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How can this be F.I.N.E. fine?

22 Jul
You’re probably thinking to yourself ‘where have I heard that before’?
That’s because Aerosmith seems to think so, as follows:
"Lip-crackin’ floozy" (quote unquote*);
"I’m gonna kiss your goo-goo" (quote unquote*);
"That’s my kinda trash" (quote unquote*);
Okay, these ones here aren’t that bad:
"My girl, she’s a bare-back(ed[?]) rider" (quote unquote*)’;
Now, I’m craving Godiva chocolates. Hee hee hee!!!
"You’ll wake up with the fleez" (quote unquote*) (did I spell that rite?)
How could you ever resist these guys?
*yeahahhh, uttered by none other than Steve Tyler…and all in 1 album!  


18 Jul
Jackie Gleason was a voracious reader of books on the paranormal, including The Urantia Book, parapsychology and UFOs. He even had a house built in the shape of a UFO which he named "The Mothership". During the 1950s, he was a semi-regular guest on the paranormal-themed overnight radio show hosted by John Nebel, and wrote the introduction to Donald Bain’s biography of Nebel.
According to Gleason’s second wife, Beverly McKittrick, he told her that U.S. President Richard Nixon took him on a secret visit to Homestead Air Force Base. There, Gleason allegedly saw an alien spaceship and dead extraterrestrials.
After his death, his large book collection was donated to the library of the University of Miami.
"One of these days, Alice… pow, to the moon!"

Who’s Mary Jane?

18 Jul

Toronto marijuana expo to tout health benefits

(16/07/2010 10:27:50 AM)

CBC News
Canada’s first International Medical Marijuana Expo in Toronto hopes to attract people suffering from health problems who are "sick and tired of taking pharmaceutical drugs that have adverse side-effects," says the event’s organizer.

The event, which is being held in the Metro Toronto Convention Centre this weekend, is labelled as "the first expo promoting the respectable and responsible use of marijuana as medicine."

The expo’s website says it will feature a number of vendors who are selling products "who specialize in the medicinal use and production of high-quality medical marijuana."

Marco Renda, who is organizing the expo, said he expects well over 30,000 visitors, including many from the United States and Europe.

Marijuana will not be available at the expo, although registered medical users are welcome to bring cannabis to smoke in a marijuana vaporization room, he said.

Vaporization is a process in which hot air is pushed through a chamber containing marijuana. That air is then pushed into a separate chamber, and then inhaled.

"Vaporization is a way of using cannabis in a healthier mode because there’s no combustion," said Renda, who is a registered grower of marijuana. He is also a registered user of the drug, which he uses to mitigate symptoms of hepatitis C.

"We’re not trying to promote: ‘Come down to the convention centre and get stoned.’ This isn’t what it’s all about. This is about educating yourself on the benefits of cannabis as medicine."

More action from government urged

The medical use of marijuana is permitted in Canada, although there’s a lengthy process involved to obtain the drug from Health Canada.

People who want to use marijuana legitimately must submit a detailed application for authorization and include two photos. Their doctor must also fill out a medical form that spells out why the applicant’s medical condition satisfies the conditions for an authorization.

Depending on the nature and severity of the illness, the doctor will be asked to spell out that conventional therapies failed or were medically inappropriate.

Renda also hopes to boost awareness about medical marijuana.

"Less than two per cent of the licensed cannabis card holders in Canada actually buy the medicine from the government," he said, adding that many users get the drug from so-called compassion clubs. He said government investment in the growth of medical marijuana is inadequate.

"There’s only one strain that Health Canada is providing," said Renda, adding there are over 1,600 different strains of marijuana.

"There isn’t one pill in the pharmacies – so how can one strain of cannabis help with all these various ailments? It can’t. It needs to be treated as a proper herbal medicine."

As of June 2009, there are just over 4,000 registered medical marijuana users in the country.

So light(en) up & forget about it

There’s a pot of gold at the end of every

The Devil Didn’t Make You Do It

18 Jul

An EXCELLENT piece that needs no additional comments from the creator of Barbara’s Tchatzkahs, who sent this excerpt to me via email (& which I have slightly edited here). I agree with every word. Been there, done that.

THE MOB THAT CANNOT SEE ITSELF By Patricia Lefave, ex mental patient

At first, that may seem to ‘make no sense’. It is nevertheless true.

