PLAYTHINGS kept under wrap

24 Jan
A timeless artifact

A timeless artifact

It’s strange how a small object can appear out of nowhere, or so it seems, & when we take a glance at it after not seeing it for a very long time, all the memories & stories behind it all seem to come flowing out, almost like they’re in a song. I can now smell the original aroma of this perfume just by thinking about it & now that I recall, I once had this very same brand decades ago.

As young children, I think we all tried to copy our elders at one point or another, while trying to keep it under wraps from anyone. One of the most embarrassing moments I recall was when my mother found the toenail scissors & long locks I cut from my sides with them so I could make sideburns like the funky go-go gals I saw on the Laugh-In show, yet she never noticed that I even had them around my face for some time already. Go figure!

Cashing in on a bad hair day

Cashing in on a bad hair day

Now that I’ve had a chance to reflect further upon oddities, there was once a bright & sunny day I appeared out of nowhere to help vacuum a friend of mine’s home, and just as I finished the main floor & proceeded to move on to the upper floor, a dark shadow resembling that of a human form seemed to appear out of nowhere & crossed my path on the landing. I was all alone in the house at the time this happened & could not find a logical explanation for it after checking out the angles of light in the house. So, I stopped what I was doing & decided to go back down to the main floor, prepare myself a cup of black tea & collect my thoughts while watching the leaves steep, but before I even made it into the kitchen, I almost stepped flat in the middle of a neat little pile of debris at the bottom of the stairs that included dirt, leaves, twigs & a flattened copper penny – sorta like the kind one might end up with after placing it on a railroad track. Well, I knew there was a penny just like this one hidden in the house somewhere by the owner, so I ran to see if it was still where they had put it & it was. So, where the heck did this penny come from & why was it sitting amidst a pile of debris in a spot that I had just vacuumed thoroughly? The only other explanation I can think of is that I made a friend that day & perhaps it was a ghost or a spirit of some kind who admired my own spirit & determination, while also having a mischievous side to them as well. All in all, I must say that it found its match in me that day & brought along some amusement to humour as well as test me out on an otherwise seemingly doldrummy kinda day.

Perhaps some day again I might find another time capsule of some sort like the ones I’ve been speaking of here – maybe in the ceiling tiles or behind a drawer somewhere – and it will tell me another little tale of what a young child may have been playing at.

Hiding imperfections can be a breeze

Hiding imperfections can be a breeze


One Response to “PLAYTHINGS kept under wrap”

  1. rannycalderon January 25, 2011 at 8:53 pm #

    Sometimes weird things happens with no explanationds at all, specially things you never expect to happen at all. xx~connie

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