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21 Aug

Most people do not even an inkling what they are, or just have a vague overview of them while choosing to ignore their meaning altogether.

I myself coveted Item 3 of this blog yesterday, and actually for the very 1st time in a very long time when I stated in a regular tone & intonation JESUS CHRIST to myself while I was in my house working all day, reason being that I am fed up with having my buttons pushed by pissants day in & day out for absolutely no reason whatsoever other than them doing this out of evil nature alone and out of greed & envy for what does not belong to them, while beating on me for their own mistakes they have made in life.

As I often find myself having stuff planted right at my feet & right when I need it the most, I found this sheet of paper that appeared to be fresh off the press (so to speak) about a week ago when I made my way back with some office chattels & resource materials I purchased at the used store that the kind Blackfoot in origin saleslady who was operating the cash register sold me for my office & media centre I run from my home for work-at-home business endeavours, just as I was about to visit the nice Korean lady at the corner convenience store, right where I found it laying in front of, and I would like you to read this excerpt from the page I found over each & every single day until you get the info it is trying to relay to you right & it sets you straight some (and by that I do not mean in sexuality) with an effort to help you to do right (and NOT as you see fit).

THE TEN COMMANDMENTS (Incomplete Version)

(and they are not necessarily in any order)











NOTE: the complete and total focus in the ten commandments is LOVE; unconditional love. LOVE is the development of Godly character. GOD IS LOVE. Focus on developing Godly love. God wants us to develop Godly character.





THEY LEAD ME TO BELIEVE THAT GOD WANTS US TO DEVELOP A GODLY CHARACTER OF LOVE. GOD CREATED MANKIND PHYSICALLY I NHIS IMAGE. GOD NOW WANTS US TO DEVELOP HIS LOVING GODLY CHARACTER; WHICH IS TO SAY THAT WE ARE TO BECOME MENTALLY, EMOTIONALLY, AND SPIRITALLY LIKE HIM, IN TERMS OF LOVE. LET US; prove all things (THESSALONIANS 5:21) BY THOROUGHLY EXAMINING THE WORD OF GOD. First let us examine THE TEN COMMANDMENTS – these commandments are the laws of the love of God which will help us to develop a Godly character of LOVE. (Referance: see TEN COMMANDMENTS). Note: the first four commandments are things that we should do as acts or expressions of LOVE towards God. For example, if you LOVE God, you will not

(1) Worship other Gods (ex, idols);

(2) Make graven images;

(3) Take the name of God in vain.

(4) NOTE: you will honour his Sabbath Day which is Saturday*





When One Is Worth Their Salt

24 Jul

Here is almost the last part of the conversations in the famous American movie – Once upon a time in America

Noodles (Robert De Niro) goes to see his first lover, Deborah(Elizabeth Mc Govern) in order to ask who invited himself at the secretary Bailey’s party. When Noodles’s about to leave her, Deborah says to him, “There’s an exit back this way. Noodles, go through it. Keep walking. Don’t turn around. Please, Noodles. I’m begging you, please.” Then Noodles says, “Are you afraid I’ll turn into a pillar of salt?” and he goes out through the other door in front of them. After seeing her son out there, Noodles finally realizes that the person who invited himself at the party is his old friend, Max(James Woods), and now he is Deborah’s husband.

Here are two of my guestions:

First, I don’t know what the words “turn into a pillar of salt” exactly means. Is it something kind of “disappointed” or “driven to despair”?


Second, is the word “a pillar of salt” an idiom? If it’s so, is there any other expression using “a pillar of salt”? Help me please.

In the bible, God came to Abraham and told him that he was going to destroy Sodom and Gomorrah because the cities were evil. Abraham asked God if he would save the cities if there were 50 good men there. God said he would save the cities for the sake of 50 good men. Abraham then “haggled” with God with what if’s. ie: what if there were only 40 etc down to 10. God told Abraham that if he found 10 good men, he wouldn’t destroy the cities.

God sent two angels (who looked like regular men) into Sodom and Gomorrah where they met Lot, Abrahams nephew. Lot asked the Angels to come to his house where his wife would cook for them and they could sleep there. The Angels wanted to stay in the city square, but Lot convinced them to come to his house where his wife cooked for them.

Late in the evening, the people of Sodom and Gomorrah surrounded Lot’s house calling for him to send his guests out so they could meet them. Lot knew that they were just wanting to do terrible things to his guests.