What we experience in isolation and which is judged to be our ‘imagination’ is the reality of a semi distant relationship with a group or mob, acting it all out from a few feet away, while the individuals who make up the numbers of that mob perceive themselves as ‘hidden’ from an ‘inferior.’ That role definition, as defined by one of the group members as the starting point of the whole thing, is the original ‘switch’ that gets it all going. If it is not seen or questioned, it is kept going indefinitely.

This is one of the most difficult realizations I had to have in this in order to make some sort of ‘sense’ of the experience as a whole. It is especially hard when virtually everyone involved in it fights AGAINST any revelation that would in any way implicate anyone else.

In keeping with my sense of perceiving it all as ‘backwards’ (which came to me first in psychosis as the idea “’evil’ is ‘live’ backwards”) I had to see the entire mob involved as essentially ‘crazy’ and myself as the sanest member of the group. That should not be such a surprise as mobs generally ARE crazy and acting out of their limbic territorial brains. Mobs also get a huge cathartic release of repressed or suppressed emotion by doing what they do aimed at a target that ‘deserves’ what he of she is being given.

Perhaps if people stopped dealing with their original problem and emotions with suppression, either psychologically or with drugs and other substances, these group catharsis type externalizations of them as performed by mobs would occur much less often.

Most of the mob members though do not want to look at themselves as this would defeat the largely unconscious purpose behind what they do. Instead, they prefer to focus on the target(s) as the source of their own problems. In the case of mobs that label a target as ‘mentally ill’ it gets even more complicated and also more easily justified. It effectively creates a situation in which no matter what the target says, thinks, feels or does, it can all be easily and quickly invalidated by defining it all as ‘symptoms’ of ‘insanity’, which in turn, will justify the mob behaviour. Lots of righteous indignation gets thrown into the mix if it is even suggested that the mob members are doing anything wrong in behaving the way they are. It is based on a very common idea which could be expressed as;

“I wouldn’t be doing this to you if you weren’t MAKING me do it!”

Everything the target experiences as external reality is imply denied, psychiatrized, and included in the expert diagnosis of the patient who is defined as a genetic defective in some way who really can’t ever be taken seriously.

Psychiatrists are taught to listen to ‘patients’ in terms of searching for signs and symbols of madness, expressed by the patient in the form of ‘complaints.’ These ‘complaints’ are not heard by them as real or legitimate but rather as ‘proof’ of an inherent ‘madness.’ All the tautological arguments in this justify themselves, which is why so many of the psychiatrized perceive the circle inside which we are all trapped. That is how the ‘maze’ forms in which there cannot be found any way out no matter how hard you may look for it.

As I was asked of my own protagonist by a psychiatrist; “But why would he attack you? He would have no reason to do so.”

Since the psychiatrist could not accept that what I said was happening to me from MY point of view as ‘reasonable’ he automatically concluded as he was trained to do, that I had a perception/reaction problem.

In fact, that diagnosis is his OWN problem and he is not alone in suffering from the condition. It did not occur to him to listen to what he was saying himself…”he would have no reason…”

Sociopaths do not operate on the basis of ‘reason’, yet it did not even occur to this psychiatrist (or any other for that matter) that I was the victim of a sociopath’s agenda. Why not? He did not require any evidence to label me in literally minutes. Again I ask, why not?

Once labeled, the group that helped my attacker treated me accordingly, in line with psychiatry’s beliefs and direction. It was ultimately the experience with THIS “superior’ group that ultimately allowed me to wrap my mind around the group ‘invisibility’ factor. What I learned was that as individuals, the people acting out all day right in front of me have themselves deluded that their behaviour is ‘hidden’ from an ‘inferior’ or mental defective who could not possibly understand THEM. In other words, they accept the definition of me, my perception and reactions as given to them by ‘experts’ when they treat me ‘as if’ that were my ‘reality.’ Of course, it’s NOT reality but they believe that it is, and they also believe that they have a conscious awareness which is far higher than mine. They haven’t. Mine is higher than theirs but being ‘contestant’-like, they would never accept that for a minute. So, when I expressed the view that I felt I was more conscious than a lot of people, it was heard only as my ‘grandiose delusions’ by those with the grandiose delusional beliefs that they are the higher consciousness and others like myself are far ‘less.’

