my VHS horror movies

8 Oct

The ones I can live without & would like to sell or trade:


Bloody Birthday

Dance of the Damned

Driller Killer

Funeral Home


Hello Mary Lou – Prom Night II

Prime Evil




Silent Night Deadly Night, Part 2

Slumber Party Massacre II

Terror Hospital

What Lies Beneath




The ones I’d like to keep,

unless someone is really interested in buying or trading them:


(John Carpenter’s) Body Bags

(Wes Craven’s) Dracula 2000

Hellraiser (based on the novel by Clive Baker who had a hand in creating this film)

Red Dragon (based on the Hannibal series of books)

The Silence of the Lambs (the most popular film based on the Hannibal novels)

Stephen King’s Nightschift Collection Vol. 1

(David Cronenberg’s) Videodrome



 I chose Body Bags & Hellraiser for this

Friday’s Fright Night double bill





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