Being Blunt & Sharp As A Tack

2 Mar

 This is for the birds!


I’ve been acting weirder than my usual self lately because I’m beginning to feel sick again from dealing with post-traumatic stress issues. I don’t need people stepping over my boundary lines, so I’m gonna lay this out on the table for you. I can’t help anyone; I can only help myself & if people want to start pushing me then I have to shut everything down again in my space. I’m sorry if I may have led anyone on to think that I’m here to be used as an emotional punching bag or dumpsite & that I don’t have anything better to do with myself all day except to listen to people crying, along with their idle chatter & gossip (which I absolutely detest). It is not my intention to offend anyone here & it’s not my fault people are sick & emotionally troubled. No one helps me much with my emotional issues except for my emotional abuse counsellor (for that’s what qualified people are for) & reading material on the topic, therefore I don’t think it’s fair to anyone out there, especially myself, to have to take in your garbage too. I help people as much as I can &/or want to because that is my prerogative but I try to stay busy mostly with working on my own endeavours to help better myself & my life, and that is a constant struggle in itself for me on a daily basis when I find my efforts are being sabotaged to the point where I cannot stay focussed for very long on what I’m trying to achieve.



Not only that, what makes me even more cautious about where I’m concentrating my efforts now is that two unsound(?), never-mind-manic women whom I’ve befriended already in my lifetime ended up doing themselves in, and I feel that I may have added to it in some way because they cried out for help to me & when I tried to help them by giving them my precious time and thoughts about how to overcome depression, they went ahead & stepped over my boundary line by pushing me to give up more & more of my time just so they could cry to me about shit that I was trying to help them with – like organizing their time to get things done that they kept complaining & whining about to me instead of just going ahead & doing it for themselves.


 How’s this for dogs with baggage?


Now I know how some people feel sometimes when their better half(?) is ranting ‘n raving, going on & on & on, making mountains out of molehills and causing everyone’s lives to pull an avalanche around them. Yes, I speak for myself here as well, heh. I rarely feel like chit-chatting or making small-talk as I reserve this for my own dinner table here & the precious few priorities, like the partner I should be attending to first & foremost – you know, the one who helps put dinner on the table, or I’d be eating shit right now?


 But I guess that don’t mean shit to some people!


It does mean something to me now – now that I learned the hard way! Sometimes people can’t distinguish the difference between faceless & face value. What I mean is that they pay more attention to fantasy than reality. My life, my friends & my business are my own business, and if I choose to reveal something about these things to the people whom I’ve chosen to correspond with, when & if I choose to do so, that is my choice – not yours. So pawleez, don’t step on my tail or I’ll give you a southpaw! I don’t have any more room in my life for getting any more chummy with strangers on here than as if we’re passing by each other in a grocery store or on a bus some day & they say “hi, how’s it going” every once in a while. Do you catch my drift here? I hope so, because if you don’t, I’m gonna be turning into one helluva mega bitch & I really don’t think you want that unless, of course, you are willing to be my bitch by the end of the day. Now that I think of a brighter side to that, it would be really sweet to have someone clean up my mess around here, I must say! Shit, now I’m the one who’s doing the wah-wah-wah’ing so I’d better STFU & take a sample of my own medicine. I rest my case & relax my face 


 Here’s some food for thought today:





3 Responses to “Being Blunt & Sharp As A Tack”

  1. JENNALACEY March 3, 2010 at 6:04 pm #

    thanks lil\’e for your help cant wait for the instructions then ill cancel my other space i asked them to cancel but they still left it on.when you wnat them not to they do, msn what a hoot!!hagd love

  2. Unknown March 6, 2010 at 3:49 am #

    It takes all kinds, I\’ve often heard it said. Probably every last one of us has met at least one person who finds a reason to complain about everything. Some people just like the sound of their own voices I guess! Oh yeah! I have met these people, and am even related to some of them. I myself call them pessimist. Sometimes I think they just need to learn to appreciate what they have, and even more will come.

  3. White June 16, 2010 at 1:10 pm #

    You are one hell of a fuckwit , dont you take any notice of the decision handed down by Judge Qwaylood and Dr Qwaylood and Cpn Qwaylood and Dr Doom and Mocka Jva

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