2 Nov
Since I’ve come to know you in the past few years or so, I realize some of my friends are keeping their real identities a secret and that is your prerogative. You’ve been very faithful to me & I truly am grateful for your friendship. I know we’ve talked here & there via email regarding personal issues & you should know by now that I’m generally not a nosy person or troublemaker but if someone instigates &/or initiates trouble for me, harms me or violates my rights as a free Canadian woman, I will not stop to seek retribution & compensation, nor will I back down until their butt’s been nailed to the wall. To those of you whom I’ve befriended that are concealing their true identity from me, I am asking if you could possibly send me a photo of your real selves along with some more personal info, and set up a time where we can actually correspond via telephone &/or meet in person, or I will have to permanently delete you & block you from my circle. No hard feelings

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