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When One Is Worth Their Salt

24 Jul

Here is almost the last part of the conversations in the famous American movie – Once upon a time in America

Noodles (Robert De Niro) goes to see his first lover, Deborah(Elizabeth Mc Govern) in order to ask who invited himself at the secretary Bailey’s party. When Noodles’s about to leave her, Deborah says to him, “There’s an exit back this way. Noodles, go through it. Keep walking. Don’t turn around. Please, Noodles. I’m begging you, please.” Then Noodles says, “Are you afraid I’ll turn into a pillar of salt?” and he goes out through the other door in front of them. After seeing her son out there, Noodles finally realizes that the person who invited himself at the party is his old friend, Max(James Woods), and now he is Deborah’s husband.

Here are two of my guestions:

First, I don’t know what the words “turn into a pillar of salt” exactly means. Is it something kind of “disappointed” or “driven to despair”?


Second, is the word “a pillar of salt” an idiom? If it’s so, is there any other expression using “a pillar of salt”? Help me please.

In the bible, God came to Abraham and told him that he was going to destroy Sodom and Gomorrah because the cities were evil. Abraham asked God if he would save the cities if there were 50 good men there. God said he would save the cities for the sake of 50 good men. Abraham then “haggled” with God with what if’s. ie: what if there were only 40 etc down to 10. God told Abraham that if he found 10 good men, he wouldn’t destroy the cities.

God sent two angels (who looked like regular men) into Sodom and Gomorrah where they met Lot, Abrahams nephew. Lot asked the Angels to come to his house where his wife would cook for them and they could sleep there. The Angels wanted to stay in the city square, but Lot convinced them to come to his house where his wife cooked for them.

Late in the evening, the people of Sodom and Gomorrah surrounded Lot’s house calling for him to send his guests out so they could meet them. Lot knew that they were just wanting to do terrible things to his guests.

The crowd started to break into the house, but the Angels held the doors fast and struck those who were trying to get in with blindness. Then they told Lot that he had to leave– that God was preparing to destroy Sodom and Gomorrah. They told him to gather his wife and daughters and the men who would be marrying the daughters and to leave the city. The daughter’s fiancees didn’t believe Lot and he didn’t want to leave without them. In the morning, the Angels led Lot, his wife, and daughters out of Sodom and Gomorrah just before God was to destroy the cities. They left them at the edge of the city with the admonition to not look back towards the sinful cities and to run away as quickly as they could. As they were running, Lot’s wife looked back and was turned into a pillar of salt.

The moral is that Christians shouldn’t look back at their sinful ways as that is the path to death.




Note: I did not compose this blog but rather copied the excerpts from




”What” about Bob?

10 Jul


Zahoor A Sajid. says (10:54 PM):


Hi babe



Ramjet Pitala says (10:54 PM):

Hi nice guy


how r u?



Zahoor A Sajid. says (10:54 PM):


I am ok nd u ?



Ramjet Pitala says (10:54 PM):

me too dear




Ramjet Pitala

says (10:55 PM):



wut u up to?


Zahoor A Sajid. says (10:56 PM):


Just was sleeping and saw u with me in dream , been mising so came on to get u in my arms



Ramjet Pitala says (10:57 PM):

wow; is that so because I just felt you in those spots on me around the back of my head yeah so I must have mastered what this so-called astral projection is about as they used to refer to it as back in the 70s




Ramjet Pitala

says (10:58 PM):



it itches


like a rash so to speak


that is why Italians’ chins get itchy underneath and they like to flick it underneath


Zahoor A Sajid. says (10:58 PM):





Ramjet Pitala says (10:58 PM):

at people they are pissed off at; I just figured that out too




Ramjet Pitala

says (10:59 PM):



it is like salivating dog theory if you have heard of that theory created by German psychiatrists


that is when people sneeze too right after each other


it is almost like marketing tecquniques of subliminal suggestion, as I am sure you are aware of as well



Ramjet Pitala

says (11:00 PM):



now I know why my test from my guidance counsellor in the principal’s office


shortly before I was graduating yet experiencing problems in a few areas except for music, languages & typing of course haha


to see where my interests would lead me for university



Ramjet Pitala

says (11:01 PM):



and it said forestry engineer


I could never figure that out either how it came up with that answer when I excelled at completely different things perfectly in the 90% – 100%




Zahoor A Sajid. says (11:02 PM):





Ramjet Pitala says (11:02 PM):

Because I am in essence like the “log lady” in David Lynch’s Twin Peaks series about the serial killer/evil entity Bob




Ramjet Pitala

says (11:03 PM):



I just figured her out too after being a big fan of David Lynch since I was a teen & Eraserhead came out that I saw at the Broadway cinema where they used to let us sit and smoke weed and hash haha and they had all night movies, lottsa horror & euro films


Zahoor A Sajid. says (11:03 PM):





Ramjet Pitala says (11:03 PM):

what david lynch was getting at there in that series in which David Bowie also starred in and was banned from our TV station from Global in the last couple of episodes for it being way too graphic




