Isn’t It Ironic?

3 Jun
 The #1 problem I see in today’s society is that people can’t mind their own business. I do not have to justify anything to anyone here; my medical records & work history speaks for itself. I’m completely fed up with a-holes trying to get me into some kind of trouble or another on a continual basis. I am not the one who has anything to hide, but perhaps the ones who are "out to get me" are the ones who actually do. To those of you out there who are picking on me or on anyone else who you feel may be weak & unable to defend themselves, maybe you should think twice before you judge others & take a good long look at yourselves in the mirror. What do you see there? A coward, I’m sure. How would you feel if you were abused in every form imaginable by some d-wad with a long history of abuse towards women, including being beaten & stabbed… leaving you maimed, in pain & turmoil for the rest of your life, preventing you from keeping employment & getting out in the real world, afraid to interact socially because you know that people cannot be trusted no matter how good they appear to be all the way around. It’s ignoramuses like you (and you all know who you are) that make mentally unbalanced, traumatized & disabled people even more sick than they already are. Enough said!
But wait! Perhaps I should add another thought here while I’m on the topic of looking in your own backyard. Some nosy parker directly behind me had a chat with a police officer that was called after he menacingly pounded on my door the other day & then ran away, after which I found a cigarette butt ground out on my porch leaving a burn mark, and after some private contractor apparently was hired to clean out the 5 feet of our property by conveniently removing the foliage that has so nicely been keeping me out of view from the neighbours behind me. From what I know about the law & having worked in property management for many long years, the owner of the property must be contacted if there is a problem with our land, of which I was not aware until some anonymous shit-disturbers (who apparently have a big mess themselves) began to f*ck with me (excuse my French).
 I’m totally off the topic here (but maybe not too much, now that I think about it) with this photo of a municipal parking lot uptown. I just don’t get it, really! Why is is that the majority of the vehicles parked here are white? Am I missing sumfin?
Okay, that was a nice breather, now back to my story. I saw a city truck out back just over a week or so ago that spent the day cleaning out the alleyway of its debris, but left the 5′ of this property where the wildflowers were growing untouched & had been fluorishing long before I was ever born. The proof of ownership of that precious five feet of land can be easily determined just by looking at the deed (and thank the L*rd he knew that already).
Before I continue here, remember this, folks! I always put my money where my mouth is!
I also had this happen to me in the past with another house I lived in years ago, by another neighbour who ‘stole’ several feet of my own front width so he could widen his own property & driveway, but after raising a ruckus & consulting a lawyer, which I should never have bothered to do, I found out about this silly law here that more or less states that if you take someone else’s land & use it for so many years, then it more or less belongs to you if the current owner (at the time) did not dispute it in any way or let you have it for your own use. So, the next person who buys the house thinking they’re getting so many feet should always double-check by measuring the property themselves rather than relying on a piece of paper in the form of a survey (which could be outdated yet still legally acceptable on a purchase & sale). Never trust anything on paper, or what people tell you, & never rely on others to protect your rights and finances. This is what I’ve learned the hard way. Never mind the lawyers – they are nothing but a waste of your hard-earned money. Remember this, people! Usually no one really wants to help you with things that really matter in this life, like keeping you safe & fixing things up for you, for instance; they’re only in it for the money or hoping to get into a woman’s pants (both of which I can relate to).
Anyway, before I stray again, after the city already had their people out back in the alley cleaning up mostly junk & debris that lazy people left behind theirs or other people’s properties over the years (but were not lazy enough to dump it there in the first place), about a week later, without any warning or notice in writing by the city, someone thought they could go ahead & cut down what little was left of my privacy by plunging thru it with a Bobcat which unearthed every bit of greenery & left nothing but a poop-splat of wet muck, thereby leaving me fully exposed to any Tom, Dick or Harry who happens to walk thru the alleyway, or even any Peeping Tom, whether they’re a neighbour or just a passer-by. Heck, I used to keep all my windows wide open & have no window coverings on them, letting the sun shine in, feel the nice breeze & enjoy the lush foliage of the trees, shrubs & wildflowers that surrounded this house. I could walk around in my gotchies or even naked if I felt like it with no worries about being eyed by pervs. But I guess that’s just another bit of freedom that’s been removed from my life. Never take things for granted! This is what I’ve learned big-time in my life & this is just one little example for you. 
On another note, my next-door neighbour constructed a fence so bloody high that my friend commented on it, saying that it’s illegal to have a fence that high. When people sit back on their laurels for years & do nothing but get drunk day in & day out, while everything around them falls apart & is neglected, everything seems to be kosher, but as soon as someone starts to make a move & take action to improve their circumstances, environment & their living conditions, including their finances, that’s when they draw attention from the hate-mongers out there who are so friggin’ green with envy that they actually have to deliberately set out to destroy other people. It’s kinda like building a sand castle on the beach for several hours & a tidal wave comes to knock it down. It makes me think WHY BOTHER? I was going to say some bratty kid comes along, but I decided to be nice about it. You catch the drift here, I hope! What I’m trying to say is that people should just let sleeping dogs lie & take care of their own business rather than prying into other people’s business that is absolutely none of theirs & should have no effect on them whatsoever. All I know is that I’m in the right here & I know my rights & continually exercise them where it concerns trouble makers.
