22 Jul
Seeing as how it’s one of those ass-in-the-air kinda days, & rather than taking anything for this mega migraine I have for probably the very 1st time in a long while, I decided to publish some facts about those amazing miniature burros (that I copied from "aspirin acres dot com") which I seem to be resembling more & more, plus have a lot in common with nowadays, as follows:

  • Are burros donkeys?
  • Yes, burro is the Spanish name for Ass.  Donkey is the English word for Ass.  Ass is the proper name, but most people use the term donkey or burro.
  • Where did miniature donkeys come from?
  • Miniature donkeys are native to the Mediterranean islands, Sicily and Sardinia.
  • Were miniature donkeys larger donkeys bred down?
  • No.  The miniature donkey is a true breed, and are small and drafty.
  • How tall can miniature donkeys be?
  • Miniature donkeys are 36" and under at the wither.
  • What is a wither?
  • The wither is the top of the shoulder, about where the cross is.
  • What colors are miniature donkeys?
  • The most common color is gray/dun.  Other colors are browns, black, spotted, white and sorrel.
  • How long does a miniature donkey live?
  • With proper conditions it is not rare for a donkey to live to be 35 – 40 years old.
  • What is a jack?
  • A jack is an unaltered male donkey.
  • What is a jenny or jennet?
  • Both terms apply to a female donkey.
  • What is a gelding?
  • A gelding is a castrated jack.
  • What is a foal?
  • A foal is a term for a baby donkey of either sex.
  • Do donkeys bite and kick?
  • Miniature donkeys are very kind, docile, lovable, hugable, easy going animals.  It is rare that a donkey will kick or bite out of viciousness.
  • Would a miniature donkey make a good pet for my children?
  • Donkeys generally love children and seem to be extra careful and kind with them.
  • What sex should I get for a pet?
  • Geldings and jennets make the best pets.  Geldings of course are not as costly as jennets to purchase.
  • How is the donkey market?
  • The market is very strong for quality animals.  There are two markets, the show and breed market and the pet market.
  • Can donkeys be trained?
  • Miniature donkeys are easily trained to pull a cart, pack, show, and small children can ride them as well.
  • Can I have just one?
  • No! Donkeys are very social, develop strong bonds and should never live a life of solitude.  A pair is best, but a horse or pony my also work well.

  • Do Donkeys wear shoes?
  •   Donkeys have very strong hooves, and do not need shoes, but must have their fast growing hooves trimmed about every 6 – 8 weeks.
  • What is worming?
  • Donkeys need to be given a dewormer every 6 – 8 weeks to keep parasite free.  Parasites can cause some serious health problems.
  • Do donkeys need shots?
  • Donkeys should be vaccinated yearly or as often as indicated for Rabies, flu, Rhino, encephalitis and tetanus.  Foals get a series of shots and then begin on the yearly schedule.  Some areas require other vaccines in addition to the above.
  • How often and what feed is recommended?
  • A donkey should have a good, clean, quality hay, grain, mineral salt, and fresh, clean water at least twice daily.
  • How much do they eat?
  • Amounts are determined be the individual.  Generally 2 – 3 flakes of hay, 1 – 2 cups of low protein grain and free choice of fresh water and salt.
  • Does a donkey need a barn?
  • Donkeys need to be able to get in a dry, draft free, well ventilated area as weather conditions demand.  They need shelter from the wind, rain, snow in the winter and sun and flies in the summer.
  • Does a donkey need a pasture?
  • Donkeys need to get exercise, be able to play and run, and get sunshine and fresh air.
  • How old is a jennet when she is bred?
  • Jennets should be three years old before they are bred.
  • Why three years old?
  • Donkeys mature slowly and are not full grown until close to four years of age.
  • You really love what you are doing, don’t you?
  • YES!  I cannot imagine life without them!  They truly are the most affectionate, addicting animal of their kind.  Like potato chips, one is hardly enough!

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    1. Unknown July 25, 2010 at 9:08 pm #

      I think donkeys sound cute and are misunderstood.

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