Ramjet Pitala

said (11:05 PM):



is that this woman was able to communicate with objects or get feelings from the objects like the piece of wood which can also be a symbol for a pillar such as you said to me the other day… the PILLAR a symbol for a phallus


and the Twin Peaks town in British Columbia is a name that is a symbol for mounds which can also be considered as tits



Ramjet Pitala

said (11:06 PM):



so the cock fucks the tits, understand, and the woman was receiving messages from the wood, the “woody” so to speak about the evil demon that was inside of the father of Laura, the poor girl that he murdered



Ramjet Pitala

said (11:07 PM):



because the demon of Bob got inside of the man that was her father and he began to prey on all her young girlfriends too


the film was made instead with David Bowie in it



Ramjet Pitala

said (11:08 PM):



in place of the last couple of episodes that were supposed to have aired on television


it was also very graphic but will clearly explain how the mind of the man and the demon inside of him works, clear cut


OPPositioning Revampment

9 Jul


ricardo says (11:57 AM):


How are you doing, do you have put on a picture of a girl sucking on something or waht?



Ramjet Pitala says (12:01 PM):

No kidding; it reflects the white-trash slavery running rampant in our flock; I find 50% of families have this way of thinking & it must be changed



ricardo says (12:03 PM):


You sound like a retoric teacher, are you mad at something



Ramjet Pitala says (12:04 PM):

yes as I have a big BEEF okay as I have been victimized and maimed consistently since childhood by various monsters such as these at different point in my life after I worked tooth and nail for my life for over 30 years, Ricardo




Ramjet Pitala

says (12:05 PM):



this is an abomination in my eyes that our society has allowed this to happen right before their eyes without taking notice to the grave implication that white slavery is taking over here in this country



Ramjet Pitala

says (12:07 PM):



it is very difficult for me to keep a straight face at the moment so to speak so I am practising healthy means to quell my anger at the moment


I practise in particular “chess” moves without moving pieces


by planning carefully every move I am making well in advance



Ramjet Pitala

says (12:08 PM):



I have only played chess a few times in my life actually but after I found the story of Bobby Fischer from Feb 20 Toronto Sunday Sun


I was vaguely amused how this guy is so much similar to myself haha



Ramjet Pitala

says (12:09 PM):



with regards to this paragraph in the excellent story – full page spread too


anyway, in the paragraph states


ricardo says (12:09 PM):


Tke it easy you are fast as fuck on the keyboard i bearly can keep up reading!



Ramjet Pitala says (12:10 PM):

“Fischer forfeited the first couple of games — then rebounded to annihilate Spassky — whose eccentricity was being the essence of decency and showing gentlemanly behaviour. He became a true friend and admirer of Fisher (even though their respective home countries were at war with each other & had completely different viewpoints)


k i will shut up now haha



THE BEST DICKS in my opinion

9 Jul

javier says (8:15 PM):


₪ Ramjet Pitala ₪ says (8:15 PM):


javier says (8:16 PM):



₪ Ramjet Pitala ₪ says (8:16 PM):

 what do you want

₪ Ramjet Pitala ₪ says (8:17 PM):

 say it or just say adios k?

javier says (8:17 PM):

 fuck you

₪ Ramjet Pitala ₪ says (8:17 PM):

 fuck u too

javier says (8:17 PM):



₪ Ramjet Pitala ₪ says (8:17 PM):


javier says (8:18 PM):


₪ Ramjet Pitala ₪ says (8:18 PM):


 hee hee

javier says (8:18 PM):

 do you known write spanish??

 i don t known inglish


₪ Ramjet Pitala ₪ says (8:19 PM):

 somewhat; I understand mainly by reading only; studying to write it

 I can understand it flying by me in a flash so to speak

₪ Ramjet Pitala ₪ says (8:20 PM):

 I am great at reading

 I can scan a complete lengthy legal sized page & notice mistakes

javier says (8:21 PM):

 i understand



₪ Ramjet Pitala ₪ says (8:21 PM):

 what are you good at?

javier says (8:21 PM):

 i said you something in spanish and you told me what is it!!


₪ Ramjet Pitala ₪ says (8:22 PM):


javier says (8:22 PM):


₪ Ramjet Pitala ₪ says (8:22 PM):

 think then

javier says (8:22 PM):

 game over

₪ Ramjet Pitala ₪ says (8:22 PM):

 it is?

javier says (8:22 PM):


₪ Ramjet Pitala ₪ says (8:22 PM):

 I think not; never

javier says (8:22 PM):

 is your game

javier says (8:23 PM):

 perro is dog

₪ Ramjet Pitala ₪ says (8:23 PM):

 yes; fight for equal rights

 nice; good name for a dog

javier says (8:23 PM):


₪ Ramjet Pitala ₪ says (8:23 PM):


javier says (8:23 PM):

 but not is his name, dog means perro

 guauu guauu


₪ Ramjet Pitala ₪ says (8:23 PM):

 haha; good one 

javier says (8:24 PM):


 is cat


₪ Ramjet Pitala ₪ says (8:24 PM):

 yes I know that one well 

 dogs I can’t stand that much

javier says (8:24 PM):



