FOAD Pest Spray on sale this week @ Shoppers’ Drug Mart

7 Jun
 pass me that hammer, seeing as how I’ve never had a handyman in only G*d knows how long because I sure can’t remember! Maybe with the exception of being handy to screw me, snatch what they can get from me & eff with my life in general. Then there’s the victimization & rescue routine all of us PTSD sufferers & abuse victim-SURVIVORS are well read on by now that these self-coined ‘helper’ friends of mine including my own family (& they’re the worst) tend to trick you into falling for. I really wish I could tell ’em all to FOAD (and I’m sure you can figure out what that means but I don’t really mean the D-part tho’). Even my few month old kitten is bright enough to attempt to help me out around here – let’s just say that he’s trying to learn how right now & is it ever cute, except when he tries to help me clean out his lavatory tray! OOPS! A car alarm just began to go off outside of my window. Thanks, because now that got me back to my initial peeve of the week.
WTF is it with some people out there this week? I can’t understand why there are so many troublemakers out there. For one, this young boy (a friend of a family’s member’s ex) keeps calling my old number, even after I told him that I am living with my boyfriend & warned him several times to stop calling me & hitting on me. Now the phone’s ringing again & it’s him! He’s been calling me sporadically at any time during the day but I never answer – even in the middle of the night or very early in the morning. And not only that, I found out yesterday that another family member of mine is corresponding (again) with one of my exes who also, several years ago while I was married to someone else for many long years, persistently called my house, especially at times when he knew we were sitting down to dinner or had just gotten home from work, and believe it or not, he’s also almost a decade younger than me just like the ‘boy’ who called me this morning again & who also pulled the same homewrecking stunt with me just like you see in those movies like that John Travolta & Vince Vaughn one, or that remake of the one on the houseboat with Robert DeNiro as the crazy guy, or the one with Mark Wahlberg & Reese Witherspoon… well, you know what I’m getting at here. They just never seem to really go away & disappear from your life for very long. By that, I mean just when you think the coast is clear & you can breathe in the fresh air, all of a sudden you begin to catch a waft of something stinky going on around you, just like when a skunk unexpectedly crosses your path. The lingering smell is really hard to get rid of, believe me, and in this case, I don’t think umpteen cans of tomato juice will do the trick here in getting rid of the vermin stink.
  The funny thing about this all is when I confided to a friend about what the heck is happening to me all of a sudden with all these young laddies chasing my tail, wondering why they’re hitting on a 47 yr old when hardly anyone ever came on to me back in my teens or 20’s, they commented about a show on television that deals with young men having older women, and they felt that it is more or less spreading the message to the populice (and I spelled populace that way on purpose, BTW) that it’s okay to follow thru on what the show is telling them to do – almost like schizophrenics when the voices "only they hear" give them instructions, or like the kid who seems to think that if he pesters you enough, you’ll finally give in & be with him!
On another  but along the same lines, it’s really a shame that Madonna can’t really dink around with anyone she wants to either, because if she did, there wouldn’t be such a broohaha going on over her relationship with Jesus (that sounds kinda funny, doesn’t  it?), no offense intended here – you know how I am (I hope). But don’t get me wrong. I’m simply not interested in having an ongoing sexual relationship with a boy, because I already have someone who turns my crank all the way, and all the way around again & again, if I want them to, that is (haha), therefore no one can get into my pants no matter how hard they try, even if my lover & I are not getting along at the moment. But some guys just don’t get that. And never mind the gossip you’ve heard about a woman being ‘loose’ or what she’s done in the past! If she doesn’t want you, believe me, there’s nothing you can do to change her mind (or my mind any way). If I feel that I need or want something, I’ll go & seek it out. I’m not going to sit here waiting for it to come to me, that’s for certain! 
The pesky guys that won’t take NO for an answer are the ones women should beware of – the persistent ones who won’t give up on calling you at any given time of the day or show up at your door uninvited, even after you turn them down – those are the ones who try their best to cause trouble for you & agitate you to the point of making you feel threatened because you can’t seem to get any peace or privacy, let alone make a move in your own home. If you ever let them in, you’ll never get rid of them, and they’ll end up making a mess of your life just like they did the first moment they interfered & pryed their way into it. You just might not see it that way at the time, because your brain’s in your crotch, but sooner or later, you will, when the warning signs begin to show one after the other & their true colours begin to shine. I’m sure there are a lot of people out there who can relate to what I’m saying & have been thru the same crap as well. This applies not only to women. It can happen to men, too, & I’ve seen it with my own eyes! Either way, lesson learned, and I hope I ‘learned you’ something today.
These types of people I’m describing are serial homewreckers & sociopathic for they are not happy with themselves, for one, and secondly, they have done this to someone else before you at least once before, believe me this.
The worst thing about this all is that just within 24 hrs prior to what happened to me this morning with the kid calling me,  a family member called to tell me that she’s corresponding (again) with the very same ex that made a mess of my life & also told me that she’s letting me know that he’s the only one she knows that can help her do a small repair on her house (when just days before I told her that I have several flyers for qualified handymen here & I’m sure there are plenty in the phone book) but she went on to tell me that it’s her prerogative to talk to who she pleases, and that he called her first yesterday to see how she was doing (yeah, right!) & then she told him she’d pay him to help her. To that cockamamy story of hers, I calmly replied, "As you should already have noticed by now, I also speak & hang out with whom I wish to and it’s no one’s business actually (as I’ve already told you time & time again)." We then said our goodbyes. What I really wish I could have said to this big dummy who wasted at least around an hour of my time yesterday is "It’s my prerogative to tell you all to F OFF & leave me the F alone but why bother, since you don’t seem to know what that means by now". 
It’s really funny how when my life isn’t going that great, everything around me seems to be tranquil & quiet, but as soon as people catch wind that things are improving for me, all the creeps begin to come out of the woodwork again & try to worm their way into my life to disrupt it. Now why is that? You know, I’m getting so good at sensing this is about to happen to me before it even happens because by now, it’s old hat. But I am getting creeped out by it all & I’m just sitting here with my eyes & ears open, and my gipsy tentacles & senses on full pitch, because I most certainly can predict that one of those idiots are gonna be coming around my humble abode to try & get their foot in the door.
  I think it’s about time I hired me a bodyguard & asked my neighbouring cop friend to make a few trips and straighten these people out. What is it that these people don’t get here? Can it get any more obvious that when I don’t answer someone’s repetitive phone calls that I am not interested in speaking with them? Obviously not, for I never answer the phone when they call or even come to the door when they knock, nor do I ever call them, so why do they keep bothering me?
I’ve already installed an alarm system, or so the alarm company’s sticker on my front door says. The neighbours & the people living here are always close at hand and watching out for me, I can only hope. My friends are only a quick call & a few minutes away, so I really don’t consider myself to be an easy target for bad people to be able to mess with me (unless, of course, I let them), but it’s really a darn shame how I’m beginning to feel like a sitting duck again, in my own house, where I should be able to have the right to my privacy & peace, along with the ability to come, go, & do as I please, without having any outsiders interfering in my life & hassling me on a continual basis, for crying out loud! This is really getting friggin’ pathetic!
I’m getting me some F Off & Desist Pest Spray. I just noticed that & another one of my faves in the flyer here from Shoppers’ Drug Mart, so I’d best get a move on before they’re all sold out, for I heard the kodras (Austrian slang for male unneutered alley cats in heat) mewling outside my window late last night & early this morning. That was a warning signal for me, I thought to myself when I awoke, for as you well know, I like to compare animal & human behaviour. So I’d better get myself ready & get prepared for mating season, folks! WML (wish me luck) as always

