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9 Jul


ricardo says (11:57 AM):


How are you doing, do you have put on a picture of a girl sucking on something or waht?



Ramjet Pitala says (12:01 PM):

No kidding; it reflects the white-trash slavery running rampant in our flock; I find 50% of families have this way of thinking & it must be changed



ricardo says (12:03 PM):


You sound like a retoric teacher, are you mad at something



Ramjet Pitala says (12:04 PM):

yes as I have a big BEEF okay as I have been victimized and maimed consistently since childhood by various monsters such as these at different point in my life after I worked tooth and nail for my life for over 30 years, Ricardo




Ramjet Pitala

says (12:05 PM):



this is an abomination in my eyes that our society has allowed this to happen right before their eyes without taking notice to the grave implication that white slavery is taking over here in this country



Ramjet Pitala

says (12:07 PM):



it is very difficult for me to keep a straight face at the moment so to speak so I am practising healthy means to quell my anger at the moment


I practise in particular “chess” moves without moving pieces


by planning carefully every move I am making well in advance



Ramjet Pitala

says (12:08 PM):



I have only played chess a few times in my life actually but after I found the story of Bobby Fischer from Feb 20 Toronto Sunday Sun


I was vaguely amused how this guy is so much similar to myself haha



Ramjet Pitala

says (12:09 PM):



with regards to this paragraph in the excellent story – full page spread too


anyway, in the paragraph states


ricardo says (12:09 PM):


Tke it easy you are fast as fuck on the keyboard i bearly can keep up reading!



Ramjet Pitala says (12:10 PM):

“Fischer forfeited the first couple of games — then rebounded to annihilate Spassky — whose eccentricity was being the essence of decency and showing gentlemanly behaviour. He became a true friend and admirer of Fisher (even though their respective home countries were at war with each other & had completely different viewpoints)


k i will shut up now haha




THE BEST DICKS in my opinion

9 Jul

javier says (8:15 PM):


₪ Ramjet Pitala ₪ says (8:15 PM):


javier says (8:16 PM):



₪ Ramjet Pitala ₪ says (8:16 PM):

 what do you want

₪ Ramjet Pitala ₪ says (8:17 PM):

 say it or just say adios k?

javier says (8:17 PM):

 fuck you

₪ Ramjet Pitala ₪ says (8:17 PM):

 fuck u too

javier says (8:17 PM):



₪ Ramjet Pitala ₪ says (8:17 PM):


javier says (8:18 PM):


₪ Ramjet Pitala ₪ says (8:18 PM):


 hee hee

javier says (8:18 PM):

 do you known write spanish??

 i don t known inglish


₪ Ramjet Pitala ₪ says (8:19 PM):

 somewhat; I understand mainly by reading only; studying to write it

 I can understand it flying by me in a flash so to speak

₪ Ramjet Pitala ₪ says (8:20 PM):

 I am great at reading

 I can scan a complete lengthy legal sized page & notice mistakes

javier says (8:21 PM):

 i understand



₪ Ramjet Pitala ₪ says (8:21 PM):

 what are you good at?

javier says (8:21 PM):

 i said you something in spanish and you told me what is it!!


₪ Ramjet Pitala ₪ says (8:22 PM):


javier says (8:22 PM):


₪ Ramjet Pitala ₪ says (8:22 PM):

 think then

javier says (8:22 PM):

 game over

₪ Ramjet Pitala ₪ says (8:22 PM):

 it is?

javier says (8:22 PM):


₪ Ramjet Pitala ₪ says (8:22 PM):

 I think not; never

javier says (8:22 PM):

 is your game

javier says (8:23 PM):

 perro is dog

₪ Ramjet Pitala ₪ says (8:23 PM):

 yes; fight for equal rights

 nice; good name for a dog

javier says (8:23 PM):


