Shady Characters

20 Aug

Recently, I published a blog related to the aftermath of what I was forced to deal with from the effects of "mob bullying" and how doctors who encounter victims of this will only label the victims as being psychotic, for that’s what they’ve been trained to see, but the victims of this type of bullying & stalking display all the signs of being psychotic, when in fact they are only symptoms caused by cyber-bullying.
The police refused to help me when I presented to them my facts & evidence, but I told my close friends about all of what’s been happening to me for the past 3 years since I moved into this house plus I’ve kept all my evidence & notes involving these incidents backed up on an external hard drive, disks & at sites outside of my home if I ever need them in the future. I also believe that my exhusband (the one I was with for 12 years & am still good friends with) began to feel concerned & was trying to look out for me as well when I told him that an online entity was trying to mimic him as well as other close friends of mine, and had also created fake web pages to lure me into. Anyway, you can read about all of this in eez werld & Cinderella Story B-Side (aka STOP sign).

To follow, within the next few months, I will be writing about my hospital stay, which actually felt like the best vacation I’ve had in a very long time, where I was wined & dined (each & every day) on the 10th top floor of this new building there on the hospital grounds (of the very same hospital where I was born), got a chance to meet some really neat people & hear their stories, had a 5-star room & amenities, an awesome view of the city from all angles around, a super comfy bed & great room mates, and some pretty nice people all the way around to hang with.

As you probably already know about me, I always make the best of something that most people would classify as a bad situation. I am a very strong, independent & honest woman, with a clear mind as well. I do not take any pills whatsoever for anything most of the time, unless people are causing me so much stress with their own personal problems & I can’t seem to be able to shut them out – that is when I need to take a Lorazepam, for panic & anxiety attacks. Even though I’m in discomfort a lot from the injuries I sustained from the cut to my forearm, I choose not to take prescription pain killers, but rather a store-bought Tylenol or generic brand of false relief, but that is usually also taken after I’ve psychically overworked myself beyond my capabilities. As for consuming alcohol, I rarely feel an urge to drink & might just enjoy some cocktails or a few beers with friends every couple of months or so.
I guess you’ve had just about enough of me for one day, so I’d best be cutting this short now (& again)."

  This picture, which is my 365th Blog images photo (in commemoration of the 365 days in a year) is just an opinion from someone on the net. I do not condone violence or murder in any way, shape or form, even though an internet stalker’s actions might make you feel like you are slowly being killed. I truly believe that the culprits are only digging their own grave & that it’s just a short matter of time before the culprits get caught in their own game. I hope those of us concerned can join together to help butt them out… and that includes out of our business.

Hope you have a great weekend

 It is now Wednesday, December 1, 2010, and after deep meditation & careful deliberation, I have decided to leave this blog in here, slightly edited & modified, with no hard feelings toward any of the people that I have spoken about & perhaps jumped to false conclusions about, for as I have already mentioned earlier, this is exactly what can & will ensue in the aftermath of when people don’t stop to think first before they make a move, whether it is verbal or physical. I have learned this the hard way myself & I will continue to strive on practising skills to deal with stress that may induce me to mimic other people’s bad behaviour or fight back like when an animal is being poked & prodded in a cage. My only wish is that we can all shake hands (literally, so to speak, because I do not wish to be involved with you at all) & move forward. After all, to err is human



One Response to “Shady Characters”

  1. Cinderella Story September 30, 2010 at 10:31 pm #

    The suspects are narrowed down from having been investigated on an ongoing basis for the past several months. I’m telling the person directly related to what you\’ve highlighted in white here that they had better heed what you\’ve said & butt the fuck out of your business or come forward, say hi to you & tell you exactly what their beef is with you to the point where they’ve been induced to cause turmoil for you thereby reflecting upon your friend’s family.

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