am

    OOPS! I forgot to add that perhaps people act like Stepfordish robots, performing actions without emotions, or maybe even doing nothing at all for long stretches of time, because they are not being praised & valued by others they hold dear and need to feel loved by. This may also add the the fake rituals we see in couples who are pretending they have the perfect life. It’s almost like playing with Barbies when we were kids & playing house with them. All woman should be able to express their creativity & emotions freely to others they love, and same goes with men – the man needs to feel loved & appreciated for the things they like to do. It doesn’t matter what a male or female plays with, whether it’s the Betty Crocker oven or the Black & Decker power tools, just so long as they are happy & accepted for who they are. As for mistakes – heck, we all make them, don’t we? If we didn’t make mistakes, we wouldn’t have to practise anything now, would we?


  • E. Carolyn Kuechen Your comment is awaiting moderation.
    December 29th, 2010 at 12:52 am

    See, I even made a couple of mistakes in my last comment in the grammar I used & the repetition of the word ‘the’ (instead of typing the word ‘to’ before , but who the eff cares, really! While we’re on the topic still of the most perfect way to do things, what is your opinion about which way we should hang a roll of toilet paper. I believe it was Ann Landers who said to place it with the flap side overhanging. Wasn’t that the exact same lady who stated that if a woman can’t hold a pencil underneath her breast, then she doesn’t need to wear a bra? (hee hee hee)

  • E. Carolyn Kuechen Your comment is awaiting moderation.
    December 29th, 2010 at 12:54 am

    Crapola! Now I forgot the place the bracket. GOODNESS ME!

  • E. Carolyn Kuechen Your comment is awaiting moderation.
    December 29th, 2010 at 12:55 am

    OOPS! I really meant to say
    in the second-to-last slot.
    I’d better get the power tools back out again, SHEESH! ^o)

  • E. Carolyn Kuechen Your comment is awaiting moderation.
    December 29th, 2010 at 1:23 am

    Something just dawned on me, Liza, and it’s really coincidental to one of the last few things that occurred between my latest ex & I that added to the list of reasons why I should end the relationship. Now, I know that Shakespeare has a name for what I’m about to tell you, with respect to the similarity between my last comment & what transpired between him & I. Here goes: I was staying as a guest at his home when he began to ask me to perform chores that were somewhat beyond my physical limitations while his daughter was still laying in bed at around noon hour. He asked if I could hang the wet curtains back up onto the heavy wooden rod that was resting on brackets screwed into the wall. It was very painful for me to do it, period, because of my permanent injuries to my arm & hand, then after I placed the rod back onto the bracket, I noticed the bracket was somewhat loose, but left it positioned there anyway (because I didn’t want to have the wet curtains causing any damage to the seams of the fake wooden floor if I laid them down on it), but I did possess enough common sense & foresight in the matter by pinning a cursive note (in my own handwriting) on the curtains, that more or less stated to be careful when handling them because the bracket holding them is loose. While I was out of the room, the rod fell down, & when he came back into the house & noticed it there, he began to holler at me, degrading me in front of his daughter (who, by that point, was up & about) by calling me STUPID & other variations thereof. So, in essence, what I’m trying to say is that a missing bracket from its slot caused me to become verbally abused in a household that I’m not even supposed to be helping to manage in the first place, unless of course I feel like it. Now that my blood has begun to boil again, I’d better give it a rest before I go on to your other blogs I haven’t read. Oh, and if you have read any of my notes around half a year ago, I mentioned that there is a French law where a man can be charged for verbal abuse. Enough said… for now!

