You think you’re so smart!

15 Jun
How many times have I heard that one before? It’s funny how one can be so WISE ‘N UP on certain things yet be completely clueless in others! I’m using myself as an example here today. For instance, I just noticed that I posted my HEY YOU! GET OFFA MY CLOUD!  photo album on June 1st, 2009, based solely upon a sudden urge to express the thoughts that were running through my head thru pictures. Then on the weekend that just passed, I watched the film ZEITGEIST for the very 1st time and a lot of the content of it was closely related to what I was getting at in that photo album last year. Wow, eh? On the other hand, a very good friend of mine pointed out to me quite early this morning in a very hilarious way without coming right out & calling me a DITZ (did I spell that rite?) that I need to hide my IP address. That got me to researching & reading UP on this in a flash, boy (or should I say girl? and why do people say that anyway?) Oops! I’m wandering away again…
…getting back to what my blog’s about, I recall buying an anti-virus package that claimed to be a high security spyware preventer, amongst other things I had been concerned about, yet I never took the time to find out if it was really doing the trick for me. This means to me that you should never judge a book by its cover & you must do the fingerwork (not legwork in this case) by turning your thinking cap on for a change  & turn some pages, click on some buttons, & do a heck of a lot of reading, that’s for sure!
Well, I guess I have to make another trip to the bank again today with my Income Tax Refunds & Tax Credit rebate cheques, to pay that wopper of an Internet Service Provider bill I just received for the first time after having been a wireless ‘pirate’ for over a year now, which is perfectly legal if the people in your vicinity don’t put a lock on their internet with a password (& this only cost me about $40 CDN at a local computer shop & is mostly available on most laptaps & cell phones, by the way). Then I need to rush out to buy an extra so-called trustworthy Spyware Removal package, but I really can’t complain about it too much, or can I? If any of my friends can help me out with this, I’m UP to reading any more info &/or instructions you can provide for me, and I’d truly appreciate it!
I think I’d better grab some brain food while I’m at the grocery store later on, too.
That’s some food for thought for you!
Hey! That rhymes… and rhymin’s fun!

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