for LAMENTING a lost love

1 Aug
Where did Adam & Eve go?

One of the deepest mysteries in the Bible centers upon the lives Adam & Eve led after they were cast from the Garden of Eden. Where did they go?


The Book of Genesis does not provide an answer, but according to one apocryphal story, after the pair were banished, they built a hut and spent seven days lamenting their sin.


Then, according to the story, Adam gathered his courage and began scouring the countryside for food, only to find there was none. Adam decided that he and Eve should do penance, so that God might forgive their sin. Eve decided to stand on a rock in the Tigris River for 37 days and let the water flow up as high as her neck. Adam decided to do the same, for 40 days, in the Jordan River.


But after 18 days, Eve was led astray when Satan appeared before her

  lamenting a lost love

and convinced her to join him on the riverbank, where he would feed her. Adam is said to have told Eve, “How is it that you have again been snared by our adversary?” Eve fell to the ground in sorrow, realizing her mistake.


Satan appeared before Adam and said, “It is on account of you that I was thrown out of heaven. When you were formed I was expelled from the presence of God and banished from the company of angels.” Adam appealed to God to send Satan far away from him and Eve, which the Lord did. Adam then finished his penance.




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  1. Elektra Magduhlana Marie August 1, 2010 at 3:03 pm #

    Speak of the devil! I do think heez kinda cute, in a devilicious kinda way.

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