POW… to The Moon

15 Aug

Of course! Now I finally get it, now that I see all the photos I have selected from my numerous photo albums and have stuck to the wall before me like a detective might do when they feel compelled to solve a mystery or a riddle of some sort.

It all began during a vacation in Haliburton, I believe, when I took a canoe ride on a lake where I believe the film aka movie Meatballs was once filmed, and you can clearly see a rounded white pyramid shape on the tip of my canoe made by the point of its stern at the bottom of the photograph I am looking at. This particular photo was taken the day before (Aug 31, 1985) the shot I took of the full moon the following evening there on September 1, 1985, when my world was neVer to be the same for me again…

On September 7th, 1985, I visited my friend Robin Jewell at his 36th floor apartment in the 2nd highest building in Hamilton named the Olympia, and he asked me to stand with my back against his balcony so he could take a picture of me with my camera & I obliged, even though I was deathly afraid of heights (my one & only fear I have now mostly mastered & overcome by willpower alone). I posed for him by making a PEACE sign with my right index finger and middle finger spread apart to show a V and immediately thereafter the photo he took with my camera shows opaque white windows that appeared on my photo and it is very weird how Mr. Blair Howard Ashbaugh more or less picked me up out of the muck exactly 18 years later on September 1st, 2003, to wine and dine me with homemade elephant ears he made out of pizza dough and thick juicy porkchops from the Dutch butcher in Vanessa, after which we consumated our 40 year friendship with each other by having sex for the very 1st time on September 7th, 2003, exactly 18 years after I made that PEACE sign… after which we both woke up giggling like no tomorrow, almost as if we had been doing this sort of thing for ages and like it was OLD HAT & SECOND NATURE, LIKE SECOND TO NONE, seriously!

PEACE... there is not other description for it

PEACE... there is no other description for it

Note: There is also the one photo I took of the ceiling of a cathedral or a church in Spain that clearly portrays opposing triangles on its ceiling that contain pictures that appear to be saints in them and it a very awesome picture indeed for it almost seems to glow in its alabaster hued brilliance and what strikes my eye the most about this photo is how at the bottom right corner where the date & time of the photo should be showing in red digital letters, there is only a 11 33 which I find to be an oddity in itself, then when I glance back at the photo I see there is a lady that resembles a Madonna with her head bowing down to the left encased in an ochre hued frame that stands right out & shines above the rest of the framed people on the ceiling, and directly below her there is what appears to be a cute little cherub of a boy.


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