  •  I modifed my last comment I left on Liza’s space in here & placed brackets (no pun intended) around ‘who, by that point, was up & about’ with regards to his daughter, because it was not her that was humiliating me by calling me stupid, but wouldn’t you know it, she actually mimicked her father’s behaviour a couple of weeks later when she more or less ‘tattled’ to him regarding me leaving the coffee maker plugged in the night before, of all things! YES, folks!!! GO FIGURE! Especially when the nearly new top-of-the-line coffee maker has an automatic shut-off & all of the other appliances in the house are all plugged in, to boot! She ‘ratted me out’ (or so her behaviour displayed to me, or it could have easily have been misinterpreted by me rather than just seeing it as mere compliance in fear of impending-doom scolding from her father), believe it or not, while the 3 of us were in the room together one morning after I stayed overnight, acting like I wasn’t even there in the room (but then I should only see this as a typical teenager’s attitude with respect to them not thinking first… like WAKING UP, giving it some thought first before you say or do something, which I admit I have been guilty myself of in the past.  And just to be politically correct here, people, each & every time I get blamed for something in that house when we are the only ones there, I’m always referred to as ‘someone’ (inherited from the father, of course 😉 for example: SOMEONE did this wrong – SOMEONE did that wrong – SOMEONE put something in the wrong spot – SOMEONE did not do it the same way you (or I) said it should be done. I’ve been made to feel so low by these people at times, just by the fact alone that they often don’t seem to remember that I even have a given name (such as the one I see on my birth certificate), or that I seem worthy of a title similar to that of an equal partner & be treated as such, & it’s crystal clear to me their negativity is directed to me & none other. Now, think to yourself a minute or two, with respect to ME BEING PUSHING-48, yes – in years of age (not bra-size), as well as completely in charge of my faculties with respect to having been there & done that, where it concerns being a full-time employee as well as a homemaker & owner of my own home including businesses, for well over 30 years of my life… can you imagine me having to be put in the position of having to deal with this lame-brained mentality coming from people who are obviously in a daze!? As most of my good friends & family already know about me & this often troublesome relationship I abruptly called to a halt some time ago & well before Christmas, this type of abuse that I’m speaking of has been going on for years now with respect to me being chastised &/or put down by this guy along with members of his immediate family. As for repercussions arising from them against me if they ever read this, I challenge them all to open up their big mouths about me 1 more friggin’ time! You can take that with a grain of salt, straight from the (work)horse’s mouth, from none other than moi, the Piece Of Furniture Who’s Been Cleaning Up After All Of Their Asses (Doing THEIR Dirty Work) For Almost A Decade. So, I ask all of you reading this, do you blame me for finally giving up on the relationship, after hoping it might finally get better all the way around & I would be respected?  By the way,

  • I AM… NEVER GOING BACK but who knows? I just might, as this is included in my forgiving nature & I also need another haircut from the girl I trusted to use me as her first CHOP-CHOP prototype (haha). Oh, yeah! I hear that wherever you lay your hat is your home & I inadvertently left mine behind there, so I guess it is after all.

  • Welcome to The Court of the Crimson Kings & Queens

    22 Dec

    Hey! I might be speaking out of turn here, without saying a jolly good day to you all, but I just thought of something very important today that I feel should be addressed, at a moment’s notice. Being a music aficionado (or afficionado, a variant with regards to being bull-headed & you can look that up in Wikipedia, by the way, as I did when I thought that I had noticed a spelling mistake in a Shoppers Drug Mart flyer), I’ve been thinking a lot of my fave old tunes & albums lately, especially the oldies but goodies, seeing as this time of year is seen by most as a way to commemorate the nicer things in our lives, and the way in which a lot of people do this at Christmas-time is by showering people with presents.