Psychiatry has created for them an alternate ‘reality’ known as ‘disease process’ in which any problem about which I complain is seen as strictly my own internal problem having nothing at all to do with external reality or other people. This is part of the objectification process which psychiatry promotes and which everyone else really likes. It is also what removes the patient’s right to voice their own experience and makes each of us feel totally isolated and controlled, powerless, helpless and hopeless. This they call ‘good.’

So I have been objectified now also for the public at large and the ongoing assessments of one and all continue without end. Many of the group members have actually said right in front of me, “don’t worry, she is not going to have any idea what we are talking about anyway” (since I am considered by them to be the least conscious person among them). In fact, I am the more conscious not the least, so they all look really crazy to me from my own point of view. The majority of them do not recognize themselves as the ‘people’ I ‘think’ are talking about me.’

That individual false perception of the group members can be extrapolated into a mob perception problem. This mob which is made up of individuals which believe they are hidden in plain sight then becomes a mob which denies its own existence. Since its existence is denied, its members support each other in their grandiose group delusion and the target’s awareness of them is said to be the perception and/or reaction problem of the ‘inferior’ target, rather than the perception/behaviour problem of the group as a whole, or of the individuals who comprise the group.

That is how I got to be "the paranoid delusional (disorder)". It is the result of the ‘switched’ identities at the start of the whole mess. I ‘think’ I have been ‘set up’ by an individual who manipulated a whole group of people to help him/her do it, just as he/she planned to do from the start of his/her so-called ‘game’.

They cannot ‘hear’ what I am telling them in a perfectly straightforward way, since what I am saying to them is only heard by them as the ‘symptoms’ they have been taught they should hear when I ‘complain’ about it. This ‘proves’ to psychiatry that I am ‘mad.’

This, folks, is how reality gets defined as its opposite and it is also how a mob gets created which cannot see itself and which does not WANT to see itself. If the mob members were to see themselves as they really are, as I see them, they would also have to know they have been conned and then behaved very badly towards an innocent person who was the target of that con artist. They would have to know how easily they bought into what they were sold. They would have to become ‘enlightened’ about how it was really done.

Since the grandiosity still looms large in this, they do not want to know and be forced to accept blame or shame, so they continue to behave shamelessly, continue their participation in the con man’s game and get out of any consequences by blaming their victim for BEING a victim, just like the guy who wrote the conceptual abstract program does it.

It is about needing to feel ‘guiltless’ and superior to those they harm.

The devil didn’t make you do it!

LOVE stinks

16 Jul
The smile of dawn
Arrived in early May
She carried a gift from her home
The night shed a tear
To tell her of fear
And of sorrow and pain
She’ll never outgrow

Death is the first dance, eternal

There’s no more freedom
The both of you will be
confined to this mind

I was told there’s miracle for
each day that I try
I was told there’s a new love
that’s born for each one that
has died
I was told there’d be no one to
call on when I feel alone and
I was told if you dream of the
next world
You’ll find yourself swimming
in a lake of fire

As a child, I thought I could
live without pain without
As a man I’ve found it’s all
caught up with me
I’m asleep yet I’m so afraid

Somewhere like a scene from a
There’s a picture worth a
thousand words
Eluding stares from faces
before me
It hides away and will never be
heard of again

Deceit is the second without end

The city’s cold blood teaches us
to survive
Just keep my heart in your eyes
and we’ll stay alive

The third arrives…

Before the leaves have fallen
Before we lock the doors
There must be the third and
last dance
This one will last forever
Metropolis watches and
thoughtfully smiles
She’s taken you to your home

It can only take place
When the struggle between
our children has ended
Now the Miracle and the
Sleeper know that the third
is love

Love is the Dance of Eternity

Metropolis Part I

[music by Dream Theater, lyrics by Petrucci]

HOLY COW! We’re just too much alike!

