I ain’t ‘fraid o’ no ghosts!

17 Feb

I just finished uploading a new shot of my Lady of Shalott copy in my bedroom so that I could put my money where my mouth is, so to speak, with regards to something that’s been spooking me out. While I was waiting for my batteries to charge so I could upload it, I took a quick look around my files to see if I could find any other pictures of it hanging on my wall, and after a few minutes I found a photo I took approx 2 years ago at around this time of year, when I had a young girl rooming here, and you will probably not believe what I’m about to tell you… I spotted (no pun intended) what appear (to me) to be orbs in the older photo – one directly above the picture of one of the band members (from my Killers album, that is) dressed up in Indian-drag or should I say in the costume of aNative (as they prefer to be referred to here), 2 smaller ones to the left of it, & another smaller one inbetween the picture of Madonna & the woman in a trance (a total of 4 of them & in 4 different sizes – just like a little family).



I truly believe these are orbs (something a girlfriend of mine told me about years ago when she showed me a picture of her & her daughter standing in front of an old trophy case inside of her daughter’s grade school, vividly displaying the so-called orbs around the young girl, plus other pictures she took directly afterwards that day showing none of these shapes in any of the other photos or places where she took them) because none of my other shots that I took within minutes of each other that day had these in them either, nor do any of my other 100’s of photos I took in this house or anywhere else for that matter. I thoroughly checked the wall just now, for any imprints that could have caused this effect, and I even shone a bright light over it, but there is nothing that I can think of, offa the top of my head, that could have caused this phenomena, nor was my camera lens marred with any drops of fluid or even cleaned during the years that I have owned it, right up until today’s date. Now that I’ve had some time to reminisce about it, I do recall a day in 2009 when I accidentally dumped my drink all over my camera but after giving it a chance to dry out, my shots are still turning out nicely without any marks on them. That 2-year-old photo was taken in the wee hours of the morning, during what some people might refer to as dead time – when spirits are more active, and also during the time when I was gradually building a shrine around me in my room, placing all my fave stuff from the closest people that have been in my life all over it.


That is also around the time when even stranger things began to happen to me, making me slowly begin to feel like I was cursed &/or haunted myself, just like the poor lassie in the painting below.



For example, on another evening, while I was pulling an all-nighter & a few short hours before the crack of dawn, when I was watching old videos with my cousin from Germany in them (with tears pouring down my cheeks from thinking about how I missed her so), & after not having seen them for several years, perhaps in over a decade at least, she phoned me for the first time since I saw her last in 1989 – that very same day, around 12 to 15 hrs after I watched those films!


By the way, the mysterious happenings that took place in my life during the Spring & Summer of 2008, including one day when I gave a framed picture of my grandmother a double-take as I was passing by it, because something didn’t seem right to me, & found it completely turned the opposite way from the way that I had placed it on my shelf in the hall several months prior to that, & it was facing the wall (of all things), as if someone had intentionally turned it perfectly around at 180 degrees … & the imprint I found on  


Sonia’s feather pillow I left fluffed up in the living room  on her chair,

both of these things happening to me, on separate occasions, when I was completely alone here & not even present in those rooms, caused me enough curiousity to try & re-enact how this could have been possible, just like they do in those CSI types of shows on TV.


You might be thinking to yourselves that the pillow settled that way after I had fluffed it, but after more than one attempt at refluffing it various ways & waiting for it to relax after several hours, after I finally mustered up enough courage to even go back into the living room & touch it to primp it back to its roundness, it remained unchanged to my naked eye, regardless of how many hours I waited for something to happen. I also tried to plant my own buns on there after I took the following shot, but it in no way resembled the size or shape of the one on the pillow. It’s just as I suspected; I determined that it was virtually impossible to make that imprint without a human being’s added touch of their ole tooshie! Remember, folks – I was alone that day, and every other day these unexplainable events took place in my home. 


The following is an authentic & original photograph that I rushed to take after I went into the living room only about an hour after I fluffed Sonia’s pillow up into its nice round shape (similar to the shot I took above during the re-enactment) when I was totally shocked out of my wits to find someone’s ass-print on it, if that’s what it even is



These mystical occurrences are actually a main part of the reason which prompted me to create eez werld. I know that this is all beginning to sound like Ripley’s Believe It Or Not Museum, but I’m being straight up with you when I’m telling you the facts, so you can decide whether or not this is really fiction. I honestly don’t care; I’m only relaying to you a tale based upon assumption. And no, I haven’t lost my marbles – they’re all still intact… and no, I’m not taking any pills or meds either, but I just finished my second pot of stimulants today & now I’m on pretty well thru a can of Pepsi Max. Now if that doesn’t get my old arss in gear, I don’t know what will, and even if I did, I wouldn’t be telling you now, or would I? Ooga booga & cheers!




4 Responses to “I ain’t ‘fraid o’ no ghosts!”

  1. Grandpa Dewey February 18, 2010 at 4:30 am #

    Weird kind of story.

  2. Donna February 18, 2010 at 4:59 am #

    I do believe in ghost. I know that people look at me very odd when I say this but there is too much evidence that there is a presence of some kind. I have felt this myself. I think that when someone dies and they leave someone they love, I think they stay around for a while to make sure they are alright.. I have seen this in couples that have been married for most of their lives. That is just what I think…

  3. Unknown February 21, 2010 at 7:09 pm #

    What ever you have been drinking my friend… I will have the same! Glass is not necessary, just give me the bottle. Bwahaha! Just joking of course… or am I?

  4. Unknown February 21, 2010 at 7:13 pm #

    There are so many things that happen in this world without a "logical" explanation. If anyone was to ask me if I believe in ghosts… orbs… spirits… for me to answer with a definite no, would be arrogant and presumptuous, so I\’ll have to say \’maybe.\’ Quiet the interesting entry! :o)

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