19 Jun

Think before you speak, watch what you say & how you say it, & take great care with whom you choose to associate with & that includes the people "in the flesh" (as in your family & circle of friends that you haven’t met online) plus be very careful who you are revealing personal details about yourself to. How many times have I heard that from my concerned friends & exes, some of which are not careful themselves about what they are saying about me & the choice of wording they’re using.


Now you will see why, as follows:


I can’t believe what the hell’s going on. I’m almost 99% positive that someone, probably the people who have been hacking me & stalking me, have mistaken me for someone that I’m not, all because they received bits & pieces of information from my computer regarding the interests that I’ve had all my life, like detective & CSI stuff, & Stephen King novels & horror movies, and because I made reference to a movie called Videodrome which is a Canadian film by a famous Canadian film creator named David Cronenberg, who I think lives around the Toronto area, who has made a lot of horror movies, and this particular one starred Blondie & James Woods (back in the late 70’s I believe) and only was a fictitious story based on the evil business of snuff movies, that I saw at the show & purchased in a store, and can be watched on television as well here. That, including my fascination with psychology & what makes evil minds tick, plus a whole slew & combination of other things, including my association with a woman in my network, who originally posted in her interests section that she’s “writing a novel about serial killers & about a woman who stalks people on line and when she can’t have their way with them, watch out", plus the silly gossiping she made about me on other people’s spaces who don’t even know me by saying that I frequent sex clubs, etc, and who was beginning to really frighten me for a while there when I ended up having it out with her on here, has all led up to me being mistaken for someone that I am not.


If anyone out there thinks I’m just plain old plum crazy or looney as a mad hatter, think twice! I may have PTSD, along with emotional instability & a troop & a half of trauma in my life, but believe me, I have most of my marbles still intact!


Because I warned whoever it is that’s been monitoring my activities both online & on the ground a couple of days ago to lay off or I’ll take legal action and they still persist to monitor me, along with having been purposely made to feel threatened by a person on here that sent me over 2 dozen emails one morning under a false identity, one of which says that he is a cannibal & even posted pictures of the charred remains of babies or something to that effect on his space – the only photo album he actually had on there, BTW. I am speaking out here for all to see just in case something terrible does happen to me, for one of these people who were bothering me day in & day out on the computer for well over a year now and making me feel uncomfortable all the way around is eventually going to slip & fall into my moat.


Another entity posing as a woman who said she was originally from France has also been very suspicious & seemed to know a lot about me. You see, I have not been keeping this a secret from anyone in my life and I’ve been telling many people on here that I know of this ongoing bullshit as well as law enforcement officials who say that I should just keep my eyes open. Ooooookay!!!!!!


So now what do I do, now that I’ve been hacked to pieces (literally) & they probably also know about my conVerSations with someone I had several years ago about their sister, who had been studying to be a police officer about 20 years or so ago and had said that she was forced to watch the snuff movies that the sociopathic criminal I need not need to mention here had supposedly been making. Now this is only what I heard by way of mouth through that girl’s sister many years ago. This is all I know, plus that reference I had made about the place I visited in St Catharines where a friend’s daughter is going to university, and all it was meant to be was a warning to people to think twice before they let their children go there alone, especially when I found used syringes & broken beer-bottle stumps sticking out of a small hole close to that walkway where everyone goes. You know, I saw at least 100 names chiselled into a piece of stone at the entrance to this park, of people who have contributed to this preserved nature & wildlife sanctuary, where you can find an abundant amount of different species of trees & birds. It’s very ironic how no one is taking care to really preserve this place where you think your family might have a safe & fun time.


This is all a great big misunderstanding here & it’s caused me to be in terrible fear for my life & safety, but I’m over it now because (as you all probably know about me), I like to look at the bright side of things, for there always is, you know. Just think, if anyone wants to crucify me out there, I’ll be even more popular than I am now!


