There’s no doubt about it…

17 Feb

…being another I-Can’t-Put-My-Finger-On-It kinda day!


It’s almost noon & I’ve been up since around 5 or so, after having a terrible sleep since laying in bed from 8:30 – 10:30 pm, totally frustrated & crying myself to sleep finally, then having nightmares about busting ghosts, with my grandmother in them. All in all, I feel like getting hammered right now, after finishing piss-assin’ around & doing some heavy-duty mandatory writing that I’ve been putting off & is due tomorrow. I’m pooped & my eyes are sore. My bro’s having melt-downs down there as well & it’s affecting my concentration, amongst other ongoing issues. More or less, nothing much has changed since last year except for my weight. Let’s just say that I am no longer a featherweight. That’s a nice way of putting it, ain’t it?


So, in following the old couch-potato ritual, I’ve decided to throw in the towel & declare this an Artsy Fartsy Day, seeing as how I cannot get anything done around here (as usual). So after I post this, along with a most fitting Austrian rezept you’ll get your tummy (amongst other things) full with, made from none other than a jiggly pig’s belly, I’m gonna put a cork in it (or an apple – that depends on which way you wanna look at it, haha) & get back to my new consignment items.


My gramma’s recipe for GRAMMELN


 Grammeln is the Austrian dialect that my Omi (my dialect for my grandmother) used for diced pork belly that has been fried to a crisp (preferably in a pan with sides) and then drained. They are the compact, heavier & smaller version of Porky’s Pork Rinds (if you’ve ever heard of them) and can be used as makeshift croutons on top of cabbage & sauerkraut dishes, or snacked on just by themselves… but beware! They’re very unhealthy for you! Most of the best things in this life are, so make the most of it, I say!


Doubting Thomas

by Caravaggio (1573 – 1610)


oil on canvas (107 × 146 cm) — 1602-1603
Sanssouci, Potsdam

This work is linked to John 20:27 (you know, from the Holy Bible?) & is one of the Caravaggios I studied in my Grade 12 art class (almost 30 years ago) which I took instead of a spare, for I figured to myself at the time, why waste spare time when you can learn & enjoy something new? I have to hand it to the teacher, for if it wasn’t for her, I would not have begun to develop a better understanding of fine art & the finer things in life

Also known as Saint Thomas Putting his Finger on Christ’s Wound. Thomas is one of Jesus’ twelve apostles. When Jesus shows himself to his followers after his resurrection, Thomas refuses to believe that this man really is his master. He demands evidence. Jesus shows him the wound caused by a Roman soldier’s lance before his crucifixion. He invites Thomas to put his finger on it. Caravaggio shows that Thomas soon casts aside all doubt. Almost identical copies of this painting and that of the Pilgrimage to Emmaus were found in a church in the French town of Loches, in 1999. After investigation, it was announced in 2006 that both works were authentic Caravaggios. Both contain the shield of arms of Philippe de Bethune, a friend of Caravaggio’s and French ambassador in Rome. Records show that Bethune acquired four paintings from the painter. Caravaggio often made several copies of his own paintings.


And speaking of art, check out my It’s Mainly Because of the Meat! Slideshow at!?ref=1

or in eez werld, when you get a chance to, for my dedication to piggies, Canadian cuisine, Ontario pork & sausage (with an Austrian-German twist, of course) – it’s a hoot & a hoof… oops! I meant half. Remember, two calves make a better move than one & two halves equal a hole in one. Share & share alike; EVERYONE DESERVES TO BE TREATED AS AN EQUAL


Fellow Caravaggio (I just love to say that) lovers can find out more about him at (where I copied the above excerpt from) 


2 Responses to “There’s no doubt about it…”

  1. Unknown February 21, 2010 at 7:21 pm #

    Oh lazy days … spent wasting away! :o) Lately… I have been forced to have a few \’Artsy Fartsy Days\’ myself… minus the Grammeln. I have never had it, and I will just take your word for it that it\’s as good as you say!Enjoy your weekend… what is left of it.

  2. Liza June 4, 2010 at 2:39 am #

    i love all the creativity in wisdom on your page – i need to take lessons on how to change my background on my own terms instead of picking a template…

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