₪ Ramjet Pitala ₪ says (8:23 PM):


javier says (8:23 PM):

 but not is his name, dog means perro

 guauu guauu


₪ Ramjet Pitala ₪ says (8:23 PM):

 haha; good one 

javier says (8:24 PM):


 is cat


₪ Ramjet Pitala ₪ says (8:24 PM):

 yes I know that one well 

 dogs I can’t stand that much

javier says (8:24 PM):



₪ Ramjet Pitala ₪ says (8:24 PM):

 but only the one I used to own

 the Schipperke

₪ Ramjet Pitala ₪ says (8:25 PM):

 he was the best

 family guardian

 to no end

 could judge heights & stop within a flash at them at a running start yes

 ate his own shit when he was sick so as not to upset me


javier says (8:26 PM):


 that s intresting

₪ Ramjet Pitala ₪ says (8:26 PM):


 an American discovered this breed in Belgian

 when it was a guard dog in a jail house

 but it goes back to the boats

₪ Ramjet Pitala ₪ says (8:27 PM):

 it was a sailor dog

 dogs can sense depths

 how deep things are

 Belgium sorry

 that is where the American woman took this dog from

₪ Ramjet Pitala ₪ says (8:28 PM):

 it has a nickname

 like Black Devil

 because he is haha

 very funny sense of humour, just like a child

javier says (8:28 PM):

 haha yes?

₪ Ramjet Pitala ₪ says (8:28 PM):

 my dog was named Chili Pepper

javier says (8:29 PM):

 i don known nothing about this dog

₪ Ramjet Pitala ₪ says (8:29 PM):

 his father was called Shadow

 the dog would wake me up on time for work with a quizzical look in his eye, laying under the covers beside me, and I would pretend I was still asleep at 7 am every morning hahaha

₪ Ramjet Pitala ₪ says (8:30 PM):

 so smart this guy

₪ Ramjet Pitala ₪ says (8:31 PM):

 A1 dog

javier says (8:31 PM):


₪ Ramjet Pitala ₪ says (8:31 PM):

 such basic human emotion, all in one dog

 but all good and funny, yet mistaken

₪ Ramjet Pitala ₪ says (8:32 PM):

 he had a hard-on one night after getting horny from his Blue Clue’s stuffed dog

 and it was almost as long as him, the poor kid


javier says (8:33 PM):


₪ Ramjet Pitala ₪ says (8:33 PM):

 so I led him into the tile floored kitchen to blow his load there, the poor soul


 I never seen a dick so big

javier says (8:33 PM):


 guauu guauu


₪ Ramjet Pitala ₪ says (8:33 PM):

 poor dog

javier says (8:34 PM):



 so sad

₪ Ramjet Pitala ₪ says (8:34 PM):


 very protective & loving & misunderstood completely

A1 Tips For Mysogynist Pleezers

5 Jul

(excerpts of which have been copied from “The Pleasers: Women who can’t say NO and the men who control them” by Dr Kevin Leman, 1987), as follows:

The misogynist has the overwhelming need to control, and his chief weapons are words and moods. He may physically abuse you, but he is far more likely to specialize in psychological battery, which can be just as destructive as physical blows, if not more so. If you suspect you are getting “mysogynized” by anyone (Edith Carolyn Kuechen is stressing here, as this applies to both genders, not only men, in my opinion), here are some key signs:

They believe it is their right to control you and in trying to please them you may have decided to give up activities or people you felt were important to you just to keep life smooth.

They put you down and either “blow their top” or turn to ice when you disappoint them. You do a lot of “walking on eggs”, always trying to think of the right thing to do or say, so they won’t be upset.

They can be Jekyll-and-Hyde types – charming and even affectionate one moment and mean and unbelievably abusive the next. This may be especially true if they are users of alcohol or drugs. When you’re not walking on eggs you’re on pins and needles – confused, scared, feeling inadequate and no good.

