3 Nov

The following excerpt is a prime example of dysfunction running amok:



[Drizella hits high note, while Anastasia’s finger gets caught in the flute, causing it to hit Drizella’s chin]

Drizella: You clumsy… [takes flute and hits Anastasia in the head]

Drizella: You did it on purpose!

Anastasia: [takes flute and hits Drizella in the head] You’re always…

Stepmother: Girls. Girls.

Anastasia: It’s her fault, Mother.

Stepmother: Above all, self-control.

[Cinderella knocks on the door]

Stepmother: [Angry, slams on piano keys] Yes!





 the morals of today’s metaphorical ë-story…


…practise what you preach, birds of a feather flock together & monkey see, monkey do,


& with regards to that old wives’ tale, it won’t necessarily bring you good luck every time a bird shits on you




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