16 Jul
I remember a time when I was working 2 jobs after I became divorced about 15 yrs ago and came home late one night, cracked open a bottle of wine & began to listen to the dating line ads on the telephone. Back then most people didn’t have the luxury of the internet. When we were married to each other & my better half was working nightshifts, my girlfriend would often visit me & we’d get a kick out of listening to the funny way that people would make themselves come across to you on these dating lines, mainly the opposite way of what they really are when you get to know them, more often than not, & unfortunately for those unsuspecting masses out there. On this particular occasion, being lonely & all after a long hard day of dealing with demanding pissants from my customer-relations positions, I thought I would give it a go for a lark while getting a wee bit tipsy & smoking a fatty, and chomping on Turkish delight.
YIPPEE! I’m adding these to this year’s Xmess list, hee hee hee!
After listening to the new people on there for a bit, I decided to open up my voicemail and was absolutely shocked to find out that, after listening to the message at least a half a dozen times, even knowing for sure with incredulity at how dense some people can be at times… let’s just say that it was none other than my exhusband leaving me ,"wide open" (no pun intended ) that self-descriptive analysis of himself, and he naively (and if I may add here by saying honestly) &"honestly" left me a brief account of what I would call his best-seller lingo, the kind a marketer would use as a means of foreplay to sell their product (if ya know what I mean, Vern). And some people really take the cake at that, I must say, not that I’m saying it’s bad in any way. You’ve gotta hand it to these people! It takes a fine talent & imagination to be this type of actor. The funny thing about all of this when you think about it tho’ is that my poor little exhubby never even suspected that the person he was leaving the message for was moi.
 Yes, that’s me, folks!
You know, even though we think this is not a very good thing by not being able to listen to most people online nowadays (& who cares, really, I say) being on those telephone dating lines is the pits! How’s that for bull, even though I kept this a big secret from him for well over a decade, at least, that his fine showmanship and knack for playing out ‘old hat, old country’ courtship rituals had backfired on him! Now, how much more honourable (or honorable spelled the Amurican way ) of me can it get??? Hahaha!
And so it goes, as Kurt Vonnegut Jr used to say!
Here’s sumfin I was just reading that really turns me on today:
Let me take you to the movies. Can I take you to the show
Let me be yours ever truly. Can I make your garden grow  

From the houses of the holy, we can watch the white doves go
From the door comes Satan’s daughter , and it only goes to show. You know.

There’s an angel on my shoulder, In my hand a sword of gold
Let me wander in your garden. And the seeds of I’ll sow. You know.

So the world is spinning faster. Are you dizzy when you’re stoned
Let the music be your master. Will you heed the master’s call
Oh… Satan  and man.

Said there ain’t no use in crying. Cause it will only, only drive you mad
Does it hurt to hear them lying?  Was this the only world you had? Oh-oh

So let me take you, take you to the movie. Can I take you, baby, to the show.
Why don’t you let me be yours ever truly. Can I make your garden grow
You know.

YAY! Now that we found that Houses of the Holy tune, when’s dinner?


16 Jul
On having the key to my HEART you need to learn how to pluralize mermaids first, as follows, edited & plagiarized by none other than MOI:

Alone I Stood

Upon The Sands

That Moonlit Night

Upon The Lands

Of My Birth

Gazing Across the Waves

To Distant Shores,

The Raging Waves

Beating to the Rhythm

Of My Lonely Heart

Softening the Cries

Of The Loneliness

Of The Days and Nights

Spent In Darkness

In Dreams of Days Before

And Days

As Yet To Come

When Once Again

I Will Hold You Tight.

I Looked Upon

The Pale Blue Moon

That Dismal Night

And Gazed Into the Eyes

Of My Love

And Saw That

Which Was In My Heart

Upon The Sands We Loved

With Passions

Of Long Forgotten Times

And Laughed the Laughs

Of Newborn Lovers

And In Haste

Of Times

Long Since Gone

And Days Of Yet To Come

I Tasted the Sweetness

Of Your Breath

Upon My Lips

Of Raging Fire…

With Burning Desires

I Probed Your Lips

To The Very Core

Of Your Female Heart.

I Searched

For The Long Agonizing

Release of My Love

Lost To the Winds of Time

And To the Raging Waves

Of Oceans Deep

I Raised You

To The Heights

Of Love’s Erotic Passions…

I Saw the Trembling

Upon Your Heaving Breasts

And Tasted the Salty Waves

Of My Mermaid’s

Release of Love

As One We Merged

In The Unity of Love

And Melted

Into The Completeness

Of One

We Kissed the Kiss

Of Eternal Love

And In the Pale Moon Light

That Dismal Night

I Took My Lover

By The Hand…

Alone I Walked

Along The Sands

To The Utopia

Of Our Dreams

To The Meeting

Of Two Lands