A simple WORLD simplified

12 Dec
 Hello, there! I missed you a lot. I have been thinking a lot about all of us in this country, how no one has an IDENTITY anywhere, & how miserable some are. How are you celebrating Christmas? If you’re lonely, I will cheer you up because I’m alone, too, but I like it. You can play with so many things & make stuff – YIPPEE! I am working on charitable things. I took photos of all the charitable events I have participated in and what I think is most important this month instead of focussing on people who hate each other buying each other presents they can’t afford . I do that instead of feeling sorry for myself, because I’m a FIGHTER & that has absolutely nothing to do with hating anything, by the way. I was going to write many blogs but they can wait until I make things right by cleaning up my space & freeing it of people that never belonged there to begin with. Simply said, they don’t deserve the recognition, because I am into commemorating people. It takes finely honed skills to prepare yourself for battles of any kind in this life, and they are developed, along with the battle scars from being heroic therefore this makes me feel even stronger, because that’s what I am & will always be – a HERO, and an inspiration to all, I hope. This is what keeps me going, too, if you haven’t noticed this already about me. If you can develop a way to psyche yourself into thinking you’re strong, whether it be through taking up hobbies or role-playing, you have achieved a very simple feat in my eyes. Same goes with tuning out unpleasant people; this becomes a skill developed over a long period of time, & that is why I think it’s important that I talk about this right now to a lot of people who may be having similar troubles. I know I often talk too much – I have a helluva lot to say, don’t you see? I love playing word games & solving riddles. It’s just the Nancy Drew in me, I suppose.
If you’re wondering why I’m up at any given moment of the day & can stay up for long stretches of time, it’s because I have gusto, and if you don’t know what that means, in my aspect it’s all about being afraid to waste 1 moment in time when I could be making the best use of energy & my precious fingers, for who knows when I could ever lose all feeling. Even though I’m permanently damaged from injuries, I was the way I am long before this ever happened to me. I’m a go-getter – an artiste – an individual! This is the way I CHOOSE TO BE – and there is nothing wrong with that. Take, for instance, my breakfast this morning. It consists of a Jamaican patty, all because that is what I felt like eating, and with Catalina salad dressing on the side, to boot! If I feel like sleeping, I do. If I don’t, I don’t.  If you recall me telling you about how much I’ve always loved Mel Gibson (and it could just be all about his ‘manliness’ & that Road Warrior image he originally projected), where it relates to me being seen in the sense of a hostage to some out there, you’ve got it all wrong. Mel Gibson’s role in the film, The Hostage, should be seen, by the way, but I’m straying a little offa the topic… but you already know how my mind can stray where it concerns certain hunky men in my life. If you, by chance, are feeling like a hostage, don’t! IN THIS COUNTRY where I was born & where I live WE DO BY CHOICE what we want to do. I feel sad for people who don’t have their own choices to make around the globe, but hopefully some day things will change for them if they persevere & have faith, plus stay away from negative people. If they can do that, I’m sure they’ll be fine.
Another way to calm your blues if you’re having any is just light up a SMILE. Don’t be sad about other people. Be happy that you have things going for yourself. Truly enjoy yourself & your tastes. Have a sense of humour, even, if you can find one in yourself – even laugh at yourself, if that helps! Whatever it is that you do, do it with JOY. When you do this, you will provoke good thoughts within yourself & spread it around to those who badly need some & those who don’t, as well. So, it works both ways. It’s an equality thing in my eyes. Please try to be happy this year at Christmas. I, myself, try to stay away from the holiday kahfuffle; I have tons of papers & books everywhere. I’m staying up for hours, brainstorming – writing down ideas – it’s fun. I sit & watch trends, marketing techniques, & people. Something you are interested in will make you happy with like-minded people. A lot of people are lonely & sad at this time of year for many reasons mostly because of being unwanted altogether and some have bad money-spending habits too. They max their credit cards in the summertime and have no money left for Xmas or their booze-drinking & drug habits come first. I would like to start a new group for teenagers somehow to make them interested in hobbies instead because this generation’s offspring here alone in my city are LOST SOULS because they came from broken, wartime families. The people in the war became mentally challenged, to say the least, and what we’re dealing with here is a bunch of European families’ children suffering terribly from the ongoing aftermath of it all, believe it or not, even up to more than half a century later after they’ve experienced living amidst the atrocities. Do you understand what I’m saying? Sometimes it takes decades to resolve this PATTERN now that even more people are coming to CANADA.


