HONESTY is such a lonely word

21 Sep

I am asking my circle of friends for help regarding anything they might know about a fellow who claims he’s 70 who asked to join my network the day before Valentine’s Day this year, & then befriended one of my closest online friends shortly thereafter. He originally claimed to be a "good-as-it-gets" grandpa in his email address, & his profile said he lived in a popular beach-resort town a couple of hours away, but upon investigation by an acquaintenance of mine, he found out his IP address was actually coming from a city in this province called Brampton.


When I first perused his profile page back in February, I immediately became alarmed when I noticed he had been posting comments on what appeared to me to be very young Asian girls’ photos. Shortly after I accepted him into my circle of friends (which he has now erased from his profile but I had already saved copies backed up onto a hard drive & disks, along with all of our conversations & email), I was invited to several porno sites & plagued with porn spam, along with him personally inviting me to a group by the name of Sweets or something like that, which I completely ignored.


This very same person is the one who kept bothering me all the time, trying to butt in while I was speaking with other people in my group, & especially to Grandpa Dewey D (which is Gerald Dove formally or so he’s told me, and I hope he doesn’t mind me posting his name here for all to see, & whom I think an imposter has copied to a tee just recently as well), & the same man who sent me that lurid & vulgar email on June 23rd, within minutes of the 7th anniversary of the beating & stabbing of my very own self occurred, and the very same person whose birthday falls on the very same day as the person who beat & stabbed me 7 years ago… SERIOUSLY – no lies!



He is also the very same person who made smart-assed remarks to me like “why fall in love when a piece of tail is free” & sent me that disgusting picture of himself naked (or I think it is, anyway) – dressed up like a butterly overlooking a waterfall (and yes, on the anniversary date of me being beaten & stabbed, as I already mentioned to you). Yesterday, for the very first time since I rid myself of him, he sent me an email via another website in the form of a lotto ticket gift.


If any one can help me out with any more leads on this jerk, I’d really appreciate it. I refuse to give up investigating the suspicious circumstances surrounding my phone being hacked with a personal childhood nickname of mine along with my email accounts of my most personal & private financial matters, then threatened repeatedly & accused of being involved in illegal criminal activities back in June, which ultimately led me to being admitted into the hospital where I ended up being wined ‘n’ dined for over 2 weeks, then signed myself out with a pretty all-around clean bill of health (with the exception of being slighly nerve-wrecked, but who can blame me for that, huh?) – thank the Lord above for that!


You know what’s the dead giveaway here as to what sort of person this fellow is? The lack of responsibility on his part for acknowledging his wrongful actions, for no where do I see a public apology on my spaces from this guy, who passed personal information of mine onto my friend, which ultimately ended up in me being harassed & slandered to no end by a lot of people, including strangers, my partner, our families & our friends.


THERE   YOU   GO   !!!




This fellow must have noticed that I had posted a note in my space the other day, shortly before I went to visit my decades-long friends on the weekend, at their home, which also happens to be located in Brampton (& whose email address an imposter had also copied to a tee at around the very same time I began getting harassed several months ago). 


 It’s now November 25, 2010 & I have slightly edited this blog but I’m leaving the rest as-is just to show my good friends what a horrible whirlwind can ensue just from letting strangers poke into your personal business. Enough said & no hard feelings!



And now it’s December 9th, and I have reworded a lot of things I’ve written here, including removing the names of the people involved, as best I can. To date, I still have not received word as to what the heck’s been going on here. In this respect, I must have to admit that I’M STUMPED & CLUELESS





3 Responses to “HONESTY is such a lonely word”

  1. ♥ Bekkie December 25, 2010 at 1:31 am #

    I know whom you are speaking about. I thought he was a nice guy (and he\’s married) but when I sent him a happy hump day gif he remarked at the end this: I\’d like to hump you.♥

  2. ♥ Bekkie December 25, 2010 at 1:36 am #

    I wonder if he has demensia (hope it\’s spelled right) cause he has been getting worse lately. I don\’\’t know what his problem is but he is now making me not want to be friends with him. It\’s too bad cause he can be nice normally but something is wrong. So I understand but I\’m not gonna mention any names. As it is I may take him off of my accounts cause he sends me too many emails and sometimes more than one of the same one! ♥

  3. ♥ Bekkie December 25, 2010 at 1:36 am #

    When I ask him not to he doesn\’t understand very well. Did he really send you a pic of him naked? OMG! I\’m stumped about him too especially cause he\’s married. Who knows? ♥http://i675.photobucket.com/albums/vv119/Bekkiehere/Our%20Animal%20Friends/x3_monkeys.gif

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