The irony of this all is that every time these losers try to cause trouble for me, they’re actually a Godsend, because it is I who always cashes in on the damages in the long run. And by that I mean that each & every time someone abuses me, hurts me, destroys my property & does anything illegal toward me, being a free Canadian woman allows me to seek compensation for damages. So the next time you are thinking of trying to create a loser out of me, you are actually creating a winner. I’ve already fought tooth & nail for several things in my life where it comes to not being afraid to speak up and defend not only myself but others who are verbally, mentally, emotionally & physically abused because they are not the same as everyone else (whatever the heck that means) along with being able to seek out & obtain compensation for damages, which has made me stronger each & every time I’m faced with dealing with the next pee-ant who comes along & tries to trample all over my life.
You know, I’m even ready to dump someone today that I’ve known for several decades because they went so far as to say to me yesterday that I’m schizophrenic, rather than sticking up for me. This the very same dough head & obvious wanna-be who negatively commented on my neighbour’s privacy fence & also the one who copies & adopts the lingos & habits of people they’ve displayed racial hatred, sexual discrimination & gay bashing toward in the past. Can it get even more ironic than this? I’m sure it can when you’re dealing with someone such as this. Now you can see the dumb-assed mentality of some people I’m acquainted with. It really makes me picture someone ringing their neck sometimes out of frustration & giving ’em all a good shake and a slam-dunk… but these are only thoughts, not threats. Heaven forbid if I want to end up in jail again for trying to defend my rights.
So all I can say to all of this dimwitted negativity is that I’ve stuck it out for years on my own & do not need anyone to take care of me, regardless of how helpless I appear to those looking in from the outside, and if you take a good look at my environment here, I’m sure the picture you see will tell the story that no man is helping me, otherwise I would have an illegally high fortress built around me like the guy did next door to protect his family & property, and most importantly, to ensure his wife & child’s privacy & well-being.
But alas! At this point in my life, I no longer have a real man by my side to defend, honour & protect me, and who truly cares for his valuable loved ones. Obviously you can see that I don’t rate that well & I used to be quite embarrassed about it all when in fact it should be the one who claims to be a real man & the one and only man for me (who should be burning up with shame), but dem’s da breaks when you’re dealing with cakes  
You can’t squeeze blood from a rock & I’ve more or less accepted the way things are. If you keep repeating the Serenity Prayer over & over again each & every day, you’ll finally get the gist of what I’m trying to tell you… that’s just the way the ball bounces sometimes. I am not succumbing to my circumstances, don’t get me wrong here! I am only biding my time & trying to be patient for I know there is a bounty of beautiful things coming my way and they’ve already begun to do so, just by me putting forth an effort in getting the ball rolling & persevering.
Either way, I’m mostly not afraid of being alone. I just have to get past the awful frozen feeling of people trying to threaten my well-being & trying to control me. They should know by now that no one can do this & that I am free to do as I please, see whom I please, and come & go as I please. I’m sure you’ve heard this all before from me (wah wah wah blah blah blah) but I steadily need to reinforce my boundaries with some.
Ah, piss on it all! The time is growing nearer for me to finally make a move and hopefully, far away & out in the country or even out of the country to somewhere with at least a mile between me & the next neighbour. Up until then, this lassie shall continue to be valiant & diligent where it comes to protecting her rights, freedoms, property & humble abode, including those of others.
Wanna hear sumfin weelly funny & even more ironic (with a twist of synchronicity added to it)? When I got off the bus yesterday, wouldn’t you know it, but the very old man (I suspect lives behind me in the house with the person who couldn’t mind his own beeswax) was standing there shaking & hobbling about with his cane, afraid to cross the busy street, so he shyly asked me if I could help him, and I gladly obliged. I did not tell him who I was, even though I see him sitting out back of his house a lot, with the younger guy there acting like a big-shot around the place, like he’s taking care of things & doing people favours (haha). I think this was meant to happen at the right moment in time yesterday… for me to be asked by that old man for help.
Each day I try & do a good deed for someone, no matter who they are & even if others don’t think they deserve it. Again, this is my prerogative, and I freely exercise it just to show the world that I am not prejudiced & that everyone deserves a good turn. Just think how wonderful you can make someone feel just by giving them a compliment, for instance. It doesn’t cost you anything but it will make them feel like you gave them a million bucks. You should try it some time if you’ve forgotten how to be attentive, caring & kind.
