Help My Friends & I To STAMP OUT BULLIES

20 Jan


I just opened a friend’s message from the other day & I am f*cking shocked, to say the least here, because I found out that another child took her own life because of being bullied (& God, please help to put their poor soul to rest). 

I AM AN ALL-OUT SUPPORTER AGAINST ALL TYPES OF BULLYING, believe me, for as I’m sure you probably already know about me (if you’ve read any of my blogs &/or heard anyone’s idle chatter or gossip about me in the past) I have been a victim of this type of abuse for a long while now & it’s taken me a helluva long time to recover from it & finally come back out of my shell. I was explaining to a good friend of mine last night how being the recipient of emotional abuse is far worse than being physically abused because of its lasting scars & the way it can take away your self-esteem & confidence.

One of my ongoing hobbies is reading as much as I can about this up-&-coming syndrome that seems to be festering amongst the younger generation in particular, and I feel that it’s high time those concerned individuals in my circle all group together to stamp out bullies altogether & put an end to them for good, for there is great strength in numbers, I have learned. Not only that, I find it appalling when I look at the statistics on the rise of people who felt no other alternative but to commit suicide & ultimately become just another number. Either way, I have taught myself (especially within the last year) on how to overcome these negative feelings, along with the destruction & damage they cause, just by keeping my chin up & my head held high, while knowing deep down inside that I stand for something & that I was put on the face of the Earth for a good reason, and I am very optimistic that some day I can help teach (those who really need it) the basic social life skills that really make a difference in people’s lives.


Remember, we're only HUMAN

Remember, we're only HUMAN




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