Why People Are What They Eat

4 Dec
Please don’t get me wrong here, people. I couldn’t think of an appropriate title for this blog so I chose what would catch the eye, since I love (brain) food so much. I also am remaining neutral as to my opinions about this. Bear in mind that I am only posting what I have ‘copied’ from ACTS 15 : 6-21 of the New Testament and Psalms, because this is where I ended up when I opened the book today, as follows: 
     6 The apostles and church leaders met to discuss this problem about Gentiles. They had talked it over for a long time, when Peter got up and said:
          My friends, you know that God decided long ago to let me be the one from your group to preach the good news to the Gentiles. God did this so that they would hear and obey him. He knows what is in everyone’s heart. And he showed that he had chosen the Gentiles; when he gave them the Holy Spirit, just as he had given his Spirit to us. God treated them in the same way that he treated us. They put their faith in him, and he made their hearts pure.
          10 Now why are you trying to make God angry by placing a heavy burden on those followers? This burden was too heavy for us or our ancestors.
          11 But our Lord Jesus was kind to us, and we are saved by faith in him, just as the Gentiles are.
          12 Everyone kept quiet and listened as Barnabas and Paul told how God had given them the power to work a lot of miracles and wonders for the Gentiles.
          13 After they had finished speaking, James said:
              My friends, listen to me! Simon Peter has told how God first came to the Gentiles and made some of them his own people. This agrees with what the
              prophets wrote,
               16 "I, the Lord, will return
                       and rebuild David’s fallen house.
                     I will build it from its ruins
                        and set it up again.
               17  Then other nations will turn to me
                       and be my chosen ones.
                     I, the Lord, say this.
               18     I promised it long ago."
               19 And so, my friends, I don’t think we should place burdens on the Gentiles who are turning to God. We should simply write and tell them not to eat anything that has been offered to idols. They should be told not to eat the meat of any animal that has been strangled or that still has blood in it. They must also not commit any terrible sexual sins.
               21 We must remember that the Law of Moses has been preached in city after city for many years, and every Sabbath it is read at our meeting.
 Now I feel so turned off of meat all together, that I think I’m going to turn into a veggan (did I spell that rite?) My guess is NOT

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