The crowd started to break into the house, but the Angels held the doors fast and struck those who were trying to get in with blindness. Then they told Lot that he had to leave– that God was preparing to destroy Sodom and Gomorrah. They told him to gather his wife and daughters and the men who would be marrying the daughters and to leave the city. The daughter’s fiancees didn’t believe Lot and he didn’t want to leave without them. In the morning, the Angels led Lot, his wife, and daughters out of Sodom and Gomorrah just before God was to destroy the cities. They left them at the edge of the city with the admonition to not look back towards the sinful cities and to run away as quickly as they could. As they were running, Lot’s wife looked back and was turned into a pillar of salt.

The moral is that Christians shouldn’t look back at their sinful ways as that is the path to death.




Note: I did not compose this blog but rather copied the excerpts from



OPPositioning Revampment

9 Jul


ricardo says (11:57 AM):


How are you doing, do you have put on a picture of a girl sucking on something or waht?



Ramjet Pitala says (12:01 PM):

No kidding; it reflects the white-trash slavery running rampant in our flock; I find 50% of families have this way of thinking & it must be changed



ricardo says (12:03 PM):


You sound like a retoric teacher, are you mad at something



Ramjet Pitala says (12:04 PM):

yes as I have a big BEEF okay as I have been victimized and maimed consistently since childhood by various monsters such as these at different point in my life after I worked tooth and nail for my life for over 30 years, Ricardo




Ramjet Pitala

says (12:05 PM):



this is an abomination in my eyes that our society has allowed this to happen right before their eyes without taking notice to the grave implication that white slavery is taking over here in this country



Ramjet Pitala

says (12:07 PM):



it is very difficult for me to keep a straight face at the moment so to speak so I am practising healthy means to quell my anger at the moment


I practise in particular “chess” moves without moving pieces


by planning carefully every move I am making well in advance



Ramjet Pitala

says (12:08 PM):



I have only played chess a few times in my life actually but after I found the story of Bobby Fischer from Feb 20 Toronto Sunday Sun


I was vaguely amused how this guy is so much similar to myself haha



Ramjet Pitala

says (12:09 PM):



with regards to this paragraph in the excellent story – full page spread too


anyway, in the paragraph states


ricardo says (12:09 PM):


Tke it easy you are fast as fuck on the keyboard i bearly can keep up reading!



Ramjet Pitala says (12:10 PM):

“Fischer forfeited the first couple of games — then rebounded to annihilate Spassky — whose eccentricity was being the essence of decency and showing gentlemanly behaviour. He became a true friend and admirer of Fisher (even though their respective home countries were at war with each other & had completely different viewpoints)


k i will shut up now haha




18 Jun
This is a fine example of someone who refuses to leave another alone, even after you have made it clear to them you are not interested in them but have gone out of your way to be cordial & diplomatic with them enough to teach them a thing or two about the things they have been complaining about. They are persisting on more or less “cajoling” me & I hope this is the correct word for what I am trying to get at here. A few nights ago, while I was studying a very important topic and also a difficult one to absorb and I clearly posted on Facebook that I was busy studying for the next hour & a half or so, what do you think this married guy did? He, at precisely 8:20, when he noticed that I had an update in Windows Live Spaces, or on Facebook, I presume, proceeded to message me & call me sexy or something of that nature, at which time I told him I was studying and busy, I believe, but either way, I have saved all of our conversations with each other, or most of them, anyway, since the time I first met him.
Some people are just assholes (simply put) so don't give 'em any ifs, ands or butts

Some people are just assholes (simply put) so don't give 'em any ifs, ands or butts

Last night he did this to me again, by right off the bat, by butting in & saying “Hi gorgeous”, to which I replied “fuck off”, and he then added “sorry”, to which I did not reply up until today, in full view of the public & my friends:
                                  Edith Carolyn Kuechen
Stop calling me names like sexy & gorgeous off the bat when you can clearly see that I have problems and lead a busy life. I think you are nothing but a spoiled rotten child & if you do not stop this shit, I will delete you from my group of friends


There's a BIG difference between a hungry baby & being eaten alive for dinner

There's a BIG difference between a hungry baby & being eaten alive for dinner


(NOTE: the note I left him is at!/profile.php?id=100000097420045)

The Fine Art of COFFEE CLUTCHING (Intro Level)

15 Jun

When you sign into Windows Live Messenger as Available & you see others there in succession beginning from the top of the Faves & working your way down to the ones who are Available, Away & Busy, on Mobile devices, and the rest of them, including what is being stated in the caption lines, for these are OPENING LINES to incite other people to think & comment, are they not?


Get with the program, bird!

Get with the program, bird!

