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26 Apr


Robert Smith of The Cure had it down-pat when he sang in the song, How Beautiful You Are, about the reason why a person might hate another “in a flash”, and how he understood that no one ever knows or loves another, as portrayed in his lyrical poetry by a simple walk in the park by a couple who are “in love” up until the point when the one partner proclaims, in a very despicable & ignorant fashion, their partner should keep the beggar-family away, rather than admiring & appreciating (or even seeing) the beauty in them, while they stand there before them on the path, holding hands, and  this is what I gather most common-folk would do, along with feeling an sudden onrush of  pity & a sense of sorrow for these poor people whose “togetherness” should be held in awe, for their bond should be showing to us how a team operates, whether they are poor or rich, and in essence, we should be regarding them as equal in our eyes to any other family we might be bumping into at any given moment in the path of our lives.

Another song of The Cure’s, in which Robert is the lead-singer & also the writer of the lyrics to it (I believe), which in my opinion, are much, much more than just lyrics to a song that might be sung, and are really the epitomy of poetry that describes both the evil & good that is found in human nature.

I believe this sudden shock therapy to be the#2 warning signal of Non-Love & the most poisonous, in my opinion, next to a partner not making any effort to place a picture of their sidekick anywhere within their midst where anyone can see, admire & comment on it, which I see is the trend of most loving couples I have noticed over the course of my life so far, whether it be on their desks at work, or simply in a collection of family pictures arranged on a wall at any time throughout the term of a relationship they spend the majority of their time together in. The lack of love speaks a strong message in itself, no doubt about that, in little signals, often subliminal, just like the kinds you might come across at an intersection or a crosswalk while waiting to proceed.

If you ever find yourself in the position in which I’ve been describing to you, when one might hear the sound of a whistle shrieking into their ear, think to yourself, right off the bat, usually this type of sound ringing loud & clear in one’s noggin is probably associated with the start of a race we should be jumping right into, n’est pas/isn’t that right? So, the bottom line of what I’m getting at here is that one had better make a run for it, straight off the bat, at the onslaught of that sudden flash of thought-lightning that sets off “angels’ warning-sirens” , BEFORE you end up like the person Robert Smith took for THE WALK.

Take this all with a grain of salt, from the pro at going for a stroll with her dog in the park.

Fisher Königin
Fisher Königin

JOY became lackluster along the way

19 Apr

It’s really strange how some things outlast others. Take Dove, for instance; it’s still around after all these years, but JOY seems to have disappeared just like the Pledge (can) maid you used to see floating around like a breeze. When you see this from a cleaning administrator’s perspective, it can become rather tricky here ‘n’ there trying to get into the nooks & crannies that seem to have been missed somewhere along the lines of having become obsolete, as if this precious space might purposely have been neglected, even though it should be important to us & free for all. Let me shed some light on this by exposing the dust, perhaps by pulling back the 


I used to know this old scarecrow

He was my song, my joy and sorrow

Cast alone between the furrows

Of a field no longer sown by anyone

1st 2 dandelion variations of Spring Wildflowers my Berry rolled upon
1st 2 dandelion variations of Spring Wildflowers my Berry rolled upon

I held a dandelion

That said the time had come

To leave upon the wind

Not to return

When summer burned the earth again 

WTFever happened to the simple pleasures of skipping stones (Adam Sandler) no pun regarding being in a fever

WTFever happened to the simple pleasures of skipping stones (Adam Sandler) no pun regarding being in a fever

Cultivate the freshest flower

This garden ever grew

Beneath these branches

I once wrote such childish words for you 

HOPSCOTCH is not all it's chalked up to be in this day & age

HOPSCOTCH is not all it is chalked up to be in this day & age

But that’s okay

There’s treasure children always seek to find

And just like us

You must have had

A once upon a time


Songwriters, Elton John & Bernie Taupin

Songwriters, Elton John & Bernie Taupin

These are people who composed the song  about how

JOY became lackluckster along the way…





18 Apr

Thank-you for taking the time to write to me in various languages, often misunderstood, my friends.

While many of us that I’ve been meeting in the net

who spend a lot of time here, are in some type of turmoil & discomfort, to boot
(if we only could, IF WE ONLY COULD…)
for the time-being, we have each other to help ease our woes

for we are all in the same boat,
most of us here in this circle,
by having been involved in some type of injury that has incapacitated us,
or have been befallen by other pretty hefty disasters,
or even just being born with certain diseases that other people cannot understand until you really get to know them,
like the “drowsy” disease that my good friend Clark Kent* has, for instance,
and also the “shunned” ones of us (myself included) for being oddballs (to put it mildly)
or for feeling free to exercise our freedom of choice over our sexual preferences,
plus there are a lot of single parents & children needing attention here,
including the ever-increasing amount of teenagers who need guidance and a little bit of extra attention,
and lest we forget the elderly who are neglected as well.
The ones that are also being added now are the people who are bashed just for the names they carry
(believe it or not, for instance “gundogdo” which is common Turkish),
and of course,
the ones who choose to express themselves quite artistically & controversially through their artwork endeavours,
ultimately provoking negative reactions that were not meant to influence the narrow-minded.
Either way, I am glad you’re my friend & you are all very special to me, and I will always be there for you in any way
so what are you waiting for, let’s kick some MAJOR(ESS) ARSS,

big time! Karate Girl Kick

Karate Boy KickPS  Have ya noticed how the boy is a little smaller than the girl? That is a rhetorical Q.




May The Best Bird For The Job Put Their Best Webbed Foot Forward

18 Apr

RE: Aussie Ian aka Nai aka Elton Fay aka Emu
(WTFever eyes-rolling smiley)

This bird finally caught up with you, bird!
I guess Emu’s pick up the pace faster
than those old worn out bones of the Phoenix, huh?
I hope both of our charred remains
in all respects
have been washed clean
& laid adrift into the waters flowing under the bridge.
You’ve created a very lovely site here, Ian,
OLD friend, as in dear (in this case)
& right off the bat (not the vampire, either in this case)
I must admit that my 1st initial hunch about you
was correct when we 1st hooked up in the net.
Take it eezy & lay off of the sleazy stuff
because you were driving me totally nutz, old boy!