on chanelling & couch potatoes

19 Jan
…they all do the same things… RISE! And speaking of rates, what do you know? DIVORCE rates, DEATH rates, SENIOR rates – they all boil down to one thing from what I’ve been seeing lately, particularly within the past 2 decades or so.
So, in embracing what the 3 capitalized words above all encompass, that is, my inner child – you know, the one that should be heard & seen, I need to rant ‘n rave for a bit by explaining to you by how DIVORCE (caused by adult children) leaves behind children that need to be tended to, DEATH can bring us back to children & leaves us with children (& again, alone with no one to tend them), and SENIORS are never discounted, believe me this, for they are not only left with children, are adult children (as well as babies) & are also disabled in many ways.
Now, if you have divorce, senior, children & disability issues, you really have a lot of shit to clean up on a daily basis, but no one really wants to do it – they’re all passing the buck to someone else while the desperate are throwing away their bucks on getting someone to pay attention to them for crying out loud!
I guess being a Putzfrau & a caregiver must run in my genes somewhere(s)  because I find it all very therapeutic – cleaning someone’s house for hours on end, and paying attention to the fine details & the finest people who thrive in it, and especially in areas where people have laid them to rest & gather dust (so to speak, in the mildest way that I can put it here).
 Mainly from what I’ve been hearing & reading about lately, from friends who are caregivers, personal care attendants, students in Early Childhood Education, divorced single parents & people with disabilities and injuries, it appears to me as if our new generation is staying at home with the parents when their parents can’t even take care of themselves (just like in all the comedies coming out at the theatres lately) & the majority of the people we know who are divorced with children that desperately need to be seen & heard consistently (not sporadically), the same goes for them & most of us who face ourselves dealing with the offspring of you-know-who & so-and-so, plus ours & their seniors. No wonder everybody’s losing it! Not only are people getting lazier & acting more retarded on a daily basis (based on their ancestors’ silly mistakes & behaviour), but they can’t seem to get their ass in gear to make a move because they just don’t care! There must be sumfin weird in our drinking water that’s making all these people act this way – I just don’t effin’ get it anymore!
 There is only ONE thing missing from "it" – and by that I mean the ALL-IN-ONE PACKAGE some people seem to think that they are  …what’s missing is the G*darn tape – the stuff that binds it all together! You know… the WOMAN! Someone has to take care of these poor babies all the way around, and that’s where a better-than-good woman like me (all the way around) is necessary nowadays (even though all you thought that I was only good for typing over 100 alpha-numeric codes per minute & flipping a bird – that has a quintuple [did I spell that rite?] meaning, BTW ). 
 Unless you want to continue travelling down that path to hell inside of a handbasket, just open your eyes – squint if you must! But please take a good look around, folks! The people who have been living here for generations already in this country are mainly divorced with children & the people who are lucky to have careers to be able to pay to take care of them are dang lucky, that is for sure! There are cheap senior buildings & government buildings everywhere now, gearing more & more towards foreigners who are single with children (and unfortunately, throngs of them in ever-growing numbers from abusive partners), who are not only illiterate in English (& in dire need of a tutor ), but can barely take care of their own basic needs, never mind the helpless new generation of Canadians here. Senior homes developments are the in-thing as of late throughout my city, and they’re popping up to the left & the right of me, up & down my street, plus there are rooming houses opening up everywhere! Most of the jobs that are available now pertain to caring for the elderly as well but they just don’t pay worth a dam* (hahaha). But seriously, even if you pay for a university or college degree pertaining to teaching & caring for young children and caregiving for the elderly, you’re only going to make around $50 extra a week from a $10/hr paying job without the credentials, believe it or not. And just think about this here a bit – how’s this one for paying someone to like you? From what I see here right in front of me, they’re gonna give me room & board along with my wages to care for their 3 children, their elderly & their home, full-time (44 hrs/wk, that is) & leave me with around $70! Now WTF am I gonna do with a lousy seventy bucks? I might as well… well, that’s another story &
it’s all dust under the rug now
But I’m straying away from the brighter side of all of this, as I’ve categorized this blog today, and that is that me – yes, MOI – that I can actually capitalize & make big bucks from people passing the buck onto me in the way of these 3 over-capitalized baby-boomers (is there a pun intended here? ),
believe it or not, and mainly, because I to pay attention to the things that really matter in this life.
Well, break time’s over… you catch the drill now! Muah!!!  
 I’m getting rid of the trash & quitting… with the trash-talk, that is 

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