Vanilla Crescents

21 Feb


This is a recipe (handwritten by my Austrian grandmother) for one of the most delicate, melt-in-your-mouth, heavenly cookies you will ever find on the face of the planet.

Omi's Vanilla Kipferl Rezept

Omi's Vanilla Kipferl Rezept

When I found this not too long ago, pressed into one of my recipe books, I became very excited, because these treats are one of my all-time faves… and also my friends’ (now) as well.

Way back when I was a little kid, we used to grind the walnuts, after cracking them out of their shells, thru a very old-fashioned heavy-duty grinder, and roll the dough out on fine old cloths – which are still my preferred choice of working material (no pun intended).

The secret to perfect crescents is using a brand new non-stick baking pan & also a good tool to gently lift the cookies before cooling ON THE PAN & then gently folding the vanilla sugar & icing sugar mixture over them without breaking them. It is quite an art, & requires swift yet delicate strokes. People who don’t possess the knack or patience for making horseshoe types of shapes often just opt to making round thimble sizes or finger lengths with them, as shown in this example of these cute buttons made by a baker in our local market… but they don’t seem to come close in taste to my grandmother’s or mine, for that matter, now that I’ve developed the expertise to make them perfectly – and how I know this is by the way that everyone gobbles plates & plates of them up, without even thinking to save any or how many dozen they’ve consumed! They are truly addictive.

Similar market-purchased cookies
Similar market-purchased cookies
At the bottom of the cookie recipe above is
the ingredients for an excellent cake & the secret to a moist cake is beating the mixture for a long time.
Happy baking, everyone! Don’t forget to hide a few plates of them somewhere (hahaha).

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  1. johnrailtime February 21, 2011 at 10:41 pm #

    hang on…. I’m on me way….. drool wiped clean… coffee cup in hand….. out the door I go to yer house…. yummy

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