17 Mar

If you’ve ever studied the habits of birds, they are very determined in making their nest sacred to only themselves, their immediate families & their mates. By this, I mean their grounds do not really welcome passers-by. A lot of birds mate for life, and that is why I’m a “lifer” – because I am committed & determined to holding fast to my beliefs and what is most important to me as well as protect & help instill these upon not only the aggravating & pesky starlings of the world but also upon my loved ones in order to help us all to fluorish (rather than wither away without any hope at all) in the environment we have found ourselves having to function, rest & play in.

This is the reason why I am quite leery at this moment in time, because I have been sensing that there are intruders invading my grounds, as in shady real-estate birds (both male & female) who seem to feel they need to brake every once in a while by thinking to themselves, HEY! WHY NOT TAKE A BREAK & FOLLOW EDITH AROUND… from what I see in my ever-growing number of fans I have been accumulating in the Windows Live Spaces domain in the past few months, and if you ask me, it’s really getting kinda annoying for me around here & now that I think twice, I should never have posted in my education section that part of it entailed Real Estate, but that was in the 80s when I decided just to take a few courses in order to learn more about the field I decided to be employed in as a clerk & a secretary, & mostly, as a speed data-entry operator, but never a real-estate agent or broker of any type.

If you glance at my Messenger contacts, I’m sure you’d recognize a few real estate names, yet they have never told me they were involved in it. I recognize them, though, & have been pretending that I don’t just to see what exactly it is that these individuals want from me, because they never talk to me or post notes even though it was they who asked to join my circle of friends to begin with. 

I feel it is an invasion of privacy as to why they want to hang there all day just staring at me & following my movements. What do you think I should do about that? Like the expression goes, if you can’t beat ’em then join ’em? NOPE! Fo[e]gataboutit (as in, STOP treating me like a sitting duck while I am relaxing on perma-vacation, by trying to mimic alligators & eat me alive), boys! Go back home to your mamas before you trip over your tails in my hood. That means there are too many people in real estate right now who do not have willpower to actually make a living but use it as a disguise to f*ck the dog, so to speak.

I have a fave song that is most fitting for today & it reminds me so much of what I’ve been hearing & seeing around me lately: (I Saw) The Sign ~ Ace of Base. Hah! Real estate agents in diapers – what a lark; little do they know I am almost 50 years of age & have worked since the age of 16 in real estate fields, mainly.

Thanks for allowing me the opportunity to voice my frustrations today, in my own domains, of course (and don’t you ever forget it, people).

Now that I have amalgated & edited my original 3 notes here (that I originally posted on one of my best friends’ domains – the very same friend of mine who borrowed my real estate textbooks back in the 80s in order to further her career), several of the wet-behind-the-ears young-uns I suspect have been tailing me recently took off in a flash – both on Windows Live Messenger & also around the front of my home. Go figure! 😉 

To conclude what I’m getting at here, try going out & making some bread first before you try & feed it to the birds; GO-GETTERS are the real pros, and the only real ones to be found, in my opinion, are the ones who get up each & every day, no questions asked, and give it the almighty best they have to give with a smile on their face (that shows honesty, not a sneer that conceals nothing but greed) while going for the gusto & expressing a deep enthusiasm and commitment to their trade. Any others who pass themselves off as such are phonies & fakes.


2 Responses to “NESTING”

  1. johnrailtime March 18, 2011 at 12:34 am #

    there are collectors….

  2. thelightningphoenix March 18, 2011 at 11:38 pm #

    Yes, John. That is all I really had to say…
    and all in 3 simple words 😉

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