Getting Into The Spirit of Things

19 Jan
Houdini séance

Houdini séance

When I was just a little kid, I read a paperback regarding unexplainable phenomena & there was a chapter in there which dealt with mysterious disappearances. It described a séance that took place which involved Sir Arthur Conan Doyle & its sole purpose was to try to communicate with the missing passengers of a plane. From what I remember, it described the séance member(s) actually communicating with the people who had mysteriously disappeared & what stands out most vividly in my mind from having read this around 4 decades ago is the fact that the missing persons informed the séance participant that “they are not allowed to communicate with the people on Earth & that this is only an exception, that they are now some type of spirits floating around without a body like we have & that they do not have the ability to eat or drink as we do, yet they are at peace with themselves & each other”.

After having read this, I was no longer afraid of dying. On the other hand, I was once approached by a person suffering from some type of manic depression who told me they wanted to commit suicide, to which I replied, “Why would you want to kill yourself for? Don’t you know that when you’re dead you’ll never be able to eat to your heart’s content or even be able to enjoy your favourite beer?”

The sky's the limit
The sky’s the limit


Setting mind's eye
Setting mind’s eye

Now, I don’t want to be morbid or show any disrespect toward this person or their family, but truth be told, they ended up doing themselves in anyway & I vowed to myself thereafter to visit their grave every year on their birthday & pour a tall-can of their favourite brew over their resting spot just to give them a taste of what they’ve been missing, even though I already knew they wouldn’t be able to taste what this good life had offered them to begin with when, in my opinion, they selfishly threw it all away.

Keeping my spirits up

Keeping my spirits up


“sans teeth, sans eyes, sans taste, sans everything”

~ William Shakespeare





2 Responses to “Getting Into The Spirit of Things”

  1. shadowcass January 20, 2011 at 1:03 am #

    Now that raises an interesting question. One assumes that, because spirits have no physical body, they cannot eat or drink or enjoy any of the other “physical” things.
    Yet, when they walk—people hear footsteps. Yet they have no feet.
    When they speak people have heard their voices. Yet they have no mouths or vocal chords. Their voices have also been recorded with various devices.
    They have been photographed though they have no bodies.
    They have been known to move objects without hands
    Maybe they can eat and drink as well…who can say?

  2. thelightningphoenix January 25, 2011 at 3:19 am #

    Thank-you, Cassie, for raising this question
    that I’ve been tossing around in my mind
    regarding the queer habits of spirits
    (and no, not the alcoholic beverages one might drink, folks),
    for I too have thought about leaving them some milk & cookies
    for a dead-time snack
    even though I believe they’ve moved items around
    & snatched up articles of mine
    like an Italian silver chain I placed next to my bedside one night
    with a locket hanging from it, only to find the locket still intact
    “sans” necklace… hmm 😦

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