    That’s me – a variant of AFFICIONADO

    whether it be of fine perfume or a devotee of bullfighting


    What I feel we should be commemorating, in fact, are the worst crimes of the century, and Supertramp’s album that speaks out for itself, with lyrics like “Bluesy Monday is the one day that they come here” and “shouting out & calling rude names” (to use a couple good ones as an example) has led me to finally give it a go at writing another seriously stimulating masterpiece today, just out of the blue & offa the top of my head, as I most usually do, after I’ve been thinking a lot during my other charitable duties & cleaning activities I’ve chosen to participate in as of late, so now that I’m sore as hell (in all respects) from the effort put forth in the exercises I’ve made this week, I’ve decided to relax a bit, keep my wrists firmly planted on the desk with my coawfee cup at hand containing my java of choice today, which is the Folgers’ hazelnut, a choice blend for excelling in even more verbal poison & oral diarrhea (if you ask me), & in so doing, by living up to my rep, I’m choosing this time-out to spill the beans & tell you all about my feelings with regards to BEING NAUGHTY OR NICE, since a couple of my good friends who deserve good mention all the way around along with good Menschen (a German word for human beings, generally referred to as people in the English language) brought this to my attention even more-so in the past year or so, one of them being Bekkie Sanchez who asked about if we’re being naughty &/or nice, and Creeping Death, who made it a point to state that sometimes people don’t see things the same way, for instance, when I suggested that GIMME GIMME NEVER GETS a few months ago. At that point in my life, I was fed up with people taking more than what I was offering of myself whether it be my time or my personal belongings, most of which are just collections that I’ve purchased throughout my life, and namely my music, which I’m very proud of & have been sharing with the world.


    But getting back to the topic of inhumanities, which is what I’m driving at today, there is a German custom whereby there is not only a Santa Claus but also a Black Peter, which I believe he’s still called, who gives people a lump of coal for being bad for the past year, rather than them getting the usual present(s) they’ve been so anxiously awaiting. There have been a lot of people around the globe expecting things from life as well as from others of which to satisfy their unhappiness with regards to the way they get treated by others, the uncomfortable situations they find themselves in, & the lack of things they feel they might have.




    2 choice albums customer service reps can relate to


    Customer relations representatives are a lot like no other, for they are always there to help you, whether they like it or not. It is really not a bowl of cherries for them, believe me, & especially at this time of year, when impatient & rude people are chewing them out, taking their other problems out on them &/or are blaming them for the poor functionality &/or service benefits of an item. What strikes as especially crass to me is when there is name-calling involved between a customer & a service rep, like when ignoramuses such as the homosapiens (or derivatives thereof) of which I’m speaking are calling their helpers stupid – one of the most commonly used expressions of humiliation anyone can use against someone, & it’s my belief that this is the reason why I don’t like calling people stupid, in general (by the way, folks).


    When you get involved with dummies like these (for that which they are), as only a store-dummy can’t & won’t understand what it’s like to feel real pain, don’t you ever wish you could just tell them all to SHUT UP (or STFU, short & simple for Shut The F*ck Up) which I’m sure those people know all about, too, because I’ve heard them use that term more often than not as well. But we can’t say that, can we, or should I say the NICE people who stand by & have to endure the most unwelcome behavior of the NAUGHTY.


    I have had a lot of friends in my life, and even though a lot of us having been active in customer-service fields are well versed by now in our own NAUGHTY & NICE practices, there are many of us who have been callous with regards to using diplomacy & good manners which include praise, adoration & appreciation of others with regards to the service that is being offered, whether it be from an institution of some sort or from each other. All I can tell you about this, from what I’ve seen & learned from, is that it will get you no where(s) in life when you poke people with umbrellas & your index fingers.


    Well, that’s my 2-cents’ worth today, & I hope you’re ready for Christmas, now that I’ve slowed down the rush for you, seeing as it’s only a couple or 2 days away, depending on what nationality you are. Myself, I just feel like lazing around & reminiscing today now that the majority of my work is done this week. Perhaps I will make up some collages (as some of my online friends have this week) of past people & memories that have significantly been a positive influence in my life, or maybe I’ll just sit back & hammer back a few tall-boyz of CANADIAN (and yes, these are the colours of the logo on their cans), here in the good old 


    who knows, but whatever I do today, I will be smiling & happy for everything & everyone.



