FLASHY STUFF flashing its stuff around

19 Dec


First things first, right off the bat, I’d like to extend my thanks to a long-term friend for really thinking of me when she picked out 1 of my top favorites… the red hibiscus, that she emailed to me yesterday. I am very happy to have caring friends like her. As for my profiles, I only have this one & my other one at Cinderella Story B-Side. I only started that latter one on a whim from an idea that Stephen King had years & years ago when he published some of his stuff under a pseudonym, hence my name Carolyn King but I am sure most people know already that I’m the same person, and if not, I make sure to let them know. I just wanted to have a lot more fun & more of a chance to have my say by having more than one space – for as you know about me already, I have tons to say!
During a conversation yesterday, shortly before I left the house, I told that person how I’m thru with the guy I’d been seeing (on & off) for years, for quite some time now, & why. One of the main reasons why he’s in my history books is because I’m sleeping on straw (like an animal in a barn, not that I’m complaining or anything because I never get a sore back, seriously) while he’s flashing around his bucks. Well, the day before I talked to the person I had this conversation with, I typed in a word document my angry feelings toward him & there I stated how I’m especially sick & tired of him dumping all his woes & personal business on me, ie. what kind of new car he’s getting… way-elle (or way-il),  wouldn’t you know it, right after I ended the conversation with my friend, then left my house shortly thereafter & walked over to my bank, thereafter seating myself on a bench across the street from it to wait for the bus, this dude pulls up in front of me with this Christmas-Red hued (don’t know what else to name the color, folks) fancy-shmancy sports car (pretty flashy stuff, in my opinion of course, for a guy who can’t get himself a woman), giving it a RHOOOM (revving it up like a show-off) & I just nodded my acknowledgement & smiled at him, and I really did not know who the heck it was, even though I glanced straight at his face through his open window a few feet in front of me. Then perhaps about a minute or 2 later, he pulls up behind me in the lot & asks if I want a ride & that is when I noticed that it was in fact my ex, "sans" white pick-up truck he has normally been driving & I told him (FLAT OUT) "NO" & then the bus pulled up & I got on it. This is very amusing in my eyes, because this very same guy did the exact same thing to me 30 years ago, while I was standing in front of my high school during break time & at that point in my life, I also gave him the turn-down (a nice word for dump). Now you can all see what kind of a person that I really am & how I don’t give a dirty old ratz patoodie what kind of car someone drives – all this








After witnessing this little stint, I was quite rattled for several minutes thereafter, wondering what I should do about him, because I almost got the feeling that he’s been stalking me, so I decided just to keep my phone in hand & proceed to my original destination, which was Canadian Tire, to buy a shovel, but instead, when I got offa the bus, on a whim I went straight into the Canadian Red Cross & donated $20 to disaster relief throughout the world, then I took a couple of cool shots of stuff in the vicinity, and ambled on to buy a rice-cooker, which I will talk about in my other space reserved only for Martha-Stewartish, Stepford & Sam’s-Town kinds of people (haha), along with the shovel I originally had in mind to get, which for a $1 more has a handle for a "gimp" that is easier to maneuver around than the normal ones. And by the way, I chose a pooper-scooper & a handle in the shade of forest green, to match my army green bomber jacket (just like the one I used to wear when I was in my teens). I’ll post some more pictures later of the stuff I’ve been speaking of, including some more charities I have in mind for the upcoming week, that I’m thinking of giving the last bit of my time & money to, for these are the people I feel really deserve what help I can possibly afford to give for Christmas this year.

Thanks again for your friendship, everyone, and I hope you’re all having a nice day



5 Responses to “FLASHY STUFF flashing its stuff around”

  1. Cinderella Story December 20, 2010 at 1:15 am #

    Is that what most people would refer to as a LAST-DITCH ATTEMPT no pun or dark sarcasm intended here unless you wanna see some kinda metaphorical value in it 😀

  2. Elektra Magduhlana Marie December 20, 2010 at 4:13 pm #

    While we\’re on the topic of nativity scenes, I\’m sure that Cinderella was directing her negativity at the person in the flashy red sports car 😉

  3. ♥ Bekkie December 23, 2010 at 7:42 pm #

    You don\’t mean this person? ♥ http://i675.photobucket.com/albums/vv119/Bekkiehere/Our%20Animal%20Friends/CarDrivesRock.gif LOL!

  4. Elektra Magduhlana Marie December 24, 2010 at 12:22 am #

    You already know I love red VWs & flashy chickadeezlike you, silly… it\’s the ones cruisin\’ Main St thatchia gotta watch out forhoneycakes (k)

  5. Elektra Magduhlana Marie December 24, 2010 at 12:28 am #

    :O OMG! I must be psychic or sumfin, Bekster,because I posted my previous noteBEFORE I just clicked on your gif in photobucket.Wow, eh? What a bloody old witchy pair we make!:[

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