People Games

9 Nov
People are so stupid in general. Whether it’s an ex, a friend or a family member, they’d rather waste their time playing games with others instead of having a real life with them. When they steadily approach the end of it all, they finally realize what they’ve been missing  but usually by then it’s far too late for anything, really, whether it’s kissing & making up, letting bygones be bygones or just being able to hold that person’s hand & pet them (and yes, folks, I actually do mean PET). Some people are so friggin’ cold they will never show you or tell you their true feelings about anything & it makes you wonder if they even have a heart. I’ve been in love & I’ve loved people. I’ve fallen out of love with the same people I’ve been in love with & I’ve ended up hating them. I’ve even fallen back into love with these very same people & realized that I don’t even hate them at all. I’ve been shacked up & I’ve been married… and more than once. I’ve also lived alone & was actually really single at one point. Now I’m so awfully foncused that I don’t really know what the heck I really am right now except for ALIVE. I guess that’s all that really matters after all but who really cares about what I’m saying here anyway except for the ones who are also alone right now because it makes them feel good to see that they’re not the only one who is dumb.

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