The Devil Didn’t Make You Do It

18 Jul

An EXCELLENT piece that needs no additional comments from the creator of Barbara’s Tchatzkahs, who sent this excerpt to me via email (& which I have slightly edited here). I agree with every word. Been there, done that.

THE MOB THAT CANNOT SEE ITSELF By Patricia Lefave, ex mental patient

At first, that may seem to ‘make no sense’. It is nevertheless true.

What we experience in isolation and which is judged to be our ‘imagination’ is the reality of a semi distant relationship with a group or mob, acting it all out from a few feet away, while the individuals who make up the numbers of that mob perceive themselves as ‘hidden’ from an ‘inferior.’ That role definition, as defined by one of the group members as the starting point of the whole thing, is the original ‘switch’ that gets it all going. If it is not seen or questioned, it is kept going indefinitely.

This is one of the most difficult realizations I had to have in this in order to make some sort of ‘sense’ of the experience as a whole. It is especially hard when virtually everyone involved in it fights AGAINST any revelation that would in any way implicate anyone else.

In keeping with my sense of perceiving it all as ‘backwards’ (which came to me first in psychosis as the idea “’evil’ is ‘live’ backwards”) I had to see the entire mob involved as essentially ‘crazy’ and myself as the sanest member of the group. That should not be such a surprise as mobs generally ARE crazy and acting out of their limbic territorial brains. Mobs also get a huge cathartic release of repressed or suppressed emotion by doing what they do aimed at a target that ‘deserves’ what he of she is being given.

Perhaps if people stopped dealing with their original problem and emotions with suppression, either psychologically or with drugs and other substances, these group catharsis type externalizations of them as performed by mobs would occur much less often.

Most of the mob members though do not want to look at themselves as this would defeat the largely unconscious purpose behind what they do. Instead, they prefer to focus on the target(s) as the source of their own problems. In the case of mobs that label a target as ‘mentally ill’ it gets even more complicated and also more easily justified. It effectively creates a situation in which no matter what the target says, thinks, feels or does, it can all be easily and quickly invalidated by defining it all as ‘symptoms’ of ‘insanity’, which in turn, will justify the mob behaviour. Lots of righteous indignation gets thrown into the mix if it is even suggested that the mob members are doing anything wrong in behaving the way they are. It is based on a very common idea which could be expressed as;

“I wouldn’t be doing this to you if you weren’t MAKING me do it!”

Everything the target experiences as external reality is imply denied, psychiatrized, and included in the expert diagnosis of the patient who is defined as a genetic defective in some way who really can’t ever be taken seriously.

Psychiatrists are taught to listen to ‘patients’ in terms of searching for signs and symbols of madness, expressed by the patient in the form of ‘complaints.’ These ‘complaints’ are not heard by them as real or legitimate but rather as ‘proof’ of an inherent ‘madness.’ All the tautological arguments in this justify themselves, which is why so many of the psychiatrized perceive the circle inside which we are all trapped. That is how the ‘maze’ forms in which there cannot be found any way out no matter how hard you may look for it.

As I was asked of my own protagonist by a psychiatrist; “But why would he attack you? He would have no reason to do so.”

Since the psychiatrist could not accept that what I said was happening to me from MY point of view as ‘reasonable’ he automatically concluded as he was trained to do, that I had a perception/reaction problem.

In fact, that diagnosis is his OWN problem and he is not alone in suffering from the condition. It did not occur to him to listen to what he was saying himself…”he would have no reason…”

Sociopaths do not operate on the basis of ‘reason’, yet it did not even occur to this psychiatrist (or any other for that matter) that I was the victim of a sociopath’s agenda. Why not? He did not require any evidence to label me in literally minutes. Again I ask, why not?

Once labeled, the group that helped my attacker treated me accordingly, in line with psychiatry’s beliefs and direction. It was ultimately the experience with THIS “superior’ group that ultimately allowed me to wrap my mind around the group ‘invisibility’ factor. What I learned was that as individuals, the people acting out all day right in front of me have themselves deluded that their behaviour is ‘hidden’ from an ‘inferior’ or mental defective who could not possibly understand THEM. In other words, they accept the definition of me, my perception and reactions as given to them by ‘experts’ when they treat me ‘as if’ that were my ‘reality.’ Of course, it’s NOT reality but they believe that it is, and they also believe that they have a conscious awareness which is far higher than mine. They haven’t. Mine is higher than theirs but being ‘contestant’-like, they would never accept that for a minute. So, when I expressed the view that I felt I was more conscious than a lot of people, it was heard only as my ‘grandiose delusions’ by those with the grandiose delusional beliefs that they are the higher consciousness and others like myself are far ‘less.’

Psychiatry has created for them an alternate ‘reality’ known as ‘disease process’ in which any problem about which I complain is seen as strictly my own internal problem having nothing at all to do with external reality or other people. This is part of the objectification process which psychiatry promotes and which everyone else really likes. It is also what removes the patient’s right to voice their own experience and makes each of us feel totally isolated and controlled, powerless, helpless and hopeless. This they call ‘good.’

