9 Aug
Several weeks ago, I met a pretty decent young coloured woman standing outside of the liquor store uptown. She asked me to buy her a $5 big bottle of beer, so I went in & I did, then when I handed her back her change from the $20 bill she had given me, she handed me back $5 – the same amount that it cost for the beer! I really needed the money at the time, but I felt bad about taking it from her & thanked her gratefully.
A couple of weeks later, when things began to go better for me financially, I got ready one morning & on a whim, I walked uptown, went straight into the liquor store & bought another bottle of the same beer, hoping to bump into her & give it to her. While I was in the liquor store, I overhead a couple talking about them not being able to find this particular beer on the shelf, and wouldn’t you know it, they were in there to buy the very same woman a bottle! "Wow", I said to myself… "Perfect timing & lucky her!!!" I went outside & proceeded to hand her the bag of the one I bought her (while the couple was still inside) and she kind of backed off acting like she was afraid of me, but I assured her that I remembered that she gave me $5 for helping her out when I myself was broke, & then she quickly became all SMILES and snatched the bag from me.
Either way, I’m not prejudiced against people in this way. The woman was clean & well mannered. If she wants to have a bit of fun for $5 and have a few beers, there’s nothing wrong with that. She seemed to have been abused in the past in some fashion or form from the way she was acting so afraid & jumpy.


I usually give people the money I have left in my wallet on my way home from shopping – the change, anyway, for I usually just take enough with me to buy what I need.
Currently, I have some good news. A young, respectable in manner & tidy Native fellow, who had been renting a room at the Y (the YMCA), is now renting the 3rd floor bachelor here, which is making my life easier all the way around. He’s even fixed some things here too already. The only problem I have right now regarding this new situation of mine is that I have a so-called friend whom I’ve known for over 30 yrs who is ignoring me & not speaking to me all of a sudden now for a week. I think it might have something to do with jealousy. So be it.
The tenant’s girlfriend said she’s getting me a job  as a CSR  for the March Of Dimes (a charity mostly for disabled & crippled people, plus seniors). She also has 2 other business ventures she’s working at & is very computer savvy, so she’s helped me quite a bit already in that department. I have been encouraged to continue to pursue my consignment business & CSR positions working online at home by my counsellors, for they say I’ve proven to be very good at it & am very intelligent along those lines.
I’m not worried about anything anymore & feel pretty healthy all the way around. I just feel sort of duped by people whom I had believed cared for me & loved me, for they had told me so (so many thousands of times over the years) & also made me feel this way, but it seems like that was all so many moons ago already. How quickly people change their minds when things begin to change… even if it’s for the better for everyone involved. Sometimes you might expect a positive reaction from people & all you get from them is the negative. 
Someone once said to me that you can’t lose something you never had to begin with, and with that thought in mind, I will only continue to count my blessings & persevere.  I thank all my good friends for spreading good cheer around & brightening up my days as of late, for I have really needed this extra boost.

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