12 Aug
I want you to think long & hard about it…
I know what you’re thinking here – it’s the pits, right?
These are excerpts which I may have slightly modified to protect the meek ‘n mild from the best online diary I’ve been keeping ongoing for quite some time now with a dear friend. This one in particular is from November 9, 2009, and before you jump to any false conclusions about the status of our relationship with each other, I would just like to boast that it is very fruitful…
Be so careful not to wish for another’s life when they are up or enjoy their pain when they are down, for every thought that goes through your mind will become real & come about for you two-fold some day. Mark my words here!

For some reason or other, you keep sending me mixed messages that are pointing toward souring our friendship, and if this keeps up with you, I would rather just ignore you completely for as long as it takes for you to see the light that this type of behaviour will not be accepted by me, nor anyone else for that matter. I am telling you this as a friend, a friend you should hold valuable, for one day when I am gone, you might be sorry & never be able to find me again.

Do not let evil & negative thoughts pervade & cloud your mind, for that will only lead to your downfall & to the detriment of those around you as well.

If you need a friend for real, I welcome you to my home & I promise to inhale the fags outdoors (if that’s okay with you).

Bon soir
You old smoothy, you!

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