I love the Asians (and all other nationalities as well, don’t get me wrong here). I find the Asian lot in this city to be one of the most respectable, hospitable & hard-working people. They also have some beautiful philosophies. Oh, and of course, their cuisine!!!!!! SUPERB! So, I think I can help with this somehow. I prepared a box full of ETHNIC things and made sure to buy or find in my cupboards things that are interesting to any type of ethnic background. I took cool pictures.


I have 1000s of photos. I will take about 100 a day and maybe only keep a small portion – like maybe 20-25% of them. I wish I had a partner, so we could make something together, and better each other’s lives. I want to grow things organically and make a website to sell the stuff plus make crafts too – HAPPY THINGS. I will let you in on a secret. I wanted to write a blog about this just like that MOUTHY one I wrote that I have to rewrite because it PINPOINTS people which isn’t very nice. You have to remember it’s about the WORLD…and EVERYONE IN THE WORLD IS SEEING WHAT WE WRITE. I like to watch things & noticed a predominance of colour, like those white trucks in a parking lot, for instance. I noticed something too the other day that was along the same line & was super funny but now I forgot what it was, hahahaha! I wrote it down somewhere & you will laugh when you read about it. The strangest things people do – like a HERD OF SHEEP. Sometimes people get mad at me because they feel offended by the stuff I say but it is mostly all true & no one ever approached me to say otherwise. I just thought of something! WE can be influenced negatively. This happens to me when I hang around with people who say things & see things differently, and what I do is I MIMIC THEM. That does not mean that I am actually like them. Sometimes when you stay around people that are different than you are, over a longer period of time (but sometimes not even that long), you start to behave like them just like those sheep. So, eventually there will come a time where you QUESTION YOURSELF – WHO YOU ARE, WHERE YOU ARE, & WHERE YOU WANT TO BE, FOR REAL.



That is 2 different things.

For instance, someone I don’t really like HATES Bryan Adams (a famous Canadian singer/songwriter, who also does soundtrack scores for popular movies) and they HATE the group U2 and when someone once asked me why I don’t like this fellow, this is what I replied:

“Because they don’t like U2(hahahaha).

See, there is a simple way to SEE things & make up my mind very quickly if I will like something, and I can SEE them any way I want


so, BEFORE you decide you’re going to invest all your precious time into something,

like I said before to you,

why work somewhere where you know it won’t work out?

Take a pizza joint, for instance – and by that I mean where you can buy pizza, not a pizza-flavoured spliff that one might smoke. Actually, it’s a lot cheaper to make your own homemade pizza, at home, if you ask me!

Or even by living in a home that is not healthy,

as well, with other people that are making you feel ill,

it doesn’t matter where it happens,

whether it’s at your job, school or at home…

everyone needs a POSITIVE environment.

That’s why I like to practise Feng Shui types of things as well.

I hope I have written all of this in FAVOUR of creating something fruitful for everyone out there.


There is a woman in Spaces who operates a program for individuals that are disabled & have similar challenges both mentally & physically to make CRAFTS & HOBBIES. I am donating to her non-profit cause tomorrow, and another person who I feel deserves good mention here, and that is Jimmy Wales, the founder of the Wikipedia site. I use that the most for learning. He started it around 10 years ago. Every day I try to contribute to a good cause & do a good deed and that makes me happy




Collective Soul








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  1. ♥ Bekkie December 25, 2010 at 1:02 am #

    Watch out for Wikipedia! Since anyone can write or change the info on that site it\’s not always correct. I kid you not! I use it too but I\’d rather do a search on Google or somewhere else to make sure what I read on Wikipedia is correct. I\’d love to do art with you, I could show you a lot and it would be fun! Take care! ♥

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