27 Jul
This mother hen’s beginning to think that
what’s good for the goose is good for the gander
never mind Mother Goose’s parodies!
The following dialogue contains excerpts from the ongoing play I’ve been writing:


you havent been online 


oh, I guess you could say I’ve been busy proving a point

(short break then onto another topic) 


The Groper (my more-often-than-not & how-tipsier-can-you-get so-called best-friend & maid-of-honour) used to call me chubby

referring to my arms

when I was a bit overweight

I was not happy about that


makes me laugh


but I never punched her or anything with those chubby arms of mine

I used to have to buy size large shirts

because my arms wouldn’t fit thru the sleeves

seems like the only place the cellulite goes in my body when I get overweight

is in my upper arms

and my tits ‘n ass, of course!

but that I do like hee hee hee




always the joker, huh?


did u have a good night last night?


yes – it was fahbooluss

for a change

I had an awesome evening all the way around

very happy about it


cool glad u had a good time


I was up at 3:20 this morn

after I abruptly was awoken…

shaking myself out of it

from dreaming that I was being

stabbed in the back

and wouldn’t you know it,

when I turned my computer on

the first thing I saw was that someone had (haha)

by telling one of my so-called faceless online friends

not to worry because Li’l ë is usually fast asleep

while Out In Lah-Lah Land* is up ‘n about, chatting like a maniac.


i read that this morning


would you want to have a friend like this (who is out in Lah-Lah Land) & doesn’t know about OLE (OnLine Etiquette) by now?


Gee whiz! You know how I detest gossipers, but I just thought I’d try to get "in" with the in-crowd for a change, is awl!



I coined a new word today for online chat lingo

it’s FOF

(for Faceless Online Friend)



*the twit who owes me a PA (Public Apology)




She gave good sunflower




One Response to “JACK & JILL”

  1. Elektra Magduhlana Marie August 1, 2010 at 12:08 pm #

    Blah blah blah… rest assured you\’re not only the best at giving good sunflower but you\’re also a happy little busy bee, to boot (literally). TICKLE TICKLE!

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