21 Apr
I wish!  This blog is my very first one ever in the Computers and Internet category actually, because I was just trying to use one of my quirky marketing kind of schemes to attract your attention – uno, like those silly human experiments I think of sometimes, for instance, only shaving one armpit & letting the other one grow in? In this case, I was trying to disguise myself as having gone away again – and you probably fell for it too, didn’t you? Haha! Can you believe I forgot to say happy 4-20 to y’awl today? Well, I did, and my friend just reminded me of it about 20 minutes ago. Oh well. What I’m really here to warn you about is scammers.

Scammers, especially the ones who are into phishing (and no, I’m not purposely misspelling the sport I love that involves casting a line out), have learned how to change the "from" name and email address in email messages. Therefore do not assume that an email is legitimate just because it looks like it comes from a person or company you trust.

For more information on email scams in Canada, please visit the RCMP’s anti-fraud website: http://www.phonebusters.com/english/recognizeit_phishingemails.html

 Thanks to one of my long-time friends, I was forewarned to read a Toronto Star article & decide for myself whether I’m being frauded by a company that hired me thru Workopolis a few years back as an accounting clerk, & posed as a reputable company in this area (which actually really existed & had many branch offices as well), but they ended up "stealing" over $1000 from me by way of asking me to cash counterfeit cheques for them. Sometimes it takes several months to find out that the money transactions did not go thru & that the items they’ve been sending are fraudulent. By then, it’s usually too late to catch the buggers too. So if you’re into playing along with these criminals by keeping them going long enough to actually have telephone conversations with them & exchange as many emails & letter mail as you can with them, you might get lucky here once in a while and catch one of them. But unfortunately, this country keeps allowing the culprits to re-enter Canada for some reason and keep committing these crimes. Now how fucking stupid is that, folks?

A local police detective told me that she warned a fellow not to proceed with any transactions when he became involved in the same sort of thing but he didn’t listen & ended up losing around $80,000 (or should I say having to pay it back) – YIKES! The article I was told to read said it all more or less when it suggested that these scammers (in my case, The West Nigerian Fraud Ring) are now preying on the jobless out there – how sick can you get, eh?


One Response to “GONE FISHING”

  1. monkeys April 21, 2010 at 12:46 pm #

    happy 4:20. i only found out what that is yesterday on twitter

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