STOP to think before you speak

13 Jul
Have you ever cried because you had no shoes

until you saw a man with no feet? 


I have cried because I have been through heck.

I have been upset about things that have happened to me in the past.

Today things changed – I met a man who was in a concentration camp.

I am amazed at his positive attitude and how kind he is.

I feel so silly.

Has anything similar happened to you lately

like having to wear the same set of clothes for about a week

while not even having enough money to make 1 phone-call?

And have you ever had to take a crap out in the open

where every Tom, Dick & Harry can see you,

or have had to hide as inconspicuously as you can

both yourself & your sentimental and valuable belongings?

THERE   YOU   GO   !!!  

Now you know how I feel, never mind being tinkled on.

That’s right, folks! I feel like Anne Frank.

But that’s okay by me

because I’m not only a smart cookie

but I’m also a very tough nut

that just keeps on getting tougher

every time sheez in a bigger rut.

Hey, that rhymes… and rhymin’s fun, ain’t it?

Therefore, I rest my case & relax my face.


One Response to “STOP to think before you speak”

  1. Cinderella Story July 13, 2010 at 8:53 pm #

    I\’m the kinda person that will still clean up your crap even after you shit on me (excuse my French)!

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