on choice cuts & cheap shots

11 Feb
 Oh yeah! Good colour choice, eh? Way-elle, seeing as how I’m heading toward a pinkish eve, stemming from keeping my eye on sumfin happy, I’m in the pink once again & my cheeks are aglowin’ from getting a head-start in spring cleaning. I’ve changed a few things in my life yet again, mainly by removing them (or trying to, anyway). Things always appear as if they’re too much of a bother to most people, even in bothering to do away with the stuff that’s bothering them, never mind keeping things bottled up inside, haha! What I’m speaking of is the shit that’s in all of our closets. Why the fuck we hoard stuff for is way beyond me for it apparently must have no value except to throw a curve in confusing the space that’s meant for meaningful things.


I came a wee smidge… out from hiding out for about a week, that is!

It sure feels like Groundhog Day, doanit? Especially when the kittens ‘n kodrahs are trying to pick on & suckle my moles, hee hee! Weeoowee it’s warm with the sun beaming thru my sun room! I have no complaints lately, except about my procastination regarding getting rid of old photo albums with old high-maintenance ‘acquaintenances’ in ’em, if you catch my drift here! If I could only hire a few secretaries for the day & tell them to go thru them all & take only my pictures out, I would gladly cook them all a nice din-din afterwards then wipe our hands clean… but never my mouth, heaven forbid! I was thinking of making some Chinesy feline buffet later on; there’s plenty of ’em out back ‘n front… just kiddin’

Meanwhile, back at the ranch, I’ve been rustling up a better-than-good feed of soul food & have finally packed back around 10 lbs (in all the right areas – the ones that count, of course). Personally, I must confess, that up until now, I had been having a great deal of difficulty getting rid of stuff relating to exes, to which, if I may point out, I am no longer related (haha), and if the  didn’t just expode in my brain, like those energy-efficient ones tend to do when rattled too hard, from being riddled with questions about why I have to keep the stuff that’s related to them lurking in the spots that should be saved ‘specially for my current beau (& hopefully, my permanent one)… and fashioned as I see fit!




Now, all of a sudden, it feels as if I can breathe easier & feel better about myself, and no wonder! I was steadily & steadfastly being smothercated & cut up by exes to the point where my best friend opened my eyes to something I did not wish to see – 1000’s of photos filling my precious space, from closed books & ended chapters, and if I may add here, definitely not from bestsellers.


I’ve gained back so much (needed) weight in the past few weeks just by wisening up to a few simple facts of life & committing to the one & only proven diet that suits me the best… my comfort food, so to speak – that being the hand that feeds me. And we all know what we should never do to that hand, don’t we?




So ends the body of eez soul-food blog, that which should never be kept under wraps.


Here’s a cute li’l article I found this morning on the topics of compromise which should be spelled con-promise, I think sometimes & the great debate of whether or weather not (heeheehee) photos of X’s should be kept:

When should you get rid of pictures? I do not advise every couple to keep pictures of their exes around after embarking in a new, serious relationship. So, when do you get rid of the pictures? If your new love interest is really threatened and insecure about you keeping pictures of your ex, it might be because you put a lot of importance on your past relationship. As a way to show how much more important your new relationship is, you can get rid of old pictures.You can also compromise by putting the pictures away. Especially if the pictures are group shots, with other friends, they might be fun to look at in twenty years. If you and your new love are still together then, old pictures of an ex shouldn’t be a big deal by then.What I don’t recommend is point blank refusing to get rid of pictures.The best way to dealing with this situations is talking about it–I don’t mean arguing or fighting, but actually talking about it. A healthy relationship can only exist with a lot of open communication. If both of you can express your reasons for wanting to keep or get rid of the pictures, you will both learn a lot about your relationship. In fact, it might be the thing that keeps you from becoming exes.

 I’d better STFU now & get in the cut! WML!



One Response to “on choice cuts & cheap shots”

  1. ♥ Bekkie February 11, 2010 at 7:51 pm #

    OMG since James moved in he\’s changed my small place into a storage room. He can\’t throw anything awaything so this blog hit home with me that\’s for sure!!!! Plus I\’m doing early Spring cleaning cause I also have a huge walk in closet that he has stuffed full too. Does he need all that stuff? Hell no! My clothes are in the very back and some of them I can\’t even get to. Want to move to SF and be my new room mate? You may laff, but I\’m thinking of breaking up with him so I\’m looking to see if I can get someone I know in here to help with bills and are clean!! Men aren\’t everything….it\’s hard to find a hard (LOL just kidding) good guy these days if they are it\’s too good to be true. I know you understand what I\’m speaking about. Well, if you can read this your computer is fixed. Yeaaaaaaaaa! ❤

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