In one area, however, you feel no uncertainty or confusion. There is never any doubt about who is always to blame for whatever has gone wrong, has seemed to go wrong, or what might go wrong. YOU are, period (but “only” in a mysogynist’s eyes, of course, or so Edith CK thinks anyway).

They may be very jealous and possessive, not wanting you to get out much, always wanting you at home and handy to do their bidding. One way they might show their possessiveness is to be great gift-givers. When a person places a high value on security, the controller will keep them nicely in line with lots of gifts. The controller uses gifts to keep the balance of power in their favour. They do not let their partner spend much money at their own discretion, but they lavish gifts upon the ones they are controlling, spending money  as they see fit.

They speak with anger and disrespect abiout other people including their loved ones, family and sexual partners, as well as team players like coworkers and comrades (I have also noticed), as well as expartners that have been a part of their lives. They have tempers that can erupt easily or withdraw into icy silences… for example, after an argument they equate making love with making up, or when they drink, they might be showing you a completely different person even after just a few drinks. They must win in sports, business and in love. They often complain that their employer or supervisors don’t know  what they are doing. They usually get their way in deciding where and when you’ll eat, where you’ll go, and what you’ll do PLUS change their minds frequently after making specific plans with you… hence, a controller.


Note: I have slightly edited the content of the stuff I copied*

*from the doctor who wrote the above as I saw fit


28 Jun

After speaking with someone this morning who looks almost identical to the lady that works in the corner variety & convenience store at the nearest intersection where I usually buy my staples when I run out of them, this brought to mind a very important priority in my life that I would like to share with you, and that is how I value the services that small business owners provide to every single one of us, for if it were not for them diligently working morning, noon, & night, for many long hours to sell the people their immediate supplies & staples, as well as offer other items that are unique in themselves, where would we be but like my foremothers & forefathers back in the “old country” who used to have to walk for miles to make it to the closest business establishment, including medical facilities as well.

There is one such place I would like to focus on in particular here, that is located about a minute away from me, within walking distance, that is run by a Chinese or Korean family (I am not quite sure which for I am only guessing based on their appearances). There is a fellow who works in there who I am assuming is the owner, whose life I helped to save about a month or so ago, within minutes after I wrote & published what I felt was one of my greatest blogs ever, when I decided to celebrate by making a fresh pot of coffee (as is my habit to do after I create a wonderful masterpiece), then on a whim I gathered together my last bit of change to purchase some cream for my coffee at their store. I walked in & went straight to the back where the coolers were & grabbed the smaller sized container of cream that was within my budget on hand, and walked to the counter, placing it there with my money.

The owner was no where in sight behind the counter and when I glanced over to my left, I noticed he was being held down by force by a woman who appeared to be high on some type of street drugs, mumbling stuff about wanting money & cigarettes, while what appeared to be her Charlie-Manson cohort & partner-in-crime stood in front of the door. I glanced behind me and noticed the few customers there just standing there frozen. The owner looked as if he was hardly even able to breathe and his face was looking very swollen and he was glancing at me in my direction pleading to get help, but I do not even know if he actually saw me there in his anguish & horrific plight. I looked at him and said, “Here’s the $3 for the cream” & I made a mad dash for the door, brushing past the guy by the door and tore down the street as fast as I could & into my house to grab my phone & call 911 (emergency) for the police. The episode I just described inside the store all elapsed within about one or two minutes at the most, and my reaction span was a matter of a few seconds, if I recall correctly, to the immediate urgent emergency at hand, and I did not think twice about endangering my own life. The only thing I thought of at the moment was to save the poor man.

Aside from the above facts I am telling you, I would also like to mention how important it is that we support these small business owners, whether how small of an amount we pay them. For example, I once noticed a sheet of paper on the window of the above-mentioned store, more or less stating that we should be supporting Korean store owners in their sale of cigarettes, rather than letting others take away their business by other means.