And because my so-called friends I’ve had for 30 years now do not use discretion and who inadvertently say terrible things in a joking manner, like they do in South Park, for instance, and have been saying things to the effect that someone I know looks like that detriment to society which I’m not going to name, and why is he cruising up and down the street by me… looking for chicks? Plus the combination of me having computer CDs and music CDs that I’ve collected all my life, including video tapes – all these factors combined plus the fact that I sometimes get visions when I have dreams before something’s going to happen ever since I was a child, and only when the weather’s bad & there’s a calm before the storm, I now have just cause to feel that this is the real reason I’m being stalked & monitored on line & why my computer’s been hacked again all within 1 week of being discharged for throwing that diary almost 2 years ago when I was never convicted of anything before.


I suspect that either it’s just nosy people who can’t mind their own business and want to “get the latest” about me, or it’s a conspiracy involving our very own law enforcement officials, or someone I actually know, or perhaps the criminals & masterminds themselves who are involved in these types of activities. All I can say is MUM (as in nada) for I know nothing – only rumours! And another thing I will tell anyone concerned here is that there is always more to something than meets the eye.


I’m pretty tired today but it was a properous & fun day, for even tho’ I’ve been a caregiver & guardian  to the ones who don’t know any better about things sometimes & need a helping hand to get back on the right track (and that includes myself here as well), I also took a lot of photos again, including finding some kooky & zany ones on the web (some of which may be controversial, perhaps, but only in order to get my point across in my own special eccentric way) & it’s not my intention to condone anything evil or illegal in any way whatsoever.




After I wheeled it on home today after feeling a sudden urge to protect my fortress, I decided to slow down & just think to myself a bit, that people who are guilty of something usually point fingers at others first before they’re caught for something they themselves have done wrong, therefore I will let sleeping dogs lie for now (or should I say cowards lie) & wait for them to make the next move on me.


 When I clicked on a headline beside a picture that was posted of the infamous Karla (& I’m sure you all know who I’m referring to here) on the MSN news page a couple of nights ago, a fake page set up to lure me into it, or so it appeared to me at first glance, but I went ahead & did it any way I didn’t get any article regarding her at all, but rather an article about this new steel toilet (sorta like the one I have shown here) where I happened to notice the wording "snuffed out" being used inappropriately in the first sentence or so when they should have said something to the effect that it’s the contraption is outdated & no longer being used, and when I went back & tried to go into it again, it still didn’t display any info about her. The page is obviously a fake page meant to deceive me upon a glance. I also received an invited page thru my Messenger with an example saying a boy’s face laughing & the name Paul with an orangey-coloured ring circling where one would go into their messages. I didn’t click on it but I did take shots of it & can’t post them ’til I get my battery charger happening.


Tomorrow, I’m contacting the MP for this neighbourhood, who stands for democracy & works closely with various races, the aged, the poor & the underprivileged (don’t know what else to call some of us folks, haha) after noticing from this brochure I have here that he takes a great deal of interest in cleaning up & beautifying our ‘hood’ as well. The main reason why I’m contacting him is because somehow my ODSP medical-record papers were misplaced by the government office I had so carefully dropped them off to in person almost a month ago, after I took great care to deliver them. No worries. I’m sure that after my doctor does a follow-up, they’ll find me even more squirrelier than I ever was, especially after this crazy ordeal with dummies who keep reading between the lines when I say stuff on here.


I can’t trust anyone anymore except for maybe 2 or 3 people. I refuse to let the bastards grind me down (excuse my French), because I am like a phoenix & I will rise up even further each & every time I get grounded. This stalking & hacking’s been going on for so long now that I’ve become used to it & now I’m going to have to take legal action against the people who have abused me & my rights. Perhaps they can all pay for the permanent damages this has all caused me on top of already having been maimed & traumatized from horrible things that have happened to me in the past.


Now you see, everyone, why I choose to live my life in seclusion, just like I overheard that Marlene Dietrich had done. END OF STORY… about how stupid people can ruin your life without even having to physically hurt you!