Also, I like the SHOT GUN, something I invited that I have a bit of fun with. This is when I first enter my password into the Messenger sign in & I’m watching the green & blue men spinning for about a minute or so, depending on how busy things are online with messages coming thru & such (for we must all take these things into consideration as they are all a BIG part of the picture people seem to wish to neglect to see for what it really is thru impatience & greed alone), so when the list finally pops up, usually the people who are online right off the bat will pop up in little square of individuals in front of you, to alert you they are there, but this only happens for a couple of seconds at the most, so I sit and wait like a lion in the bushes ready to pounce with a pencil and paper at hand to jot them all down on it, so that I can form a little COFFEE CLUTCH group, so to speak, of people that can perhaps get together right off the bat and discuss similar interests or issues they’ve noticed have arised in their community or home lives, for instance. They can also discuss things they are doing, like hobbies, school, or work, or even business endeavours and often, if it is agreed upon, private matters or troubling things that might be playing on their minds, and by playing it out online together, they often become resolved so that everything can move on in a peaceful fashion at ease with themselves and the rest of the world, including people they might not be able to withstand, for this is all a part of life, whether we like it or not, day in & day out.


In general, what I am trying to say here is that these habitual practices most people get into the habit of through generations & generations (from my experience & education in these important daily priorities, in my opinion) have somehow lost their meaning over time, and I find in this day & age, because of all the foreign mingling, lack of education and street-smarts and basic coping & survival skills that have not been taught by our parents are causing this to happen, and in the aftermath of it all, this can cause a tsunami of a wave of turmoil in the minds of those who do not deserve to hear & feel the pain of selfish people who cannot wake up & rub the sleep out of their eyes enough to see they are fighting with the wrong people sometimes. So please wake up & smell the coffee beans, as well as pick a rose or 2 in the morning and stop to smell them before you do anything, and if you’re still feeling grumpy, and wanna try & get dumpy on the wrong guys, I suggest you take a quick trip to the loo, as well, or you might just end up like this guy here who seems to be left out in the cold, for some reason.


Intelligent robot in the line of fire by out-of-sorts person getting out of line with the wrong people being helped by a trusty sidekick

Intelligent robot in the line of fire by out-of-sorts person getting out of line with the wrong people being helped by a trusty sidekick

Enough said!


Happy day to all & don’t forget to SMILE*


*even if you don’t mean it sometimes 🙂



STONE-COLD CRETINS beating bumblers all to hell

30 May

Example A :

This entity says “hi” repeatedly,

beginning  at 12:38 AM a couple of days ago

while my STATUS is showing as BUSY, as follows:














jasi says (2:50 AM):



















I was slightly distracted & unnerved, to say the least!

A BULLY BABY who does not even give 1 a chance to greet their honey let alone take off their cat & shoes
who does not even give 1 a chance
to greet their honey let alone take off their coat & shoes!

To this type of situation, I would show ignorance,

meaning no reply or acknowledgment whatsoever,

because the person did not ask me a question, simply put. 

Cracking out with The Hammer, 2 of the oldest tools in history
Cracking out with The Hammer,
2 of the oldest tools in history


 Example B (from a couple of hours after Example A):

Messages you enter here are delivered to a mobile phone or pager. Your contact may be charged for this service.

…جفااف الورد… says (2:54 AM):



This entity, who I haven’t even spoken to at all and just accepted into my circle after they invited themselves into it just a little while ago, is using their cell phone (which means they are most likely on the road or walking somewhere outside or at a friend’s or family’s place), but either way, they were rude in interrupting me while my status was showing as BUSY and they used a language I do not understand & need to look up in a translator (because that is just the type of person that I am, which is INQUISITIVE & wanting to get behind the answers & meanings to things, which most people should be doing as a consistent daily practice in everything they participate in, in my opinion.


Example C:

This entity began to message me “again” while I had my STATUS was still showing BUSY (and had been for the whole time);
jasi p
jasi p says:
me add skype
me add skype
(F) in all, it is “this” that which makes me really seethe in anger… “sometimes”, and I say this because I have had plenty of experience with this outlandish behaviour coming from adults mainly, from being a customer service rep most of my life and having to multi-task at lightning-quick speeds because the daily duties had to be accomplished within the alotted time-frame most people work in a day, which is 8 hours, with a half-hour or 1-hour lunch and a couple of 10-15 minute breaks.



NOTE: in his caption line he is showing the same type of mumbo-jumbo I can’t understand and he’s using a cry-baby emo face, which in my eyes is a sure sign of trouble, folks!

