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18 Jan

I have taken quite an interest in playing around with different colours lately, simply because it brightens up my day, just like children will do when filling in the black outlined colouring book pages with what they might think works best for them in the way a combination of colours mixed nicely together on a palette an artist might utilize to create upon a whim a work of great interest in itself when it can often be both admired & studied at length for many a long year as many people will do when frequenting a museum or library of any type that is available to any & all.

During the past decade alone, I have been noticing an ever growing number of people who seem to be experiencing what many call the Winter Blues, and mainly because they are struggling to hold down jobs at this tricky time of year in which many work outdoors as a chosen career and they often feel out of sorts when trying to find a way to make ends meets for their needy families.

I have been experimenting with a lots of pastel shades lately, even though they are normally used by most during the Spring, which I have been noticing has been taking a heck of a long time in coming about for us where I live in our part of the world, as opposed to the way in which I used to be able to sit outside in the grass playing around in the dirt looking for bugs and picking a flower or two, or even go swimming upon a whim in a natural quarry, in the middle of March, believe it or not, but those days are now long gone.

The Windows Live Messen assortment of hues works great for me with respect to me being able to utilize them in creating new shades for not only the added appeal to my own eye but also for incorporating into my own business schemes I have on the go. I really like the Twilight default shade for it is a softer hue of what I would name Periwinkle which is a combo of blue & purple, but that be only my own opinion alone (haha).

Button Pushing Winter Array

Button Pushing Winter Array

When I was a little kid, my fave Crayola was the vermillion and I especially love to experiment with the oil pastels they offer which are manufactured in Korea and are very cheap in Canada (approx $5.00 for a package of around a dozen or so), and I really love the brilliance of the blood orange hue in itself for Mel & Anthony themselves tagteamed in an effort to butt in the way of mentoring me in this regard alone, along with the terracotta earthy warm shades I have been toning down with the feature that is offered as a leading cutting edge in Messen.

I suggest a lighter & softened in the way it does not glare back at you kinda pastel palette if you ever feel down & out on any given day and think about giving Winter the Jon and allow them to take their course simply by doing what you will with them at your own whim to brighten your gloomy day for this be the real Bounty with regard to button pushing, after all that be said & done, no doubt.



17 Jan

I awoke at around 7:30 a.m. yesterday, after sleeping quite soundly, as I most normally would do, enjoying the silence prior to that after the installation of the new intersection’s lights kitty corner to the North of me just recently, for the very 1st time since I have lived here since the early 70’s and have been visiting this home since the day that I was born to my parents,  who both lived here at the time in the home my grandmother was operating as a homeowner of this humble abode that was not new to it, meaning that other people owned it before her, dating back to only God knows when, for I sIMPlie have not bothered to delve into that aspect ALONE meaning I really don’t give a damn because it is only 4 walls as far as I’m concerned, in all REALITY.

But getting to what I really want to express a liking to today is how I was suddenly startled awake this morning after the dead stillness out there in during a somewhat busy time of the morning in general for most people who are up and about carrying on activities like getting their children ready for school along with their own selves in getting ready for work or preparing lunches and outfits for their dearly loved family members. I was very disturbed by the idea alone that I heard some idiots aka morons aka cretins (same thingyMAjigPIG) actually jumpin’ the gunny at full steam ahead, guns a’blazing and I am quite tickarOOed by this in itself for not only have they been taking out their frustrations after the weekend out on innocent bystanders ALONE but they are also cutting in & out along the edges of the lanes and often so closely that any pedestrian a little too close to the edge of the walks & even where the newest edges jutting out that stoop down for wheelchair access that were put there for the reason to assist us all have actually become A DEATH TRAP. How I have assumed this merely upon only a few second or two glimpses from taking a quick walk outside &/or perking an ear or two around is “only YOUR GUESS” ALONE.

LOVE will grow & multiply when you give it your ALL

LOVE will grow & multiply when you give it your ALL

Now, on a brighter note, but along the same lines of cutting into a day unnecessarily in an angst or through SHELL SHOCK ALONE in order to make due on following through as a team effort to eliminate simple every day frustrations every-day kinds of people often feel yet are unable to pinpoint and remedy by themselves until someone else as an outsider can actually voice it for them would be a great concept in itself, for example, how I noticed upon arrival at my stoop that very same day the see-thru pink bagged local newspaper The Hamilton Spectator with its great new layout & topic spread that really caught my eye indeed before finally falling asleep like a little baby while coddling li’l wee Christopher Lee, the baBE in my womb belonging to both Blair Ashbaugh and I after reading the outside of the PINK PACKAGE “alone” of The Sign of Four where it shows the guy in the white-squared leggings looKING @ THE BEHIND OF THE LADY GIVING IT TO THE FELLOW ON THE RIGHT be a dead give-away indeed with regards to being envied when the local hardworking sluggers carrying the mitten for the papier rollies are not so burdened down altogether ALONE in their every-day drudgery dragging their butts around having to deliver so much confusion packaged into one that not even a person like me who is a zippity doodidah writer & reader could not even finish alone in one day in a wonderful step in the right direction in an effort to eliminate these go-getters from tromping on anyone else’s toes at the end of their shift after lugging baggage & old news behind.

Patted Down Sonic Hedgehogs

Patted Down Sonic Hedgehogs