11 Dec

Raising a strong willed child can be tough!


Every parent wonders if they are doing something wrong every once in a while. A strong willed child seems to increase those thoughts ten-fold. You may question your parenting skills, or you might believe there are behavioral issues with your child. Do not jump to conclusions just yet. It is very easy to slip into thinking they have oppositional defiant disorder, but that is not always the case. Don’t lose hope. Your child may not be oppositional at all. They may simply be strong willed. The good thing is that you can learn to nurture that strong willed nature. Insight into the mind of your child is just the beginning. Raising a strong willed child takes perseverance. Remember that the rewards are worth it. A strong willed child is independent and their love is genuine!

"Parenting a Strong Willed Child can bring on the most frustration, but can lead to the best rewards"


Will he ever give in? 

I know that these words come out of my mouth at times. Any child can be difficult at times, but a strong willed child is a special sort of child. They will test the boundaries like no other. Don’t lose heart. You can learn to tame that wild pony! In time, you can channel all of that determination in the right direction. I know one day my daughter will not fall to peer pressure simply because she marches to the beat of her own drum. I hope these resources help you. I know it helped me from going bald. Pulling out your hair goes with the territory!

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