I dare anyone to try to "place charges" against me for posting this here. I’m doing this because I’m in fear for my life & safety and I implore MSN & all of you reading this, including the friends who know me very well, to help me stand up for my rights & come to my aid in defending me here.


I am also demanding a public apology from the people who have been doing cruel things to me behind my back without even knowing the facts, all because they are jumping to false conclusions, reading into the things I’m posting by taking them personally & thinking that I am directing something specifically at them. People like this must have guilty consciences or something, because I am speaking mostly in general about things that happen in the world around me, and mostly to warn my good MSN friends about them. Not only can I be funny & entertaining, but I can be serious too, along with being sweet, an angel & a smart cookie!


I also apologize to anyone out there who I may have used crass &/or cross words with, but I don’t apologize to the spammers & hackers I’ve told to eff off, amongst other things I’m sure you’ve all seen. I can’t help it sometimes when my horns shoot out. You already know what happens when people step on my tail because I warned you in my interests section. If I have to go to the media, I will, and I don’t care how sick I feel right now, or how little sleep or food I’ve had all week, or how unkempt I look because of all this!


You know, I never wanted to come back to this space, but I had a feeling that the time would come sooner or later that I would have to. Now I’m gonna ask you concerned hypocrites out there about why Stephen King is still alive & kicking, plus writing numerous novels one after the other. I once read that he also has premonitions or prophesying types of dreams (such as I do) which give him ideas to write his novels, and they are also based largely on what is going on in the world today. Just take a look at some of his books: Rose Madder, Dolores Clayborne, Secret Window & Gerald’s Game, to name a few. The reason I like him so much is because he is REAL & by that I mean that he bases his fictitious works on facts and doesn’t always let the "good guys win" or live (take a look at The Shining, Salem’s Lot & Cujo, for instance). This man, Stephen King, whom I’ve adored since I first read his book Carrie as a teenager, is a highly intelligent & intuitive person, who is also very keen & wise about human nature. I wonder if Mr King has ever had any death threats made against him. Hmm.



Right outta bed, that is!


It’s pretty ironic how the most terrible criminals in this country are set free to do as they please (as in, committing the same types of crimes again & repeating their same criminal activities once they are set free) after not having to spend too much time in an institution here, yet the unfortunate ones who have something going for themselves in this life & a brain on their shoulders (like me, for instance) are repeatedly accused, defamed, set up to appear to be criminally insane, toyed & messed with to the point where they cannot conduct their lives in a happy & peaceful fashion.


This is REAL LIFE for you, folks! These are the FACTS and it’s not a fairy tale like some of you out there seem to think that it is. If you think that the good people in this world always come out on top, think twice. And I’m warning you, the people who seem to be the most normal & harmless and seem to have their shit together may in fact be very evil.


 I have placed this blog in the category named Jokes because this is "all a joke" and by that I’m pointing out the expression we use here a lot which really kind of means "it’s ridiculous & crazy", and also for those of you out there who like to pass terrible jokes around & say awful things about others then turn around & say you’re only joking.




3 Responses to “WHAT’S THE WORLD COMING TO?”

  1. Paul June 19, 2010 at 6:38 pm #

    Well I really don\’t know what to say about all of this except I\’m not laughing. I have been fortunate that I haven\’t had these kind of problems just a bit of a dust up with somebody on Spaces once. I wish you luck.

  2. Cinderella Story July 26, 2010 at 11:04 pm #

    I see you\’ve been living up to your rep by putting your money where your mouth is, Li\’l ë, & you\’re diligently persevering on cleaning up your act in eez werld by removing your personal associates\’ names, and you are also modifying your (often bowel-shaking) cuss words. All the more power to you!

  3. Elektra Magduhlana Marie July 28, 2010 at 10:29 pm #

    Having seen red today has led me to see that I mispelled the 1st word that contains vs.

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