RE: The False Accusations, Slandering & Threats Being Made

16 Jun
After consulting & working together with several authorities here, I was informed that:
1) The police are not tracking my movements for I have not given them any reason to do so & that I’m fully discharged (as of exactly a week ago & free to travel pretty well anywhere in the world that I wish to go  perhaps with the exception of Holland or the good ole U S of A, so I’ve been told) from a so-called misdemeanor that involved me frisbeeing my $1-store diary at someone for which I was arrested & thrown in jail for the very 1st time in my life;
2) Anyone can create an email address that appears to originate from another country. For example, if the address states "uk" in it, that doesn’t necessarily mean that the person that’s sending you messages from it is really situated in the United Kingdom;
3) The external hard drive onto which I backed all my files up, including online conversations with people during the past 2+ years, contains sufficient evidence to support my defense, if necessary & need-be, against the false allegations & accusations being made against me, and will also provide sufficient evidence to incriminate the individuals who have been ‘toying’ with me;
4) Anyone can say or write things online, or even in their diaries, but that doesn’t necessarily mean that what they are saying is all true. As in my case, the person who took the diary, which I had originally and , I stress, "knowingly" left laying on a desk in the house where I was living (& was ‘expelled’ from that very same day), held it in their possession for almost 2 months up until the day they pulled it out & started waving it in my face (on the very same day I was arrested) had apparently read bits & pieces of it, then based their accusations & false presumptions about me solely upon what I had described in there, as well as having been provoked by other instigators (they had been  corresponding with) to bash me.
All in all, I just wish that people would just leave well enough alone, for "I am well enough alone" and always have been. I don’t want to start a war with anyone nor do I need any more trouble in my life right now. Not only that, and if you can believe this, I still love the people who have caused me harm in the past. They know (I hope) where they’ve gone wrong, and so have I acknowledged my mistakes while making ongoing attempts to correct them & be a good person all the way around, so I’m asking them to let sleeping dogs lie. As for honouring my mother (& father, who is now deceased), I still love them & forgive them, as I’m hoping they can do likewise for me, so let it be.
Let this be a lesson for all.
 For anyone out there who still (for some reason or other) can’t seem to mind their own business:

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