     I chose dog-poop yellow as the shade for this blog, as it’s a nice colour too in my eyes… especially at this time of year when us poor folks have to remove it from our walks, after it’s been sitting there a while soaking in the wetness, just as cereal has a tendency to do in the bottom of a bowl.



    Hello world!

    20 Dec

    Welcome to This is your first post. Edit or delete it and start blogging!

    FLASHY STUFF flashing its stuff around

    19 Dec


    First things first, right off the bat, I’d like to extend my thanks to a long-term friend for really thinking of me when she picked out 1 of my top favorites… the red hibiscus, that she emailed to me yesterday. I am very happy to have caring friends like her. As for my profiles, I only have this one & my other one at Cinderella Story B-Side. I only started that latter one on a whim from an idea that Stephen King had years & years ago when he published some of his stuff under a pseudonym, hence my name Carolyn King but I am sure most people know already that I’m the same person, and if not, I make sure to let them know. I just wanted to have a lot more fun & more of a chance to have my say by having more than one space – for as you know about me already, I have tons to say!
    During a conversation yesterday, shortly before I left the house, I told that person how I’m thru with the guy I’d been seeing (on & off) for years, for quite some time now, & why. One of the main reasons why he’s in my history books is because I’m sleeping on straw (like an animal in a barn, not that I’m complaining or anything because I never get a sore back, seriously) while he’s flashing around his bucks. Well, the day before I talked to the person I had this conversation with, I typed in a word document my angry feelings toward him & there I stated how I’m especially sick & tired of him dumping all his woes & personal business on me, ie. what kind of new car he’s getting… way-elle (or way-il),  wouldn’t you know it, right after I ended the conversation with my friend, then left my house shortly thereafter & walked over to my bank, thereafter seating myself on a bench across the street from it to wait for the bus, this dude pulls up in front of me with this Christmas-Red hued (don’t know what else to name the color, folks) fancy-shmancy sports car (pretty flashy stuff, in my opinion of course, for a guy who can’t get himself a woman), giving it a RHOOOM (revving it up like a show-off) & I just nodded my acknowledgement & smiled at him, and I really did not know who the heck it was, even though I glanced straight at his face through his open window a few feet in front of me. Then perhaps about a minute or 2 later, he pulls up behind me in the lot & asks if I want a ride & that is when I noticed that it was in fact my ex, "sans" white pick-up truck he has normally been driving & I told him (FLAT OUT) "NO" & then the bus pulled up & I got on it. This is very amusing in my eyes, because this very same guy did the exact same thing to me 30 years ago, while I was standing in front of my high school during break time & at that point in my life, I also gave him the turn-down (a nice word for dump). Now you can all see what kind of a person that I really am & how I don’t give a dirty old ratz patoodie what kind of car someone drives – all this








    After witnessing this little stint, I was quite rattled for several minutes thereafter, wondering what I should do about him, because I almost got the feeling that he’s been stalking me, so I decided just to keep my phone in hand & proceed to my original destination, which was Canadian Tire, to buy a shovel, but instead, when I got offa the bus, on a whim I went straight into the Canadian Red Cross & donated $20 to disaster relief throughout the world, then I took a couple of cool shots of stuff in the vicinity, and ambled on to buy a rice-cooker, which I will talk about in my other space reserved only for Martha-Stewartish, Stepford & Sam’s-Town kinds of people (haha), along with the shovel I originally had in mind to get, which for a $1 more has a handle for a "gimp" that is easier to maneuver around than the normal ones. And by the way, I chose a pooper-scooper & a handle in the shade of forest green, to match my army green bomber jacket (just like the one I used to wear when I was in my teens). I’ll post some more pictures later of the stuff I’ve been speaking of, including some more charities I have in mind for the upcoming week, that I’m thinking of giving the last bit of my time & money to, for these are the people I feel really deserve what help I can possibly afford to give for Christmas this year.

    Thanks again for your friendship, everyone, and I hope you’re all having a nice day