How can this be F.I.N.E. fine?

22 Jul
You’re probably thinking to yourself ‘where have I heard that before’?
That’s because Aerosmith seems to think so, as follows:
"Lip-crackin’ floozy" (quote unquote*);
"I’m gonna kiss your goo-goo" (quote unquote*);
"That’s my kinda trash" (quote unquote*);
Okay, these ones here aren’t that bad:
"My girl, she’s a bare-back(ed[?]) rider" (quote unquote*)’;
Now, I’m craving Godiva chocolates. Hee hee hee!!!
"You’ll wake up with the fleez" (quote unquote*) (did I spell that rite?)
How could you ever resist these guys?
*yeahahhh, uttered by none other than Steve Tyler…and all in 1 album!  

2 Responses to “How can this be F.I.N.E. fine?”

  1. Cinderella Story July 22, 2010 at 3:48 am #

    CORRECTION: Stevie, I didn\’t mean to misquote you!I ment \’whip-cracking floozy\’… duh me!

  2. Unknown July 25, 2010 at 9:11 pm #

    The 80s embodied everything awesome – The F-14 Tomcat, a nuclear arms race, 8 years of Reagonomics, the defeat of communism and fall of the Berlin Wall, Whitney Houston before the nose candy, rappers who didn\’t shoot each other, well produced pornos, Mike Ditka and "Da Bears", big hair bands, silicon breasts (not that garbage they use these days), short shorts, Spinal Tap, Rocky IV,and countless other examples.How I miss the 80\’s.

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