They are nice people and I especially love the beautiful & unique flowers they sell there as well; I usually buy 1 plant or flower from them a month; I bought my mother a Blue Hydrangea for Mother’s Day there. It cost over $15 with tax (quite pricy but well worth it). I cannot really afford these extra luxuries with the money I get every month, but I buy these things anyway, just to show my appreciation of beauty as well as for others to help them out, too.

Hitching a ride in the back of a truck for CONVENIENCE's sake

Hitching a ride in the back of a truck for CONVENIENCE's sake


NOTE: I must wait another almost 3 days until I get my next monthly allowance, and I am very hungry today. Yesterday I did not even eat at all & all I had was tea all day. I still have not eaten anything because what is left in my cupboards is not very good. I would rather eat spit.



27 Jun

Speaking from a barren, hardworking taxpayer’s point of view who is now on the Ontario Disability Program after having been bashed, beaten, raped & pillaged as well as robbed of my legal right to bear children by very abusive individuals in this supposedly free country of Canada in which I was born, raised & still dwell, I have not been granted the opportunity to have a chance to have my own children, yet the criminals who hurt me are allowed to from what I have been hearing & seeing around me, and they do not even care about their own offspring let alone want anything to do with them, for that matter, so I have now been finding myself in the position of caring for their ever-growing numbers of “outcasts” I am labelling as such for it appears to me as if they are generally considered as material to be “cast into the wind”, so to speak.

I find it appalling how human beings find it so easy to screw like barn cats (no explanation necessary), yet pay little heed to the consequences facing them down the road when they find themselves “knocked up” & knocking on other people’s doors asking for help, or even just leaving their babies behind on our doorsteps.

What is the world coming to when common citizens are taking care of others' unwanted children

What is the world coming to when common citizens are taking care of others' unwanted children

According to the Council of Conservative Citizens in June of 2008, a staggering 46% of children available for adoption were black, despite blacks making up only 13% of the population. I have not checked where the statistics stand at the moment, 3 years after the fact, but I can be most sure they are substantially higher than what I have posted here.

After all that has been said & done, along with how advanced we have become technologically & scientifically, it is very saddening to see we have made absolutely no progress in this department with the exception of those of us increasing in number who have taken upon ourselves the difficult and harrowing task of carrying the burden upon our own shoulders to pick up the load in providing a safe, serene & loving environment for these kids in order to give them a chance at having the good life each & every single one of us deserve to have since the moment we are not only born but also conceived into this world.

In my opinion, the devil’s handbasket will soon be overpopulated as well if our laws are not changed with respect to the treatment of those of us who have never had any kids ourselves yet have been paying taxes that include school taxes as well as other monies to help keep the institutions running for “adult” children who cannot even take care of themselves, let alone the babies they are spitting out like fruit pits.

It is just as easy to practise planned parenthood rather than overpopulating the garbage dumpsters

It is just as easy to practise planned parenthood rather than overpopulating the garbage dumpsters

Looking at my situation alone, as a battered & broken woman who has worked tooth & nail for decades without much of a break, with hopes of having a partner with which to raise a family together with, only to end up being permanently maimed, this speaks very strongly about something being really wrong with the picture here, and in my opinion, our government must have more than a few screws loose never mind some marbles missing if they are going to continue to allow uneducated hate mongers to destroy the lives of decent, law-abiding citizens who bend over backwards in helping those who need it, and it is high time everyone woke up & smelled the coffee beans before it is too late.


