Out in left field… or is it right?

31 Jul
A little while back, I was compelled to write HiYo.com a letter the very next day after downloading their emos ‘n’ such (against my better judgment, after a good friend warned me not to, by saying that they may be a phishing site) after being prompted to do so by none other than a ‘grandpa-as-good-as-it-gets’ entity in Spaces  does this name ring a bell to anyone? IN NO WAY DID I ASK THEM TO BECOME MY DEFAULT SEARCH PROVIDER so I wrote them a letter with a description of a problem I encountered, which baffled the heck out of me, the very next morning, when I tried to sign into Internet Explorer & FOUND THAT THEY HAD MADE THEMSELVES MY DEFAULT SEARCH PROVIDER. Here’s the brief (heh) description of the problem that I experienced in the form that I wrote in a very quick, off-of-the-top-of-my-head fashion, unëdited, as follows:


Opened a tab in explorer

What was the result:

ever since I downloaded those emos yesterday
every time I open a new tab in explorer
their HiYo’s page opens with something funny in it
it said this morning,
Are you left or right brained?
Then there was a grey square with a ballerina spinning in it
and beside that you answer the question
left or right
Well, I was born left handed
so I know which side of my brain I use most often
the opposite side most people do haha (& that is the right side of my brain, by the way)
the artistic side, so I’ve read about
f*ck (excuse my French! hahaha)
good thing I didn’t answer it yet
because if you people read the question
it says
Which way does the ballerina spin?
It’s stupid if you ask me
because she’s spinning to the left
So why did they ask me if I’m left or right brained for?
Don’t they know there are left-handed people, the silly people?

 You can say that again…

this chick is spun (out)

I think it’s a trick question
like when you do a test
you have to think first before you answer the Q
I’m contacting HiYo.com
right now
before I answer the Q’s
I’m going to ask them which Q should I answer there
the 1st one
or the 2nd one
the dummies (no offense, but that’s how I feel sometimes)
maybe they’ll offer me a job, who knows! hee hee


By the way, they did reply back to me, within about a day or so, saying they would forward this to the "appropriate" department.


And speaking of sending things you need to be taken care of to the "right" MAN for the job  I asked to have myself removed from a group’s mailing list the other day (after I clicked on their Unsubscribe field & I still kept receiving their updates), only to get a reply from their Secretary telling me that I need to click on this, then click on that, then blah blah blah. So I stuck to my guns & asked ‘him’, "If you’re the Secretary of this organization, can you not just remove me from your mailing list?" Way-elle, I guess you don’t need to hear the rest of this, eh?


What else can I say except I’m living up to my rep of being a Squirrely Smart-Ass…

 And before anyone gets the wrong idea & begins to point fingers at me, calling me a liar with regards to me being left-handed nowadays, let’s just say that I’m pretty ambi-dextrous, & I’m just beginning to learn how to use my left hand for everything again, as I broke my left arm when I was around 7 years of age, while taking a running start to vault over some rolled up sleeping bags that my dad had cleaned out from the garage. Since then, I learned to become right-handed & have been using my right hand for just about everything except for sewing; I’m as clumsy as can be with regards to holding a needle, never mind finding a hole. Hence, the reason why I’ve been officially declared ‘right-handed’.


2 Responses to “Out in left field… or is it right?”

  1. Cassie July 31, 2010 at 2:59 pm #

    After reading this what can we do but shout all together "NUTS To their secretary!

  2. Cinderella Story December 2, 2010 at 12:56 pm #

    Perhaps the entity can be found phishing at the pond where the two fields meet ^o)

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