5 Responses to “FOAD Pest Spray on sale this week @ Shoppers’ Drug Mart”

  1. Paul June 7, 2010 at 11:14 pm #

    Wow. I don\’t have any answers for you. I wish I did. Even the cats are after you! I have opposite problem. No women call or stalk me. I\’m not getting any younger but I don\’t wear a diaper and don\’t have a limp noodle.

  2. Elektra Magduhlana Marie June 8, 2010 at 7:17 pm #

    It\’s strange how I used a skunk as an example in this blog, for when I awoke & opened the windows, a waft of skunk-spew drifted up to greet me. No lies! But this really isn\’t funny for me anymore. That kid called me @ 2 am & just a little while ago again. I\’m going with a friend who\’s been a witness to all of this straight down to the police station to file a report & hopefully with the same cop friend who had to pay the last stalker of mine a visit.

  3. Elektra Magduhlana Marie June 10, 2010 at 10:45 pm #

    I didn\’t need a man to help me get rid of the creep who ended up calling me several more times within the past 2 days (after which I deactivated my account). It was of no loss to me anyway as I was only keeping it on for a little while longer. If he bothers me again somehow, I won\’t hestitate to call the police and the same goes for any other jerk out there who can\’t understand the words NO, I\’M NOT INTERESTED IN YOU, AND DON\’T CALL ME AGAIN! (duh)

  4. Unknown June 14, 2010 at 5:29 am #

    Homewreckers….it’s the nicest word I can that I can come up with and believe me, I tried. With so many people out there, searching and wanting a relationship, why do they choose the married ones or the ones already in a comitted relationship? The majority of the time, it’s not love. Is it just lust? Maybe they have a desire to prove that they can, to build up their confidence or maybe, an excessive desire for sex…what’s that called? Nympho or something?

  5. Unknown June 14, 2010 at 5:32 am #

    No matter what the reason, it is an unforgivable action and we will be happy if they are guilt-ridden and miserable for the rest of their lives. You hear all the time, “You reap what you sew”.

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