R.I.P. Jack LaLanne

24 Jan

As I was sitting around reminiscing about in Lah-Lah Land today, while wondering why I’m not seeing enough stories & news articles about physical fitness but rather multitudes of ads including slogans pointing more toward the easy-way out in losing weight without any actual physical implementation of exertion other than to pop pill-forms of diet & muscle-building substances, including fast-food types of both diet & energy inducing bars & liquids, for example the latest fad in busting fat – the Acai-berry diet capsules, I was moving around anyway, little by little, in increments, letting my aches & pains take a breather from the weekend’s work-at-play/play-at-work endeavours & boy-toyz I like to delve into every now & again, like learning how to shoot & maintain these really cool beebee rifles called Daisies (yet another blog in the werks & to follow) to improve not only the flappy condition of my semi-lifeless computer-sprout arms but also with an effort to diversify my hobbies, interests & pursuits in crossing off as many items on my bucket list within the shortest period of time that is possible for me to do, blah blah blah… when my friend suddenly brought to my attention how Jack LaLanne passed on, fit at the age of 96.


Busting the myth

Busting the myth


No sooner did I hear this, when I immediately snapped outta my dream world & carefully listened to what they had to say about the self-proclaimed Godfather Of Fitness, who apparently had the longest-running exercise show on TV & is the inventor of the most famous juicer.

Giving masculinity some muscle

Giving masculinity some muscle

This most positively influential man of stature in our history, who at one earlier point of his fame was warned he’d give people heart attacks, not only passed on his physical fitness & healthy-lifestyle tips for a great majority of the past century to both young & old alike, charismatic Jack LaLanne was a feisty developer of fame alone just by his display of enthusiasm along with being an enthusiast of his self-invented juice bar, enlightening while entertaining people of all races, creed & colour, flamboyantly standing out within an era wherein alcohol was the adult’s choice beverage of the time for lightening up drabby gatherings of individuals, never mind motivating the flabby.


Red Skelton is milking it for all it's worth

Red Skelton is milking it for all it's worth



One Response to “R.I.P. Jack LaLanne”

  1. johnrailtime January 25, 2011 at 2:14 am #

    he swan across the bay to Alcatraz Island with a row boat in tow, rope held by his teeth.

    Now where is me walking stick and Red Ryder.

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