The Love of MY LIFE

10 Nov

To the love of my life,


Here’s something to cheer you up…


I want

to be someone’s last call of the night

and their first thought in the morning.

I want

those 5 hour conversations

that end in “hang up – no, you first”.

I want

the heart-racing, palm-sweaty,

what’s-gonna-happen-next moments.

I want

the hugs that you never want to let go of

& the stolen kisses

that are always the sweetest.

But most importantly,

I want

to know someone considers me theirs ❤



love you; you mean the world to me,


wish you could see.



Love always,

your *friend –

someone you love


____ buddy







*whatever. Ever hear of the expression "some people want the world" ? Haha!  Way-elle, you get the gist of it here. As I may, I might add the above feelings were written by a person who really means the world to me, is in their mid teens & expressed their wish in preferring to remain anonymous. All the more power to this person & all the more power to the children out there who seem to be unheard


You can’t always get what you want,

but if you try sometimes,

you just might find you get what you need


(The Rolling Stones)



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