19 Nov

Madonna charmed by urchin in Rio

A young slum dweller has latched on to Madonna during her recent trip to Rio de Janeiro to raise funds for her charities. The boy, Morro Dona Marta, stood out for his bright blonde hair. He was shirtless and sought to speak with Madonna in person and lifted himself …

Back in England after her failed attempt to adopt a Malawian girl named Mercy, Madonna, dressed all in Black, appeared smiling when she emerged from a building in Chelsea, London.

 Li’l ë still thinks the woman in blek is hot for a 51 year old chickie!

One Response to “Charming*”

  1. ♥ Bekkie January 1, 2010 at 12:49 am #

    Did ya know to keep her great figure she works out 3 hours a day!!! They were talking about her on The View (one of my fav day time shows) and they were talking about how good she looks and how she does it. OMG she\’s only 4 years younger than me! BTW if I miss spell it\’s because I have trouble reading text this size so when I\’m in a hurry I don\’t bother to be that careful. They should have spell check for comments I think! Hee, hee!

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