Now that gets me to thinking about your home supposing to be your castle, and if it is, then you’d better build yourself a moat. Time & time again, I’ve been told by wise professionals that I should stay away from the negative ones for it will only lead to my downfall each & every time I have anything to do with them & I will most likely end up mimicking (did I spell that rite?) their own socially unacceptable, degrading, demeaning & belittling behaviour. Gee, I think I’m already beginning to do this here just by complaining & shooting off steam. I hope they read this today for I am writing this to remind them (once again) that I can entertain myself (& always have), I can have fun with myself (& always have), and I can enjoy the beautiful life, gifts & talents that G*d (I hope You’re listening) has been so generous in allowing me to have.
I’ll STFU now (hopefully) & try to pay some attention to my friends for a change. And speaking of buddies, I’m wondering where all of my allies are today. I really need you to come on over to eez werld & stick up for me. From the sound of it back there right now, it would appear to me that every time they see me walking around the back of my house today, they let the chainsaw rip for a bit. Now either I am being paranoid about all of this or they are trying to intimidate & scare me.
As most of you already know, my brother is hated with a vengeance on this street & by the surrounding neighbours because (I’ve been told by them) he’s been displaying his cross-dressing attire for all to see at rare times when he’s being harassed, bullied & stressed out to no end by the likes of which I have been speaking of. This is nothing new to me & as far as I know, it’s been going on sporadically for several years now, even though I myself have never seen him decked out in articles that our society shuns a man from wearing, such as silky lingerie & pantyhose, for instance.
I am in no way bashing my sibling by telling you this about him, for he has openly admitted his fetish to me & others. I am only trying to explain the stupidity of some people around here. Some have been treating him as if he were a pedophile or something, even though cross-dressing is fun & harmless, and my bro has never harmed anyone nor do I think that he ever will, unless he goes postal some day from feeling pushed & prodded like a wild cat in a cage. Believe me, I’ve been there & done that, so don’t ever think my life’s been all peaches ‘n cream or a bowl of cherries. With those, I’ve had to swallow a lot of piss they’ve been floating in. Forgive me for being so blunt here, and if you don’t know me by now, this is the descriptive way I choose to express myself, by using metaphors & saying things in crude & harsh ways, as my forefathers, foremothers, & others in my life have learned me (heh). I rarely ask for help from anyone, but I think I’m really gonna need it today, because sooner or later someone’s going to be coming for me, and it sure ain’t for rescuing me or to scalp me… I’m in with the Injuns, remember?
What I truly believe is that some white person will set out to hurt me again. Mark my words here. I’m trying my best not to instigate racial hatred or violence, but I have found from experience that it’s my own kind – the lily-white folks out there who are the ones who set out to cause trouble where none was there to begin with. I’m not taking sides here, for as you probably know, there is a lot of bullshit going on with the Natives & the English for quite some time now.
And not only that, a pregnant married woman originally from Iran was attacked & killed in a store she owned & operated with her husband just recently (called High Times) for no apparent reason. Just a few short days before that, I went in there on a whim to buy some candy from her & to ask about upcoming concerts. They have not found her murderer yet. I could go on & on & on about this hate & bigotry but it’s not going to change anything except get me into hot water when my life’s been pretty cool all the way around lately, so I’m not going to stir up the crusty shit at the bottom of the pot right now & will bid you all adieu.
If you don’t hear from me by next weekend, call the cops & report me as a missing person, will ya, my fine-feathered friends? Just kidding! If someone wants to kill me, I wish them all the luck in the world, for I’ve already looked death in the eye more than once in my lifetime. If God meant for me to die & when my time for it comes, there will be nothing to stop fate, unless, of course, Captain Kirk comes back to save me, like he tried to do with Edith Keeler (the character played by Joan Collins) in an old Star Trek episode. I think I’m gonna watch a double-bill now that the going’s good. How about starting with The Village & then moving on to Death & The Maiden. Wut? I ain’t bein’ sarcastic here – I just love Sigourney Weaver!
This could very well be the most long-winded & wordy blog I’ve written so far, never mind changing the topic repeatedly. I just noticed someone’s already posted a comment on it. Hmm. Let me guess who before I begin to read it. My gipsy tents are telling me it’s from another fellow longwinded blog-writer! C-ya for now, and this time I mean it.

2 Responses to “Isn’t It Ironic?”

  1. Paul June 3, 2010 at 5:29 pm #

    From my perspective it\’s either that people are nosy or they are so self centered that they think of nobody else. Don\’t forget we are in the middle of "It\’s all about me" times. People driving and talking on the phone or texting. People talking on a phone like they\’re in their own homes while in the middle of a public place. I don\’t want to hear your loud, one sided conversation. Take it elsewhere.I\’m sorry to hear about your problems but you sound fiesty enough to deal with them. I wish you luck.

  2. monkeys June 3, 2010 at 11:18 pm #

    i think thats the longest blog i\’ve read . someone sure did rattle your cage . don\’t take shit from people , unless your gonna give back to them . if you need to get things off your chest , what better place than your own blog .so what if you go off track ,it;s your blog . if people don\’t like it , tough shit. stay steady girl, keep on trucking and don\’t let the bastards grind you down

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