₪ Ramjet Pitala ₪ says (8:24 PM):

 but only the one I used to own

 the Schipperke

₪ Ramjet Pitala ₪ says (8:25 PM):

 he was the best

 family guardian

 to no end

 could judge heights & stop within a flash at them at a running start yes

 ate his own shit when he was sick so as not to upset me


javier says (8:26 PM):


 that s intresting

₪ Ramjet Pitala ₪ says (8:26 PM):


 an American discovered this breed in Belgian

 when it was a guard dog in a jail house

 but it goes back to the boats

₪ Ramjet Pitala ₪ says (8:27 PM):

 it was a sailor dog

 dogs can sense depths

 how deep things are

 Belgium sorry

 that is where the American woman took this dog from

₪ Ramjet Pitala ₪ says (8:28 PM):

 it has a nickname

 like Black Devil

 because he is haha

 very funny sense of humour, just like a child

javier says (8:28 PM):

 haha yes?

₪ Ramjet Pitala ₪ says (8:28 PM):

 my dog was named Chili Pepper

javier says (8:29 PM):

 i don known nothing about this dog

₪ Ramjet Pitala ₪ says (8:29 PM):

 his father was called Shadow

 the dog would wake me up on time for work with a quizzical look in his eye, laying under the covers beside me, and I would pretend I was still asleep at 7 am every morning hahaha

₪ Ramjet Pitala ₪ says (8:30 PM):

 so smart this guy

₪ Ramjet Pitala ₪ says (8:31 PM):

 A1 dog

javier says (8:31 PM):


₪ Ramjet Pitala ₪ says (8:31 PM):

 such basic human emotion, all in one dog

 but all good and funny, yet mistaken

₪ Ramjet Pitala ₪ says (8:32 PM):

 he had a hard-on one night after getting horny from his Blue Clue’s stuffed dog

 and it was almost as long as him, the poor kid


javier says (8:33 PM):


₪ Ramjet Pitala ₪ says (8:33 PM):

 so I led him into the tile floored kitchen to blow his load there, the poor soul


 I never seen a dick so big

javier says (8:33 PM):


 guauu guauu


₪ Ramjet Pitala ₪ says (8:33 PM):

 poor dog

javier says (8:34 PM):



 so sad

₪ Ramjet Pitala ₪ says (8:34 PM):


 very protective & loving & misunderstood completely

A1 Tips For Mysogynist Pleezers

5 Jul

(excerpts of which have been copied from “The Pleasers: Women who can’t say NO and the men who control them” by Dr Kevin Leman, 1987), as follows:

The misogynist has the overwhelming need to control, and his chief weapons are words and moods. He may physically abuse you, but he is far more likely to specialize in psychological battery, which can be just as destructive as physical blows, if not more so. If you suspect you are getting “mysogynized” by anyone (Edith Carolyn Kuechen is stressing here, as this applies to both genders, not only men, in my opinion), here are some key signs:

They believe it is their right to control you and in trying to please them you may have decided to give up activities or people you felt were important to you just to keep life smooth.

They put you down and either “blow their top” or turn to ice when you disappoint them. You do a lot of “walking on eggs”, always trying to think of the right thing to do or say, so they won’t be upset.

They can be Jekyll-and-Hyde types – charming and even affectionate one moment and mean and unbelievably abusive the next. This may be especially true if they are users of alcohol or drugs. When you’re not walking on eggs you’re on pins and needles – confused, scared, feeling inadequate and no good.

In one area, however, you feel no uncertainty or confusion. There is never any doubt about who is always to blame for whatever has gone wrong, has seemed to go wrong, or what might go wrong. YOU are, period (but “only” in a mysogynist’s eyes, of course, or so Edith CK thinks anyway).

They may be very jealous and possessive, not wanting you to get out much, always wanting you at home and handy to do their bidding. One way they might show their possessiveness is to be great gift-givers. When a person places a high value on security, the controller will keep them nicely in line with lots of gifts. The controller uses gifts to keep the balance of power in their favour. They do not let their partner spend much money at their own discretion, but they lavish gifts upon the ones they are controlling, spending money  as they see fit.

They speak with anger and disrespect abiout other people including their loved ones, family and sexual partners, as well as team players like coworkers and comrades (I have also noticed), as well as expartners that have been a part of their lives. They have tempers that can erupt easily or withdraw into icy silences… for example, after an argument they equate making love with making up, or when they drink, they might be showing you a completely different person even after just a few drinks. They must win in sports, business and in love. They often complain that their employer or supervisors don’t know  what they are doing. They usually get their way in deciding where and when you’ll eat, where you’ll go, and what you’ll do PLUS change their minds frequently after making specific plans with you… hence, a controller.


Note: I have slightly edited the content of the stuff I copied*

*from the doctor who wrote the above as I saw fit