When Approached By Marketers

16 May


“I” neglected to remember my own GOLDEN RULE today,

thereby exposing myself to what I have been wanting to avoid.

 Rather than following the steps of checking out a person first, ‘before’ I fall for their spiel

I let this individual put their foot in the door, so to speak,

and ended up having to remove them immediately

because they did not listen to me when I told them I was not interested.

They probably posted the same thing they do on all of their prospective targets…

just looking for a sale, without even getting a chance to get to know the person first,

or even striking up a diplomatic conversation with the customer or the consumer they are

trying to get them to trust in the 1st place to make the sale, if you catch my drift here.

nia_fulford124 says (1:08 AM):

hey cutie

₪ Ramjet Pitala ₪ says (1:10 AM):

Hi, is it Nia, your name? Please do not ask me to look at your photo today, because I am rather busy with a creative project in artwork, but if you would like to send me something by email, feel free to do so, okay, friend?

nia_fulford124 says (1:10 AM):

yes babe the credit card is for age verification, for me to be a premium member and give you free access they have to know your over 18 just click the yellow JOIN FREE button at the top of the page, its 100% free to join

Needless to say, I removed them immediately from my circle

without/sans giving them a second chance to parlay further…

after I laid it on the line, clear cut.

Remember the GOLDEN RULE before you get out of line...
Remember the GOLDEN RULE before you get out of line…

…because “they” are the ones who are out of line to begin with.

The bottom line with me is this ~ if you really wanna make the grade or a sale, you had better back up your beliefs in your product

otherwise you will only be fooling yourself in the longrun. But this is only my opinion, of course. Do what you will with it.

The Elektricky Blue & Neon Purple Numero-Uno Flashlight

The Elektricky Blue & Neon Purple Numero-Uno Flashlight


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