Full thumby sucky-babe dummy... or should I be saying him a dumby (in this case)?
Full thumby sucky-babe dummy…
or should I be saying this kiddo’s a dumby (in this case)?

Example D:

My Staples’ desktop Part # is 13, so it ain’t bad luck I thought… at first!

After using that & my steel futon for less than a year after purchasing them brand new

then rushing home to put them together, only to bump into my bro, who at that time,

was still on speaking terms with me, and asked if he could help me put the things together

while he was drinking beer (and I was too, of course),

and the side of my furniture that fell apart was the one he was supposed to have tightened

with the Alan-key (no pun intended here) that I had provided to him.

Enough said, folks… for now, because I have volumes full of exhibits of dumb-assed behaviour that can cut into just about anyone’s time plus cost them a lot of extra money they cannot afford, including that of employees, their employers, homemakers working from their own offices, and even your average everyday couple, for instance when their inlaws are steady dropping by unexpectedly (hee hee hee). What else can I say here but people are just stone-cold ignorant, in general, if you take a good look at the stats I have been collecting for several years now.

Mal enfant blowing off steam because slowpokes keep gettin' in the way while sheez handling the sausage-meat
Mal enfant blowing off steam
because slowpokes keep gettin’ in the way while
sheez handling the sausage-meat
*what I would like to give to the people who do these stupid things I have been outlining “just” to demonstrate in so many words how harried our lives ‘can & do’ become (which in fact “we simply CANnot DO because it all gets blown to the wind & shot straight into the pisscan (excuse my French), when we find ourselves having or trying to be forced by these individuals (which they most certainly are, because I am showing from my surveys in statistics & the common patterns of  human-sheep, or so I like to refer to them as), to be involved with them when we never actually asked them to become a part of our lives in the first place when they invited themselves into it right off the bat.

P.S. Before I cut this long-winded blog short (just like I do with these idiots by not even giving them a chance to get any further ahead (which I am fairly certain they are not… not in this life, anyway) I would just like to mention how us hard-working nose-in-the-books kinda slave labourers operate and the emotions we have to succumb ourselves to and mask as best we can possibly do from the outside world, regardless of how awful they are making us feel, because it “just” ain’t right to treat them poorly now, is it? And especially when they are supposed to be treated as our equals. To sum it all up for yooz howdy-doody kinda thumb-twiddlin’ underevolved & never-involved-in-very-much nitpickers, grumps, gossipy goils & gargoyles of evolution, there has been a symbol or two missing from the total equation, but that is only my opinion, of course, so “just” stuff it all in your hat with a grain of salt for the time-being, and as time allows you, you “can do” what you will with it, but don’t come running back to Big Mama EMM (or perhaps she is a wee bit on the thin-side from being eaten alive by sharks), ’cause all she has taken upon herself that she really “can do” is look in the opposite direction and walk away, yet still keep an eye behind her back plus one in every direction at the same time. Yep, I really “can do” that while 😀

Chris “Angel”, Where Are You When I Need You?

14 May


What magically appeared flat damn in the middle of my desk today, AFTER I finished busily making the rounds, preparing coffee grounds, avoiding being ground into meat, and cleaning house this morning, shortly after I awoke:

Rocks, Sand and Reality…

A philosophy professor stood before his class and had some items in front of him. When class began, wordlessly he picked up a large empty mayonnaise jar and proceeded to fill it with rocks, rocks about 2″ in diameter. He then asked the students if the jar was full. They agreed that it was.

So, the professor then picked up a box of pebbles and poured them into the jar. He shook the jar lightly. The pebbles, of course, rolled into the open areas between the rocks. He then asked the students again if the jar was full. They agreed it was.

The students laughed. The professor picked up a box of sand and poured it into the jar. Of course, the sand filled up everything else. “Now”, said the professor, “I want you to recognize that this is your life. The rocks are the important things – your family, your partner, your health, your children – anything that is so important to you that if it were lost, you would be nearly destroyed”.

The pebbles are the other things that matter – like your job, your house & your car. The sand is everything else, the “small stuff”. If you put the sand into the jar first, there is no room for the pebbles or the rocks. The same goes for your LIFE. If you spend all your energy and time on the small stuff, you will never have room for the things that are important to you. Pay attention to the things that are critical to your happiness. Play with your children. Take time to get medical check-ups. Take your partner out dancing. There will always be time to go to work, clean the house, give a dinner party and fix the disposal.

The rocks in YOUR LIFE, they're nothing but RIPPLES
The rocks in YOUR LIFE, they’re nothing but RIPPLES

Take care of the rocks first – the things that really matter.

Set your priorities. The rest is just “sand”.