no wunder we’re havin’ fun

7 Aug

I was laughing to myself this morning at the way kids have fun with each other when they are playing certain games like Monkey In The Middle, Murder Ball & Pin The Tail On The Donkey, for instance, along with giving each other Indian Rubber Burns & the silly pranks they play when their parents aren’t around, up until one of ‘em gets hurts & end up flying home, bawling their eyes out.



Now I understand why some adult children behave in the very same manner as I have outlined above. It’s pretty sad, don’t you think?


I’d rather stick to playing Kerplunk, Chinese pick-up sticks & Mensch Ärger Dich Nicht, which is a game that’s sorta like Trouble except it more or less means "Man, don’t worry or upset yourself". Perhaps that is why I like to brush every day’s little setbacks & unpleasantries off like dandruff (not that I have any), heh!




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