Ontario Disability Support Program

23 Aug
That’s what ODSP stands for in case anyone’s wondering & what my papers in front of me are about – which I had to give up on filling out for the time-being after only spending about an 1/2 hour on them today because my hand & wrist was in excrutiating pain and I was having difficulty writing & clutching the pen after spending only about 20 minutes of mainly checking off boxes & filling in a few areas with short one-line sentences. Lately, about the only thing that gives me any relief is either doing nothing at all for several hours or just keeping my arm elevated, level & flat on the desk, without moving it, & just using my fingers to type, while trying to use as many keyboard commands that I can memorize on an ongoing basis so I don’t have to manipulate the mouse. All this, folks, without the use of prescription or drug-store painkillers, or any other form of pill, for that matter. I just do as much as I can do, each & every day, then give it a great big rest inbetween when it begins to hurt really bad (just like my surgeon told me to do), for what else can I really do except go with the flow and take each day as it comes. 
Today, you probably won’t see me shedding any tears, but yesterday was a different story with me, for after I did a few minor chores, prepared a couple of meals, & had a bit of recreation – you know, the simple every-day things most people take for granted, I was suffering from it big-time. I even had to sit by myself for awhile so that I could let the tears of pain & frustration have their way, out of eyesight from others, for most people would just not understand what I deal with on a daily basis, nor would they ever know how I feel when I’m in the midst of doing something & my hand ends up fumbling an item just out of the blue or just letting go of it from weakness. I’m sure you would feel like a failure if this were to happen to you.
Don’t get me wrong here;  sympathy is not one of the things that I’m looking for. I’m just pointing out to you misinformed or ignorant ones out there one of the very few but most unpleasant aspects of my life, even though it might appear to those of you looking in from the outside that I might have ‘a gravy life’ or that it’s ‘a bowl of cherries’. I’m not saying that it’s not far from it at the moment, for I am very spoiled. It is what it is, and for that I am very lucky, and also privileged to live in this fine province & country, whose government I trust will look after my best interests, especially after I worked very diligently (mainly as a speed data entry operator) & paid my taxes for well over 30 years.
I hope everyone’s having a great Monday today, never mind bluesy or manic (hahaha).
YIPPEE! It’s 4:20 & I’m singin’ in the rain!

One Response to “Ontario Disability Support Program”

  1. Elektra Magduhlana Marie August 23, 2010 at 11:13 pm #

    Finito! Now that\’s out of my hair & I can get out there in my bare feet, and get back to pitter-pattering in the puddles & getting my hair all soaked \’n cutesy curly \’agin\’, snicker-snicker!

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