18 Jun
This is a fine example of someone who refuses to leave another alone, even after you have made it clear to them you are not interested in them but have gone out of your way to be cordial & diplomatic with them enough to teach them a thing or two about the things they have been complaining about. They are persisting on more or less “cajoling” me & I hope this is the correct word for what I am trying to get at here. A few nights ago, while I was studying a very important topic and also a difficult one to absorb and I clearly posted on Facebook that I was busy studying for the next hour & a half or so, what do you think this married guy did? He, at precisely 8:20, when he noticed that I had an update in Windows Live Spaces, or on Facebook, I presume, proceeded to message me & call me sexy or something of that nature, at which time I told him I was studying and busy, I believe, but either way, I have saved all of our conversations with each other, or most of them, anyway, since the time I first met him.
Some people are just assholes (simply put) so don't give 'em any ifs, ands or butts

Some people are just assholes (simply put) so don't give 'em any ifs, ands or butts

Last night he did this to me again, by right off the bat, by butting in & saying “Hi gorgeous”, to which I replied “fuck off”, and he then added “sorry”, to which I did not reply up until today, in full view of the public & my friends:
                                  Edith Carolyn Kuechen
Stop calling me names like sexy & gorgeous off the bat when you can clearly see that I have problems and lead a busy life. I think you are nothing but a spoiled rotten child & if you do not stop this shit, I will delete you from my group of friends


There's a BIG difference between a hungry baby & being eaten alive for dinner

There's a BIG difference between a hungry baby & being eaten alive for dinner


(NOTE: the note I left him is at http://www.facebook.com/permalink.php?story_fbid=10150210199357877&id=602997876#!/profile.php?id=100000097420045)

The Fine Art of COFFEE CLUTCHING (Intro Level)

15 Jun

When you sign into Windows Live Messenger as Available & you see others there in succession beginning from the top of the Faves & working your way down to the ones who are Available, Away & Busy, on Mobile devices, and the rest of them, including what is being stated in the caption lines, for these are OPENING LINES to incite other people to think & comment, are they not?


Get with the program, bird!

Get with the program, bird!

Also, I like the SHOT GUN, something I invited that I have a bit of fun with. This is when I first enter my password into the Messenger sign in & I’m watching the green & blue men spinning for about a minute or so, depending on how busy things are online with messages coming thru & such (for we must all take these things into consideration as they are all a BIG part of the picture people seem to wish to neglect to see for what it really is thru impatience & greed alone), so when the list finally pops up, usually the people who are online right off the bat will pop up in little square of individuals in front of you, to alert you they are there, but this only happens for a couple of seconds at the most, so I sit and wait like a lion in the bushes ready to pounce with a pencil and paper at hand to jot them all down on it, so that I can form a little COFFEE CLUTCH group, so to speak, of people that can perhaps get together right off the bat and discuss similar interests or issues they’ve noticed have arised in their community or home lives, for instance. They can also discuss things they are doing, like hobbies, school, or work, or even business endeavours and often, if it is agreed upon, private matters or troubling things that might be playing on their minds, and by playing it out online together, they often become resolved so that everything can move on in a peaceful fashion at ease with themselves and the rest of the world, including people they might not be able to withstand, for this is all a part of life, whether we like it or not, day in & day out.


In general, what I am trying to say here is that these habitual practices most people get into the habit of through generations & generations (from my experience & education in these important daily priorities, in my opinion) have somehow lost their meaning over time, and I find in this day & age, because of all the foreign mingling, lack of education and street-smarts and basic coping & survival skills that have not been taught by our parents are causing this to happen, and in the aftermath of it all, this can cause a tsunami of a wave of turmoil in the minds of those who do not deserve to hear & feel the pain of selfish people who cannot wake up & rub the sleep out of their eyes enough to see they are fighting with the wrong people sometimes. So please wake up & smell the coffee beans, as well as pick a rose or 2 in the morning and stop to smell them before you do anything, and if you’re still feeling grumpy, and wanna try & get dumpy on the wrong guys, I suggest you take a quick trip to the loo, as well, or you might just end up like this guy here who seems to be left out in the cold, for some reason.


Intelligent robot in the line of fire by out-of-sorts person getting out of line with the wrong people being helped by a trusty sidekick

Intelligent robot in the line of fire by out-of-sorts person getting out of line with the wrong people being helped by a trusty sidekick

Enough said!


Happy day to all & don’t forget to SMILE*


*even if you don’t mean it sometimes 🙂