So I have been objectified now also for the public at large and the ongoing assessments of one and all continue without end. Many of the group members have actually said right in front of me, “don’t worry, she is not going to have any idea what we are talking about anyway” (since I am considered by them to be the least conscious person among them). In fact, I am the more conscious not the least, so they all look really crazy to me from my own point of view. The majority of them do not recognize themselves as the ‘people’ I ‘think’ are talking about me.’

That individual false perception of the group members can be extrapolated into a mob perception problem. This mob which is made up of individuals which believe they are hidden in plain sight then becomes a mob which denies its own existence. Since its existence is denied, its members support each other in their grandiose group delusion and the target’s awareness of them is said to be the perception and/or reaction problem of the ‘inferior’ target, rather than the perception/behaviour problem of the group as a whole, or of the individuals who comprise the group.

That is how I got to be "the paranoid delusional (disorder)". It is the result of the ‘switched’ identities at the start of the whole mess. I ‘think’ I have been ‘set up’ by an individual who manipulated a whole group of people to help him/her do it, just as he/she planned to do from the start of his/her so-called ‘game’.

They cannot ‘hear’ what I am telling them in a perfectly straightforward way, since what I am saying to them is only heard by them as the ‘symptoms’ they have been taught they should hear when I ‘complain’ about it. This ‘proves’ to psychiatry that I am ‘mad.’

This, folks, is how reality gets defined as its opposite and it is also how a mob gets created which cannot see itself and which does not WANT to see itself. If the mob members were to see themselves as they really are, as I see them, they would also have to know they have been conned and then behaved very badly towards an innocent person who was the target of that con artist. They would have to know how easily they bought into what they were sold. They would have to become ‘enlightened’ about how it was really done.

Since the grandiosity still looms large in this, they do not want to know and be forced to accept blame or shame, so they continue to behave shamelessly, continue their participation in the con man’s game and get out of any consequences by blaming their victim for BEING a victim, just like the guy who wrote the conceptual abstract program does it.

It is about needing to feel ‘guiltless’ and superior to those they harm.

The devil didn’t make you do it!

8 Responses to “The Devil Didn’t Make You Do It”

  1. Cinderella Story July 18, 2010 at 2:22 pm #

    CORRECTION, White Opal. The 2nd word (\’your\’) in your note is used in the wrong context here. It should read as YOU\’RE mad (& you simply must be from the looks of things here). Hope this learns ya sumfin!

  2. CREEPING July 18, 2010 at 3:40 pm #

    sanity an individual is of sound mind and therefore can bear legal responsibility for his or her actions that wouldnt be YOU would it QWAYLOOD

  3. CREEPING July 18, 2010 at 3:41 pm #

    sanity an individual is of sound mind and therefore can bear legal responsibility for his or her actions that wouldnt be YOU would it QWAYLOOD

  4. Cinderella Story July 18, 2010 at 4:14 pm #

    It\’s nuthin buttan eezy way out for some, being wined \’n dined in the psych wards that should be used for keeping the avoided-like-the-plague elderly. I say we throw the criminally insane on an island so they can help each other to themselves, just like those school boys in the book I studied in high school.

  5. Cinderella Story July 21, 2010 at 4:23 pm #

    I wouldn’t be doing this to you if you weren’t MAKING me do it!Now, where have I heard that one before? Straight from the horse\’s mouth.How\’s that for sarcasm? Hahaha!

  6. Elektra Magduhlana Marie September 17, 2010 at 8:21 pm #

    My ODSP\’s progressing thanks to bullies. Read the paragraph starting with ‘once labelled’ & where it says So, when I expressed the view that I felt I was more conscious than a lot of people, it was heard only as my ‘grandiose delusions’ by those with the grandiose delusional beliefs that they are the higher consciousness & others like myself are far ‘less.’ Today, my family doc said the psych ward’s doc said I\’m bipolar based on symptoms. My doc disagrees & said it only makes my case better.

  7. Elektra Magduhlana Marie September 20, 2010 at 10:39 pm #

    Didn\’t you hear the doc about having a serious case of SOCIOPATH on you? These monsters don\’t possess reasoning skills or any rhyme or reason for their actions. If you don\’t call the cops then I will. I won\’t stand by & watch the predators begin where they left off months ago especially after you\’ve made such a remarkable recovery. Are you going to let them try to destroy it again or are you going to nip it in the bud before it gets any worse?Maybe you want to end up in the hospital again.

  8. Elektra Magduhlana Marie September 30, 2010 at 5:20 pm #

    It\’s the last day of September, 3 mths after I signed myself out of the hospital.I can honestly say I\’ve never felt better or healthier than I have in the past decade or so…WITHOUT any medication except for Mary Jane, of course 😉

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